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Chapter 2 - American Digidestine, Kailee, in Need

This Fan-Fiction takes place while the Digidestine are back in the real world. and they're going to get more then what they ask form when two new Digidestined are added to their team.

Chapter 2 - American Digidestine, Kailee, in Need

Chapter 2 - American Digidestine, Kailee, in Need
Episode Two

American Digidestine, Kailee, in Need

Amika was sitting in her Living Room hugging DemiDevimon as he sat in her lap. She was intently watching the News with a worried look. We can see that the News is showing monster attacks all over the world. There was a WaruSeadramon in Britain, a Vikararamon in France, a Triceramon in China, and a Parrotmon some where in North America. Amika looked scared and ready to fight all at the same time. She was new to all of this, but that was far from enough to stop her. Even the fact that evil Digimon were after her didnt frighten her. She was going to stand and fight with her fellow Digidestine.

Hey, a young male voice said from nearby, what are you watching, a monster film? Amika jumped a little and looked toward the voice. To her relieve it was only her little brother, Zak. Zak was two years younger then his sister, making him about eight. He had short, sloppily spiked dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He wore a white jersey with a thick dark blue line trimming the sleeves and bottom along with the same color number eight filling the blank areas in the front of back of it that was a little too big for him, dark blue cargo shorts also a little too big, and dark blue and white sneakers. He had a questioning look across his face as Amika searched for an answer.

Yes, Amika said as DemiDevimon quickly played stuffed, thats exactly what it is. Zak rolled his eyes and placed his hands on the back of his head. He then walked into the kitchen and hopped up on a stool.

Oh, Zak started with a yawn, I forgot to tell you that Tai was at the door. I wonder if hes still there. Amikas eyes narrowed and flashed with anger. She then quickly got up and ran to the door. She snuggly held DemiDevimon with one arm as she slowly opened the door with her newly freed hand. A sweat drop soon appeared on the back of her head and she gripped her fist. Zak started to laugh, but Amika ignored him. She knew Zak wouldnt lie about someone being there, but he would make them wait forever before he told someone that they were there. Tai had probably left by that time, but Amika was going to take a look. She slowly leaned her head out the door and looked. Just before she turned to look to her left, someone pulled her out of her apartment. She quickly turned bright red when she saw that it was Tai that had grabbed her. She then shook her head. Tai was her best friend and that was all.

God Tai, Amika said as she noticed Tai holding Agumons hand, DemiDevimon could have gone Wizardmon on you and kicked your butt. You dont do that to people with a Digimon. Tai shook his head and reached over to close Amikas apartment door. Amika could tell Tai met business. He wasnt here on a friendly visit.

The Digimon attacks are getting worse, Tai said as DemiDevimon flew from Amikas arm and onto her shoulder, Theyre all over the place and we cant do anything about them. We need to stop Myotismon and fast. Amika shook her head and put her head down. As she stared at her feet, something struck her. She quickly grabbed Tais hand and led him inside her apartment. She led him all the way into Zaks and her room where a computer was. Tai looked a little confused.

I just remembered something, Amika said as she sat down in the nearby computer chair, I have a friend in New York thats a Digidestine. Shes originally from Tokyo like the rest of us, which explains a lot. She even has a Digimon and a Crest. The only thing is, she doesnt know what to do and Gennai told her she wasnt needed yet. Its strange. Its like somethings going to go wrong and were all going to be called back to the Digital World to defend it again. Anyways, I hate to burst Kailees bubble, but&. Tai looked more confused now. How could there be an extra Digidestine thats from America and isnt needed? His head started to hurt. Listening to Amika was almost like listing to Izzy. It was just downright confusing.

So, Tai said as he leaned on the chair that Amika was sitting in, what are you going to do? If shes not needed, what can she really do? Amika let out a sigh as DemiDevimon flew onto of her computer. She then started typing something in when a screen popped up her screen. A young girl about her age was panicky looking on the other side of the window. Her scared light blue eyes matched the purple ones on her BlackGatomons. Her shoulder length black hair was slightly messed up and her chin length bangs were stuck to the side of her face which was red and had freckles on it. Her sleeveless hoodie was black and purple with a black paw mark on the back of it and left side, her pants were half black and half purple on the bottom, her sneakers were also purple and black, her headband was purple with a black paw print in the middle of it, and her wristbands were purple with black paw prints on them. Amika quickly looked just as scared as this girl.

Kailee, Amika said with a slightly shaky voice, whats wrong? Whats going on? The girl, who was obviously Kailee, shook her head and looked behind her. A huge picture window was behind her and blasts could be heard and seen. Something was attacking the city.

Im not quiet sure, Kailee said as BlackGatomon ran to the window, I think some kind of evil Digimon is attacking the city or something. Youve got to help me Amika. I dont know what to do! Amika shook her head and looked over at Tai. Tai had a serious look on his face and both of his hands were balled into fists. Amika knew Tai was upset and wanted to help, but there was nothing either one of them could do. They were in Japan and Kailee was in America.

Kailee, Amika said as she looked back at her monitor, were sorry. Theres nothing we can do. Were too far away. Kailee went to say something when another blast went off. She quickly covered her head and BlackGatomon slightly backed away from the window. Amika quickly stood up and slammed her hands down on her desk. It was killing her that her friend didnt know what to do and she couldnt help. As anger built in Amikas eyes, both hers and Tais Digivices started to glow and whine. Then, in a bright flash of light, they were gone.

Amika, Zak said as he started to open the bedroom door, what the heck&.. A surprised look crossed Zaks face as he stared at the empty room. He started to wonder what happened. He didnt hear Amika and Tai leave. In fact, he didnt see them. Where could theyve had gone and how did they get there.

On the other side of the computer, Kailee was shielding her eyes from the same bright light. She then slightly moved her arm to see Amika, Tai, DemiDevimon, and Agumon lying on her floor. She looked a little surprised as Amika sat up in looked around in shock. Tai was still rubbing his head as he looked over at Agumon. They all started to wonder what happened.

Oh my God, Kailee said with slight excitement, I dont know what happened, but youre here to help me. I dont have to worry any more. Amika blinked a few times as Kailee hugged her. She then looked over at Tai as he sat up. They must have traveled through the computer with the help of their Digivices.

Gennai must have done this, Amika said as she suddenly stood up almost knocking Kailee down, He must have wanted us to help you. Kailee looked at Amika with a questioning look. She then looked toward her monitor as it went dark and turned back on with Gennai in the middle of the screen.

Thats right Amika, Gennai said as the screen started to waver back and forth, Kailee hasnt been through the things you regular Digidestine have. You have to help her before I can return you back to Tokyo. Amika let out a sigh just as Tai placed his hand on her shoulder. She slightly turned to look at him when Kailee cleared her throat.

Sorry to break you two lovebirds up, Kailee said as BlackGatomon ran up to her, but we need help, like now. Tai and Amika turned bright red and quickly turned toward the big picture window. They could really see the damage done to the city now. It was terrible. What Digimon could be doing this?

Ok, Amika quickly said as she looked at Kailee, do you have a Crest Kailee? Kailee gave Amika a funny look at first, but then she grinned. She quickly pulled a Tag out of her shirt. A gold colored Crest with a wave looking design on it was inserted into the Tag. Amika looked overjoyed.

I see that youre happy about this Crest thing, Kailee said as she placed the Tag back in her shirt, but what does it do? Amikas overjoyed look left her face and she dropped her head. She couldnt believe that Kailee just asked that. She really was clueless on about being a Digidestine.

It helps your Digimon Digivolve to her Ultimate form, Tai butted in before Amika could explain, and youre probably going to need it. Kailee slightly gasped and looked down at BlackGatomon as Amika looked up at Tai. Tais face was serious again and a flame was burning in his eyes. Amika didnt like it when Tai got like this. The last time she remembered him being like this, she wound up getting hurt by him in a soccer game. She didnt want anyone else getting hurt because of Tais inability to control his urge to come out on top.

I think you should get Gennai to take you home Tai, Amika said as she turned and faced Tai, Kailee and I can handle this. Im sure DemiDevimon and BlackGatomon can take this evil Digimon out. Tai suddenly got a shocked look on his face. He then gently grabbed Amikas arms and looked lovingly into her eyes. Her stern expression was unbroken though.

I know why youre worried, Tai said as he continued to give Amika a loving look, but I promise it wont happen. Ill control my temper and help out. I wouldnt try to be Head Honcho. Amika slightly smiled at Tais comment. She then hugged him. He really matured a lot more then she had originally thought he had. She was actually proud of him.

Excuse me, BlackGatomon said as she jumped onto Kailees shoulder, we have a crisis outside and you two are too interested in each other. Can you please pay attention to whats happen outside of the apartment. Tai and Amika both looked at BlackGatomon and started blushing. They broke apart and started toward the picture window. Once there, looks of horror crossed their faces. A hooded Digimon with large purple hands and stunning glowing eyes was standing at the base of the next door apartment building chanting. The chanting was destructive though. The words acted like little bombs. Each word would bounce off the building and explode a little section of it each time.

Oh, DemiDevimon suddenly said as he flew on top of Amikas head, thats got to be Wisemon. He has a wicked choice of words. His Pandora Dialog attack is quiet explosive. Amika was the one to grip her fist this time. She then spun around and looked right into Kailees eyes. Kailee looked a little startled by the look on her friends face.

Lets go Kailee, Amika said as she started toward Kailees front door, We have to stop this thing before it destroys your city. Kailee slightly nodded and looked over at BlackGatomon. BlackGatomon nodded in reinsurance. Then, with a sigh, Kailee started to follow Amika out of the apartment. Tai and Agumon werent too far behind.

Once everyone was outside, they all looked a little upset. Wisemon had been busy. About half the block was destroyed and he didnt look like he was about to stop. Evil laughter could be heard from under his hood. He was enjoying this. Amika quickly looked at Tai and he nodded. With no words, they both grasped their Digivices. DemiDevimon and Agumon quickly made their way in front of their partners as both them and the Digivices started to glow.

Agumon Digivolve to&..GREYMON!

DemiDevimon Digivolve to&..WIZARDMON!

Alright, Amika said as Kailee looked at the freshly Digivolved Digimon, Glad to see you again Wizardmon. Now go show Wisemon whos boss. Wizardmon nodded and then made a come on head motion at Greymon. Greymon nodded back at him and both Digimon were on their way.

How did those two grow bigger like that, Kailee asked as her eyes started to sparkle, That was so cool! I want BlackGatomon to be able to do that! Kailee and Tai both smiled nervously and looked at each other. They then opened their hands in Kailees direction. Their Digivices were resting in the palms of their hands with a slight pulsing glow on their screens. Kailee looked confused as she took her Digivice out. She didnt understand what it had to do with the Digimon becoming bigger and different.

Just as Amika was going to explain, Wizardmon landed on the ground near her. He slowly stood back up holding his arm. Amika gasped and her Crest started to glow.

Wizardmon Digivolve to&..MYOTISMON!

Myotismon, Amika said as Myotismon stood in front of her, be careful. Dont over do it. Myotismon looked back at Amika with his green eyes and nodded. He then looked forward. His eyes grew wide as Greymon flew into him. He managed to keep his ground and help Greymon land carefully. Tais quickly looked in Greymons direction as he lied on the ground. His Crest glowed this time with a flash of orange.

Greymon Digivolve to&..METALGREYMON!

This guy is really tough, MetalGreymon said as he looked down at the three Digidestined, We might need one more. Amika and Tai both looked over at Kailee. Kailee understood what MetalGreymon was saying and she didnt like it. She was shaking her head and hugging BlackGatomon as tight as she could. Amika let out a sigh as Myotismon floated behind her.

Look Kailee, Amika said as she crossed her arms, Youve got to let BlackGatomon fight. Kailee quickly shook her head again. BlackGatomon put her ears down as she looked up at Kailee. She then looked over at Amika and Tai.

I thought thats why you two were here, Kailee said without even looking at Amika, I thought it was your job to fight. Amika shook her head this time. Kailee misunderstood what Gennai sent them there for.

Thats not true, Tai quickly said trying not to sound mean, Gennai sent us here to help you, not fight for you. Were back-up for BlackGatomon, not her bodyguards. Youve got to stop protecting her Kailee. Youve got to let her go. Kailee went to shake her head again, but stopped. She suddenly bent down and placed BlackGatomon on the ground. BlackGatomons ears perked up as she looked back at Kailee. Kailee just nodded her head this time. With that nod, a golden glow came from the middle of Kailees chest. It was her Crest. BlackGatomon was suddenly emerged in a golden light.

BlackGatomon Digivolve to&..LADYDEVIMON!

BlackGatomon& changed. You got stronger. LadyDevimon looked back at Kailee and smiled. She then kneeled down so that she was eye level with her partner.

The names LadyDevimon now, LadyDevimon said as Kailee looked into her kind purple eyes, and I thank you. You dont know how much it means to me to be able to fight for your city. Kailee smiled brightly and gave LadyDevimon a hug. Amika and Tai just looked at each other and smiled. Kailee finally understood why BlackGatomon was with her.

Go get em, Kailee said as she let go of LadyDevimon. LadyDevimon quickly nodded and turned around. She then flew over to Myotismon. Myotismon just crossed his arms as she winked at him.

Well, LadyDevimon said as she landed on MetalGreymons shoulder, what are we waiting for? Lets go get him, boys. MetalGreymon nodded and started toward Wisemons direction. Myotismon rolled his eyes and slowly started to follow. Amika laughed at Myotismons reaction. She then turned toward Tai.

It looks like someone likes Myotismon, Amika said as Tai looked down at her with a red tint to his face, and maybe even MetalGreymon. I think thats so adorable and funny all at the same time. Tai slightly nodded and started to sweat as Amika placed her hands on his. Kailee rolled her eyes this time. She then looked over to where the fight was about to start only a few feet away.

Well, youve gotten bigger, Wisemon said as he looked at MetalGreymon and LadyDevimon, but that doesnt& Wisemon stopped in mid sentence as he spotted Myotismon float to one side of MetalGreymon. His eyes then narrowed as he clapped his hands together. mean youll defeat me, He continued as he looked down at the ground, Especially you, imposter of the master! LadyDevimon and MetalGreymon looked over at Myotismon as a frown crossed his pale lips. He knew Wisemon was talking about him. He didnt like the fact that he was the same Digimon as his enemy, but it couldnt be helped. He didnt mind that much though. At least he would stand a chance against his former boss when the time rolled around.

How about a little less talk and a little more fight, LadyDevimon said as she flew off of MetalGreymons shoulder, DARKNESS WAVE! A black wave impulsed toward Wisemon as LadyDevimon clapped her hands together. A grin crossed Wisemons black face. He then looked up and placed one hand up. ETERNAL NIRVANA, he suddenly yelled out and a shield surrounded him. LadyDevimons attack was bounced back at her. She quickly braced herself and took the attack. She barley moved because the attack was weakened from being bounced off the shield.

Well never win like this, Myotismon said as he started to wrap himself in his cape, We have to all attack together. Ready&. MetalGreymon and LadyDevimon both nodded. They then got into a fighting stance.

GIGA BLASTER, MetalGreymon said as his machine-like chest started to open.

EVIL WING, LadyDevimon said as a dark wind came out of her wings as she flapped them.

GRIZZLY WING, Myotismon finally said as he opened his cape back up and an army of bats flew out. The bats quickly joined the other two attacks and headed toward Wisemon. Wisemon continued to grin until the attacks hit his shield. The force of all three attacks combined broke through his shield. They then pierced through his chest making him disappear in little bits of data.

They did, Kailee suddenly said as we come back over to her, Tai, and Amika, They actually did it. They defeated the Evil Digimon. Tai and Amika looked over to where their Digimon were and smiled. They then hi-fived each other.

Within a few minutes, everyone was back in Kailees apartment and in front of her computer. DemiDevimon was asleep in Amikas arms, Salamon was standing next to Kailee, and Agumon was leaning on Tai. They were all looking at the computer screen as Gennai appeared on it and cleared his throat.

Well done Digidestined, Gennai said as he slightly smiled, Im proud of you all, especially you Kailee. Tai, Amika, Ill return you two back to Japan now. Just hold your Digivices to the computer screen. Tai and Amika nodded and held their Digivices up to the computer screen. As they started to glow, Tai and Amika disappeared.

As Amika and Tai reappeared back in Amikas room, they looked back at the computer screen. Amika was standing there smiling. Salamon was now on her head with a smile on her face as well. Amika smiled back at the two as one of DemiDevimons antenna drooped over her arm.

I dont know how Salamon and Ill ever repay you, Kailee said as she held back tears. We would have never been able to beat Wisemon without you help. Amika slightly shook her head.

I believe you would have made out just fine by yourself, Amika said as Tai looked over her shoulder, Salamon and you make a great team. Now, I hate to go, but Im sure my parents will be home any minute and they dont like me on the computer when theyre not home. Kailee smiled as she reached for her webcam. Amika reached for hers as well and they both shut them off at the same time. Just then Tai sat down in her computer chair and spun around once. As he ended up looking back at Amika, he noticed she had a slightly frustrated look on her face and her foot tapping.

Ya know, Tai said as he slightly leaned forward, Theres room for two if you give DemiDevimon to Agumon. Amika suddenly turned bright red. She then placed DemiDevimon on Agumons head and strattled Tai in the chair. Tai was the one to turn red this time as Amika pushed him backward so that his back was flat against the back of the chair. He wasnt suspecting her to do that. He was just suspecting her to sit on his lap or something.

Ok, Zaks voice suddenly said from the doorway, I promise not to tell Mom and Dad about this if you explain where you went and this. Amika quickly looked back at Zak and gasped. Her little brother was holding up a Digivice. He must have been the other Digidestine that Gennai was talking about.


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