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Okay, here it is!! To me, this is ROTFLLMAOLOL. Its what happens when Zim gets tricked into buying farm animals and decides to be a farmer. Personally, the best part is when he explains to Dib how to milk them.

It's epic.
Some new students appear after an alien ship sighting.
and if you want you character to be in this story,feel free to tell me about your character!(you know where...) ^_^
As a Universal Lord you must protect the universe from ANY outside threat.

They better not screw up.

originally posted on Deviantart and
After defeating Isl and Zom in a battle for the universe, Lucy is back on Earth, still trying to control it with the help of her brother, Zim. But something is different this time. Everything she knows seems to be backwards.
Invader Zim caracters are anime styled. Zim, Sckooge, Tenn, Tak, Dib, and Gaz are somehow transported in to a wierd world where they meet a blue eyed Irken named Eureka, she is the key to getting them out.
Emma is your typical, 12-year-old human. Or so everyone thinks... She's really another species entirely... Yet, she doesn't even know who she really is...
(Highskool Zim and Dib) Zim makes a new invention, and Dib takes it only to find that looks are deceiving...(ZADR in future chapters, ratings will change in future chapters.)
Eight Stories of New Enemies, a humaniod alien princess,mystic powers, a brethren court,and secrets are revealed.
Hi! This is a story about me and how I speak with Zim and others via a sattelite(Srry about splling)! So click here, and let the fun begin! I've got lots of pics added to this story so enjoy! :3
That's right ask the IV characters ANYTHING! From the demented mind of Sable&Lexi
when your leaders send you to earth because you're short, would YOU know it lead to misguided love?
a PixiePumkin request (lol, i forgot the E in her name XDD)

Dib finally gets his chance to catch ZIm, but what would happen if Dib actually Got Zim on the autopsy table
Would he regret it or would he participate in it
This new fic. It is ok...I guess. I didnt spend as much time as I should have on this...but READ IT ANYWAY! I likes feedback.
Oneshot-This is something pointless about my shy IV OC, April, and her first day of Skool and Dib. (Or some of it).
A short cross over with Invader Zim and Squee. Lets see what happens when we throw this terrified child in a classroom with an alien and a big headed "crazy"
Note:if some of you don't know what a Harlot is it's a whore.

also this story contains ZADR so yeah if you don't like it don't read it.
This is a cross between Invader Zim and Squee.  Pepito is the new kid in skool, what will happen?
ok. i redid my story. so here
A pixiepumkin request Zim's newest Plan is revolving another Robot that operates on a switch which can be set to destroy Any Planet known to Irkens But what if THIS invention actually works and Gir has Switched the notch from Earth to IRK
Title says all. ZaDR

(Written for a DA contest)
Dwicky isn’t copping well with the information Dib has given him. Hints of ZaDR One-Sided DaDR Sequel to ‘Let You Down’
Dwicky learns the truth. Some ZaDR Sequel is ‘Scared’

(Whoops, didn't work the first time =____=;;)
Zim and Zin are fighting agenst the Resisty in hope the irkans will defeat them once and for all! But the Resisty gots a plan to capture Zin and heart brake Zim by Killing her! Will Zim ever be the same? Will the Resisty's plan be a succsess?!
Zim has finally had enough of gir but while trying to set him straight something goes wrong.. please ignore spelling mistakes
This is the sequel to A peaceful day...(yeah right). It's still zany, but has more inside jokes. I was surprised when Matthew decided to make more...but yay anyway! Enjoy!