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I know, I know; The title is horrible. I didn't know anything better, alright?! 

Anyways, It's about me. See it as a diary or a blog about my life. I guess you'll find out more about me than anyone of my regular friends ever has or will. There is not much to tell. 

If you're interested you can read it, if not.. Then don't ♥ 

(LGBT topics!) 
this is just going to be where i put my pomes,rants and others
This is on the history of me being ill and going from doctor to hospital giving blood samples again and again till they found out i had Coelia diseas

Review/Comment please!
this just kinda came to me i think some people could feel this way and hopefully it sounds ok

and hopefully the poem is ok
just a quick one i wrote
a song i wrote about my ex
at the time we were still together and he was acting like a jerk

and used to guilt trip me a lot
and act like well a drama queen
its not very good but maybe some of you people have felt some what the same
a poem i wrote when i was trying to confess to someone we didn''t work out he ended up being a jerk
but i decided to put this up
a poem i wrote awhile ago and thought i''d post it
just a poem i wrote and my friend said to post it
just a poem i wrote maybe some of you have felt the same way
This is a poem I just wrote. Hope you all like it! ^^
something i made while listening to my mom and sister gina fight...and watching the rain outside
a poem of how i feel
A ninja is trying to do an important mission with her to partners and ruins her reputation.
a couple things that happened recently....
A poem describing how thieves attacked us in our house. It was terrific unfacinating and horrific.
In this poem the poet Henry Asaba writes it in simple form for all to comprehend.
.. still nothing
... i have nothing to say
i have a bad life!
poetry isn't my thing.
definitely not.
but i had to write it for
My Bio if anyone
this was my last poem i did and it's the best one so far hope you like it<3
Just what's going on in my head.
Warning. This IS a poem of no return.
Kat Frappacino the internet celebrity: HER STORY: She was a girl an ordinary girl who did nothing but sit up for hours on the computer...