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A poem I wrote after a nap I had today.
A poem I wrote about a vampire girl
A poem about love, death, and sadness
A Song I wrote. It's not amazing, but I like it. I wish you could know the tune that goes with it. But I can't so.. Comments?
A vampier poem
a death type poem
A sad poem
A story of a young girl rising above all expectations, to become a hunter of the Bogtrets. And to be a protectore of all who needed protecting.
A good bye poem
A love poem. About how sometimes you still can love the one you've broken up with. Enjoy.
a poem I wrote after I wrote The Princess Bride. Great movie. anyway please comment.
poem about magic
A sad poem about child abuse
A poem that about every girl can relate to at some point. It's a poem about how sometimes you wish your friend was more than a friend, but you're afriad it will mess up your friedship. So they become your secret crush.
A poem about how Kikyo died.
A sequel to my first story A Griffin's Feather.
A poem about a girl you wants to be invisible
It's a poem about how I really am. A good way to understand me.
A poem about spike, and him trying to win Buffy over.
A poem that tells that good always wins.
a stupid poem I wrote last year.
A poem of a man who's lost his wife to death, and he can't forget her.
A poem about your imagination
a poem about the beauty of a fairy.
a poem of my spirit animal, the white wolf.