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This is my new fan story; Hopefully you'll like it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terra
This Fan-Fiction takes place while the Digidestine are back in the real world. and they're going to get more then what they ask form when two new Digidestined are added to their team.
Well like every digimon Weedramon MUST have a story! She has to have some sort of history doesn't she? Well, this is it! Hope you guys like it.
in this story Sapheedramon meets new friends and she is very pleased
A Fan Ficim writing baced off of an rpg i did  well this is how i wanted it to happen
This story is about Veramon's life so far...Hope you enjoy it!
This is a story about wolfdramon and his friends having a great adventure! why am I not telling you what its about? cos you'll have to read it!
Digimon thing to do during school, like the title says.
A horror story
Just a list of Digimon obsessed things to do.
this is a story i made long ago but its a takuya X zoe story its after the 4th seson
-Taiato- Yamato and Taichi deside to bake a cake and end up having a little fun at the same time
A short fan fiction about Yamato and Taichi going strawberry picking. Contains some fluff.
it just funny hope you people like it though mimi goes kind of crazy o.o;; ENJOY! ^-^
In this story the season 2 digi-desteneds r in it. But sorry 2 say Cody, Mimi, Joe n Hawkmon r not in it. 2 of the digi-destened get kidnapped!
Sorry 2 say that this is the final chapter! I no my story is long but it is good right? Anyway, in this chapter they.... aw what the heck, just read it allready!
In this chapter, it is very sad. The digimon try 2 put up a good fight, but they can't even seem 2 scratch him! Is this the end of the digi-destened and there digimon?
In this chapter the digimon finaly come 2 the rescue, but can the team work and friendship be enough 2 pull them out of this 1?
This time it is back in the real world were tere digimon start 2 wonder where there partners are.But what news awaites them?
In this chapter, Tai and the others go looking 4 the real Digi-destened. But will they find them in time?
In this chapter Kari n Sora come home late. But there is something wierd about them, something that just isnt right! But what is it...? (this chapter may be a tad bit long)