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Chapter 1 - The Prologue

Miss J's Wonderland is a really strange story I came up with all of a sudden... Don't take it too serious!
It's about Miss J's adventures inside her magic wardrobe!

Chapter 1 - The Prologue

Chapter 1 - The Prologue


00. The Prologue…

Somewhere at the border to a faraway country, Miss J lived alone in her room in the student dormitory. The room was small, but sufficient.

All in all, a nice place… though the kitchen was another story. We don't want to deepen this topic right here and right now.

Back to Miss J!

Her life was rather normal... well at least she liked to believe that. Nice for her... she was the only one!
Other than the people around her, Miss J didn't leave her room often. Part of her daily occupations was going to bed at 9 am and sleeping till 6 pm, making it impossible for her to go shopping sometimes. Now you ask: what's this story to do with shopping?? Good question indeed! Be patient! You'll find out soon!

Our main plot began when Miss J once again - during one of her chat visits - made an interesting discovery: she was hungry! Actually nothing she couldn't handle!

Knowing hunger and it's consequences, little Miss J headed towards the refrigy. But ALAS it was empty. Miss J was reflecting... Miss J was reflecting exceedingly... and then!

"Of course!!" she shouted.

Cheering and smiling, Miss J ran straight to her wardrobe. No ordinary wardrobe! It was her wardrobe, where she used to find canned soup and left-over cereals.

Miss J might have found some food, which would allow her to continue her witty conversations. Well, she might have! But if she did, the story would be over! And, there was still the nasty blue little carpet in front of her wardrobe. Nasty indeed and very slippery!

Poor Miss J! She was meant to slip once again, and run the wall… once again!

Miss J got up, Miss J sighed, and Miss J cursed the carpet. She didn't like the carpet, from the very beginning. It seemed so suspicious!

However, this was not how the story shall end!

The fun is just getting started. To make it quick:

Miss J wanted to open the wardrobe, she stumbled over several empty Kellogg's sugar pops packs and ended up falling inside the wardrobe. She was falling and falling and falling and… yes falling a little more!

After what seemed hours, Miss J reached the bottom of the mysterious world inside her wardrobe. But what she saw didn't look like the inside of a wardrobe! Not at all!!

“Very suspicious!” Miss J mumbled looking around.

This room seemed much more like a huge hall.

“What brings you here?” a deep voice asked all of a sudden.

“Hunger and the hunt for food!!”

“How about strength? Wisdom? Or maybe immortality?” the same voice asked again.

Miss J shrugged.

“You can't eat that!!” she answered with a certain childish grimness, visibly offended.

“Whatever… You are to go through these doors and obtain all 12 talismans. Only then you'll be able to see our queen and receive the key to the outer world!”

“But what about the food?? The supermarket is closing at 8 pm!”

“How can you think about food in a situation like that?!”

“Oh… that's pretty easy! I think about Sugar Pops in the morning… about instant cup noodles in the afternoon and about…”

While Miss J was trying to remember the menu, she felt like if something kicked her through the first door, very painfully.


NEXT TIME: Miss J enters the depths of the magic wardrobe and meets a pink flying bunny!!


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Arson on September 6, 2005, 7:48:38 AM

Arson on

bek-ee on August 6, 2005, 11:38:53 AM

bek-ee on
bek-eehaha, wicked!!! i love the way you tell the story. more! more!!!

Sesshomaru1111 on August 3, 2005, 2:59:56 AM

Sesshomaru1111 on

Star_ocean_gurl on July 26, 2005, 4:41:55 AM

Star_ocean_gurl on
Star_ocean_gurlXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD food XD u remind me of aaron! XD anyways its funneh! evil blue carpet of doomness \./+++ i sghall ghount the carpet *and goes on for 10 year* and thats how i got my computer *shot* XD awesome! =333 *fave* =333