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Chapter 1 - The Ninth Digidestine, Amika Aurora

This Fan-Fiction takes place while the Digidestine are back in the real world. and they're going to get more then what they ask form when two new Digidestined are added to their team.

Chapter 1 - The Ninth Digidestine, Amika Aurora

Chapter 1 - The Ninth Digidestine, Amika Aurora
Episode One

The Ninth Digidestine, Amika Aurora

Izzy silently sat at his laptop with a serious look on his face. As the screen on his laptop came into view, we see that hes running some sort of test on it. It didnt look like a normal computer test either. It looked more like some sort of tracking program. Radar and a map was all that was part of this test. The thing was, what exactly was Izzy looking for? Maybe a better question would be, who was he looking for?

As Izzy continued to look at the screen, a little red dot started to blink on the radar. Izzys eyes suddenly got big as he looked at the blinking dot. It had just appeared and it was already at his front door. He quickly stumbled to his feet and headed out of his bedroom. Whatever was creating that little dot had to be important.

When Izzy opened the front door, he spotted Tai and Agumon standing there with slightly worried look on their faces. Izzy was confused though. Tai and Agumon shouldnt have been making the radar go off. Just as he was about to ask if there was anyone else with them, Tai and Agumon walked in revealing Wizardmon behind them. Wizardmon was holding a tag with an aqua green Crest slipped into it in one hand and a Digivice in the other. Izzy quickly noticed that the Crest had an Egyptian Eye as a design on it. He then quickly realized that these two items were what made his radar go off. There was only one problem; there was a Digimon but no Digidestine. That was actually more of a big problem.

Wait a sec, Izzy quickly said as he turned and looked at Tai, what are you doing bringing an enemy Digimon here along with a Digdestineless Crest and Digivice? I mean, Gennai sent me a program so I could find two more Digidestine, but I wasnt suspecting this. Wizardmon looked sad as he gripped hard onto the tag and Digivice. Hes worried green eyes then looked over into Tais direction. Tai just let out a sigh and placed his arm around Izzys small shoulders. Izzy didnt look pleased.

First of all, Tai said trying to sound less upset then he really looked, Wizardmon is no longer an enemy. In fact, I dont think he ever was. Also, thats why were here. I think I know one of the Digidestine, but where she is is something I dont know. I lost contact with her three years ago. Izzys disgusted look turned interested. He then took Tais arm off of his shoulders and hinted toward his bedroom. Tai slightly smiled and looked back at Wizardmon. With a slight nod of his head toward Izzys bedroom, Wizardmon and Agumon nodded back. Everyone then started toward the room.

Once in Izzys room, everyone gathered around his laptop. Izzy then took a quick look back at Tentamon who was quietly sleeping on his bed and didnt notice anything that was going on. With a slight smile, Izzy looked back and started typing something into his laptop. Tai looked from the screen to Wizardmon. Wizardmon was looking on intently. He looked like he wanted to find his partner as much as they did.

Ok, Izzy said as he continued to type, lets get our facts straight first. Kairi turned out to be the Eighth Digidestine, but Myotismon is still looking for someone different. Thats when Gennai sent me the radar and told me of two other Digidestine that were recently revealed. The question now is, why would this girl you know be one of this two new Digidestine that have been discovered? Tai slightly blushed and looked at the floor. He then cleared his throat as looked back up at Izzy.

Well&., Tai said as he grabbed his chin and started looking at the ceiling.


Leave me alone you Butt-Monkey, a six year old girl with shoulder-length wavy dirty blonde hair said to a boy who was punching his hand in her face, I havent done anything to you! The boy just grinned as he walked closer to the blonde girl.

Fat chance Amika, the boy said as he moved closer again, Ive wanted to pond your smartass into the ground forever. Amika, the blonde girl, took a step backward, but stood her ground. She wasnt about to let this boy get away with beating her.

Bring it you Hick, Amika said as she dropped her little backpack and held her fist up. The boys grin turned to a frown and his eyes flashed with anger. He quickly lunged at Amika with his hands balled into fists. Amika just closed her eyes and waited to get hit when the boy stopped in his tracks. When she didnt get hit, Amika slowly opened one eye. She then gasped as she looked at the boys stomach. A seven year old Tai had come out of nowhere and punched the boy in the gut.

Why dont you crawl away before I decide to place my sneaker in your face, Tai said as the boy fell to his knees holding his stomach. The boy then nodded and started to crawl away from the kids. A bright smile crossed Amikas face as the boy continued to crawl down the hall. She then quickly ran in front of Tai and stuck out her hand. Tai was a little shocked with her reaction and slowly shook her hand as he started to blush.

Thank you Tai, Amika said as her hair slightly fell in her face, Im going to owe you one. Tai continued to blush as Amika dropped his hand. He swallowed a little on the hard side and slowly nodded his head. Amika giggled and shook her head. She then turned and started to walk away from Tai when he grabbed her arm. She slightly turned her head and her right sky blue eye caught the glimmer in Tais eyes as he held onto her sleeve. She started to wonder what was going through Tais mind.

I was wondering if you could stay for dinner Amika, Tai asked as he slowly let go of Amikas sleeve, I mean, you could call your parents from my place and we could do some soccer practice afterward. Amika smiled and turned completely toward Tai. For the first time, we catch a glimpse of her left eye. This wouldnt be such a big deal, but this eye is a different color from the right one. Instead of being sky blue, this eye was lime green. Amika truly was a unique girl in more then one way.

I would be happy to Tai, Amika said as she took a step closer to Tai and grabbed one of his hands, Dinner at your place sounds lovely. Tai started to blush one last time. He then smiled nervously and started to lead Amika toward his apartment.

Later that night, Amika was sitting on the stairs of the apartments. She had a dreamy look on her face as she stared at a blank page in a sketchbook. She played with a yellow pencil that lay by her side. She couldnt concentrate on what she really wanted to while something else was on her mind. As a soft sigh escaped her lips, something huge had landed on a nearby car. Dust flew up high and Amika covered her eyes with her arm. She couldnt see anything, but wondered what had just happened. Nothing in this world was big enough to cause such a ruckus unless it was a Wrecking Ball. That was definitely no Wrecking Ball though.

Just as the dust cleared and Amika moved her arm, her eyes widened. The car that was the unlucky victim of this thing was crushed and a large Agumon was standing near a Vending Machine. Tais little sister, Kari, was trying to get a soda out of the machine for the Agumon, but it looked more eager to go then anything else. Just as Kari grabbed the soda and climbed onto the Agumon back, Tai came running down across the upstairs balcony. Amika quickly looked up. As she spotted Tai, she sprang to her feet. Her sketchbook fell hard unto the ground making a light thud sound. She started to worry about what was going on.

Amika, Tai yelled as he started to make his way down the stairs, did you see where that umm&..Agumon went? Amika slowly nodded her head and pointed toward the city. Tai looked toward where she was pointing and started to look scared. As he reached the step Amika was on, he grabbed both of her hands. As she looked into his eyes, she could tell that he was worried. His deep brown eyes flickered and tears were starting to form in them. Please help me. I need to find Kari. I dont know what Agumon will do to her. Amika took a deep breath and slowly let it out as Tai continued to intently look at her. She then slowly nodded her head.

Alright, Amika said with a little bit of fear in her voice, Ill help you. You are my only friend after all. Tai slightly smiled, but still looked sad. He had known Amika for a long time and tried to make friends for her. The only thing was, no one liked her. She was too strange for them. She was an outcast. She was always different from everyone. She was a Soccer Player, an Artist, and even a Bully sometimes. She just didnt seem to fit in with anyone. Tai figured that was the reason she felt compiled to help. He was truly her only friend and she would do anything for him.

Ok, Tai said as he dropped one of Amikas hands, lets go then. Amika quickly nodded and started to follow Tai as he led her rest of the way down the stairs. A slight smile actually crossed her face this time as Tai and her started toward the city.


So thats why I think Amika might be who were looking for, Tai said as he looked at Izzys slightly disgusted face, I had led her right into the middle of that battle at Hightonview Terrace. I even gave her my goggles I was wearing that night. Izzy almost looked like he was going to laugh now. Tai quickly gave him a mean look as he turned back toward his laptop. He knew what was going through Izzys mind and he didnt like it.

That sounded more like a bad Romance Novel then anything else, Izzy said with laughter in his voice, but Ill look this girl up anyways. All I need is her last name. Agumon quickly snickered at Izzys comment until Tai shot him a mean look. He quickly placed one of his hands over his mouth to try to stop from laughing, but it wasnt working. He was still covering up small little laughs. Tai just rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. Agumon was impossible and not worth his effort. He then slowly looked back at Izzy.

Aurora, Tai said as Izzy didnt even bother to look back at him, Thats Amikas last name, Aurora. Izzy quickly nodded his head and started to type something into his laptop. Tai watched intently, when something popped up on the screen. It looked like a small list that only consisted of four names, Simon Aurora, April Aurora, Zak Aurora, and Amika Aurora. A sudden smile crossed both Tais and Izzys faces. They had found their girl. Now they had to go to her address and give her the Crest and Digivice test.

According to this, Izzy said as he leaned a little closer to the screen, Amika still lives in Hightonview Terrace. Her apartment number is 418. Another smile crossed Tais face as he quickly stood up. Everyone looked at him as he gripped one of his fist in a slightly heroic stance.

Lets go, Tai said as he looked down at Izzy, Lets give Amika the test. Izzy let out a sigh and stood up. He then closed his laptop and picked it up.

Within a few minutes, Tai, Agumon, Izzy, Tentomon, and Wizardmon arrived at Hightonview Terrace and made their way to the fourth floor. As they stepped off the last step and into the fourth floor hallway, a soccer ball rolled at them at a slightly high speed. Tai quickly reacted the only way he could think of, stopping the ball with his foot. He then bent over to pick it up.

Excuse me, a female voice said just as Tai stood back up, could you give me my ball back. I need to brush up on some skills. Tais eyes slightly widened as he looked in the direction of the voice. It was Amika. Nothing about her had changed except her wardrobe. She was now wearing a black bellyshirt with a white skull in the middle of it and long flared out see-through sleeves, a black skirt with three half zipped zippers evened out on the front of it, black leggings that ended at her knees, black and white sneakers, black fingerless gloves, a black chocker with a skull pendent in the middle of it, and a black headband with the goggles that Tai had given her that night rested on top of it. She looked kind of like a Goth if you wanted to be simplistic about it.

Amika, Tai said as he almost dropped her soccer ball, I cant believe its you. Actually, I cant believe you kept my goggles all this time. The stern look that was on Amikas face suddenly turned to a smile. She ran up to Tai and hugged him around the neck. A sweat drop appeared on the back of Izzys head as Tai started to blush. Agumon started to laugh and Wizardmon let out a sigh. Then, with no warning, the Crest and Digivice started to glow in a beautiful aqua green light. They were reacting to Amika. She was actually the Ninth Digidestine. She was the one they were looking for.

Hey, Amika said as she looked over Tais shoulder down at Agumon, youre a little version of Agumon. I hope youre not here to cause more trouble. Agumon got a startled look on his face and started shaking his head. Izzy looked a little startled as well. He was startled over the fact that Amika wasnt scared of the Digimon and that she still remembered that night. Everyone else, except Kari, didnt remember the bombing at first and we scared of their Digimon. Amika acted like this was a normal thing.

Excuse me Ms. Amika, Wizardmon said as he floated over to the side of her and Tai, I would like to introduce myself. Im Wizardmon and I think Im your partner Digimon. Here, please take your Crest of Truth and Digivice. Amika looked down at Wizardmons outstretched hands. She then let go of Tai and bent down. With a smile, she took her items.

Thank you Wizardmon, Amika said as she slipped her Tag and Crest around her neck, Youre already the best partner ever. Wizardmon was the one to blush this time. Amika seemed to know how to embarrass someone. It must have been one of her many talents.

Yes thank you Wizardmon, a female voice said from behind the group, You lead me straight to the Ninth Digi-Brat. Meow! The small group looked behind them toward the end of the hall as Amika stood up. Standing on the railing there was a Persiamon with her hand on her hip and a both of her black tails were wagging. Tentomon, Agumon, and Wizardmon all looked prepared to battle as they stared hard at Persiamon.

Who are you and what do you want with Amika, Tai questioned as Amika walked behind him. Persiamon slightly grinned and both of her shiny white fangs showed. She then jumped off the railing and disappeared in a flash. As everyone looked around, she reappeared behind Amika and grabbed her.

Ohhh&., Persiamon said as she licked Amika on the cheek, you taste absolutely divine. No wonder master Myotismon wants you. Amika started to struggled, but the more she wiggled, the more Persiamon tightened up on her. Tai and Izzy went to grab their Digivices when Wizardmon stopped them. They both looked at him with questioning looks, but then it struck them. Wizardmon was Amikas partner and he had to protect her. He had to prove himself.

Why dont you mess with me&., Wizardmon said as he pointed his staff at Persiamon, THUNDER BLASTER! A flash of yellow lightning quickly came out of Wizardmons staff and shocked Persimmons hands. With a yelp of pain, Persiamon dropped Amika. Tai met Amika halfway as she stumbled to her feet and ran into his opened arms. She looked scared now as Tai hugged her, but she wasnt about to give up. She would do what she had to to help Wizardmon win.

You nasty little Bugger, Persiamon yelled as she stopped licking her injured paws, Youll pay for that! VAMPIRE DANCE! Bats started to form around Persiamon as she danced around in a circle. Once she stopped and grinned, the bats flew after Wizardmon. Wizardmon could only throw his cape up as a protection because the bats were moving at too high of a speed. He would have never dodged in time.

The bats hit their mark and exploded. Wizardmon flew backward and hit the floor with a loud thud. He slid right to Amikas and Tais feet and his hat was still lying where he had original had been standing. A tear started to creep down Amikas cheek as she looked into Wizardmons pained green eyes. Just as she turned and buried her head in Tais chest, her Crest and Digivice started to glow. The aqua green glow then moved to Wizardmon. Wizardmon was, with no doubt, Amikas partner because he was Digivolving with her help. Persiamon now looked scared. Her opponent was now getting stronger.

Wizardmon Digivolve to&., Wizardmon started as he started to grow taller as he stood up, Myotismon! Tai, Izzy, Tentomon, and Agumon all looked shocked. One of their new allies was the same type of Digimon as their greatest enemy. There were a few differences between this Myotismon and the enemy one though. Our Myotismon has green eyes instead of blue, his lips are the same color as his skin, and his hair is a lighter blonde. He actually looked like a good version to a point.

Now thats not fair, Persiamon said as she looked at Myotismon, Master Myotismon wouldnt like this. You stole his identity. Myotismon green eyes narrowed. He then made a red whip in his hand. Persiamon jumped as he suddenly snapped it a few times by her feet.

Ill never be like your master, Myotismon said as Persiamon started to back away, and hell be joining you back in the Digital World soon enough. Persiamon didnt like where this conversation was going, but she wasnt leaving without a bang. With a grin, she used another Vampire Dance. Myotismon quickly threw his wop into the air. CRIMSON LIGHTNING.

The Crimson Lightning came down on Persiamon with a snap. Persiamon disappeared with a laugh and grin as her Vampire Dance hit Myotismon right in the chest and exploded. Amika pushed her way out of Tais arms and up to Myotismon as he fell backward and started to De-Digivolve. She did a sliding stop on her knees and caught DemiDevimon as he fell. That fight and Digivolving into an Ultimate for the first time must have taken a lot out of him for him to De-Digivolve back into his Rookie form.

Thank you again ummm&., Amika said knowing that Wizardmon was no longer Wizardmon and had a new name. DemiDevimon slightly smiled as his yellow eyes sparkled.

Its DemiDevimon, DemiDevimon said as he closed his eyes, and Im going to go to sleep now. Amika nodded and stood up. She understood how much that must have taken out of her new partner. As she turned around, Tai, Agumon, Izzy, and Tentomon were standing near her. She quickly smiled at all four of them.

With all of the action, Tai started with a smile, we werent all introduced correctly. Amika quickly shook her head and pointed at Agumon. Agumon started to sweat. He thought he was going to get yelled at again by her.

No need, Amika said as she cradled DemiDevimon in one arm, I know who everyone is. Theres Agumon, youre Izzy Izumi, and thats your partner Tentomon. Ive heard so much already from Kari. Tai slightly nodded and looked over at Izzy. Izzy just shrugged his shoulders. Tai let out a sigh and smiled as he looked back at Amika.

Well, Tai said as Amika looked at him, welcome to the team. Amika smiled brightly and walked up to Tai. She then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Glad to be a part of it, Amika said as Tai turned bright red. Izzy, Agumon, and Tentomon started to laugh as Tai touched his cheek where Amika just kissed him. In fact, even Amika started to giggle as the scene started to fade out.


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