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Chapter 1 - It wasn't worth it

It's a love poem... if you can really call it that, just read it, it's not mushy.  It's not like a deep down, heart felt poem though...more stupid really.

Chapter 1 - It wasn't worth it

Chapter 1 - It wasn't worth it
Oh how I wanted it.
Oh how it taunted me.
That beautiful golden glow,
Filled with oh so much color.

I would do anything to have it.
It's beauty, it's essance, the savory flavor of it's existance.
Why, my lovely, why must you be so very far away?

Yet, in thoes rare occasions whwn we were united,
It stayed only briefly before disappering again.
I feel as if I never really got to know it.

Every time I called it's name,
It responds, and comes to me.
Yet when I want it most,
It's never there.

Our visits are scattered,
I anticipate the moment we would once again meet.
And finaly, on that long awaited day,
We were together.

I smiled, I laughed,
I rolled on the floor in pure happiness.
I raised it in the air, and smiled.

Then once again, it was gone, just like that.
Why? Why do you torment me so?!
All I do is awaite the day you arive,
Then you disappear right before my eyes!
I can't take it, the pain isnt worth it!!
Why Krazy Taco?!!
Why must you taunt me with your unreachable deliciousness!!


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marschiboi on February 26, 2007, 5:12:34 AM

marschiboi on
marschiboithis is SOOO SWEEEEET! though a bit kitchy in the beginning^^
you think gir would say something of this quality? ;-P

InvaderDIV on February 26, 2007, 8:59:42 AM

InvaderDIV on
InvaderDIVno,not really.  its just supposed to add to the effect

leaderakasuki on February 23, 2007, 11:12:45 AM

leaderakasuki on