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Chapter 19 - Chapter Nineteen

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 19 - Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 19 - Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Nineteen

"Now, we just need to find a pho-"
Cutting Sandy off, Charlie passed her a cell-phone with his free hand.
"I took it from dad earlier today...Hoping you'd call somehow." He explained at her confused glance.
She beamed up at him and dialed in the numbers with her good arm. It rang twice, then...
"Uh, yeah-"
"Great. Cool. Where are ya?" Sandys frantic mindset was disappering rapidly.
"Uh. At my house. Sandy is that you?"
"Yeah. Er. Im stuck. I dunno where. And- and yeah." She suddenly realized how pathetic that sounded.
"Izzy is that Sandy? Lemme have a go at the phone! Please!" Sandy heard someone in the backround. Then a "yeah" And suddenly she was talking to Carly.
"Sandy, is that you? Whoa! I have way not talked to you for like ages. How are ya? Whenever I call over to your house they say your gone. Whats up? I mean you have got to let me in! Oh my gosh, know what I have Mr. Ricter this year. Uhhhh. He is such a-not gonna say it...."
"Ohhh. Dang. Sucks for you." Sandy said, caught up by Carly's story.
"Sandy! My god!" Yelled charlie.
"Oh yeah. Er... Cars, me and Charlie are like-" Suddenly there was a loud beep.
"What!" Yelled Sandy.
On the screen there was a small empty battery, flashing and mocking her. She sank down onto the cold turf.
"Charlie. Were stuck." She looked up Charlie.
"What? What kind of answer is that? No?"
"Were not stuck."
And suddenly they were at Izzy's house.
"I dunno."
Sandy ran forward and pressed the doorbell. It was answered in a minute.
"SANDY!" Yelled Carly, pushing past a stunned Izzy. "Oh my gosh! Where have you been!?"
"Lots of places." Muttered Sandy before closing the door behind her.
Carly ushered the three of them into her living room, where Sandy explained to her two friends what had happened over the past month. When she got to the part about magic, Carly gave her one of those looks, but didn't interrupt, and by the time Sandy was talking about her chilling encounter with Korey's wolf form for the first time, Izzy was hiding behind Carly and shaking.
Sandy was as good a storyteller as a poet, apparently.
"...So I told him I'd fight him for Korey and then Charlie sort of...appeared, like we did here, and then we called you and then... Well, that's about it."
"Hmmm." Carly mused, then she said what Sandy expected the least. Sandy had expected 'you're joking, right?' Sandy had expected 'yes? Police? Yeah, a size seven straight jacket should do it.'
But she had not expected Carly to laugh and say, "That means your brother owns Korey!"
"Huh?" Charlie said, looking up from Korey's father, who was lying on the couch and apparently in great need of some Advil.
"Yeah," Carly said, "Sandy started the fight for possesion of Korey, and technically Charlie won."
"But I-" Charlie stammered.
"Anyway, that's not important," Carly interrupted, turning to Sandy, "We need to get you home, and we need to take Korey's father back, too."
"No! I'm not going back home, and I'm NOT going back to Korey!" Sandy yelled, jumping up.
True, she had almost forgiven Korey by now after seeing that it wasn't his fault but his father's, but she wasn't going to crawl back to him!
Charlie placed a calming hand on Sandy's shoulder and said, "We don't know where Korey lives."
"I know where that man!" Izzy piped up, finally coming out of the shock caused by Sandy's story, "He used to own the company that made my favorite comics. I've called him before on the comic hotline! I know his number! You can call for help!"
Sandy smacked her forhead, but one look at Korey's disgusting father told her that she had to go back, if only to get the man locked up.
"...I should probably apologize to Korey as well...but I don't have to be his friend any more."
"Sandy Rockwell, you're as stubborn as a mule." Carly said with a shake of her head.
"Hey, Carly?" Charlie asked. "What were you doing here before we called?"
"Oh! Well, er, I...You see--" Carly blushed brightly and avoided Sandy's suspicious eyes.
"We're lab partners in science." Izzy said cheerfully, and skipped out the door.
Korey sat down helplessly on the floor as Sandy dashed away from him. He stared at his carpet in dismay.
Did she really think him worse than his father?
"I'm not a monster, not like him. I'm not what he wants me to be. Sandy will see. She'll run right back in here after dad starts yelling at her and she'll for-"
Wait a sec.
Why wasn't his father yelling?
She got away, Korey told himself, she ran and got out the door and ran back home before dad could even get up. That's what happened.
But he knew it wasn't true.
"Oh, no." He leaped up and shot out the door, only to find that his worse fears were true:
Sandy was gone...
But so was his dad.


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