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Chapter 2 - First Day Of Summer Vacation

a story of magic, love, a learning about life and how sometimes you are your only hope.

Chapter 2 - First Day Of Summer Vacation

Chapter 2 - First Day Of Summer Vacation
Suddenly Fallon felt someone touch her shoulder. She jumped in surprise. Fallon turned around and there was Fynn standing there with the biggest smile on his face.
“ Fynn, you scared me half to death.”, Fallon said trying not to blush.
“ Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. You looked like you were a million miles away. I had to get your attention somehow.”
“ Well, we better catch up to Fiona.”, She said with a smirk on her face. “ Bet I can beat you to her house Fynn.”
“ Oh no, you did not just challenge me.”, he said returning a smirk back at her. “ Ready... Set... Go!!”

And with that they were off. Fallon was ahead. She was running like there was no tomorrow, but Fynn was right on her tail. They were within just a few feet away when without warning Fynn ran right up to Fallon and swooped her up so she would win. This made Fallon blush a deep red.

“ Well you guys are full of energy aren’t you!”, Fiona said with a surprised look on her face.

“ We were in a race. And I won.”, Fallon said acting like she won without Fynn’s help.
“ Hey, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have won. I could have just passed you up.”, Fynn said trying to get some credit.
“ Then why didn’t you.”, The two girls said together.
“ Well, I’m just a nice guy.”, he said trying to come up with a reason.
“ Oh sure you are.”, Fiona said with a smirk.
Fynn blushed. Then gave Fallon a smile.
“ Well, we better get to school. We don’t want to be late again. After all it is the last day of school. We don’t won’t to get in trouble.”, Fallon said eager to get the day over with.


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theGhostofInuYasha on June 27, 2005, 12:18:07 PM

theGhostofInuYasha on
theGhostofInuYashaI just realized something, all their names begin with the letter F. What's up with that?