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Chapter 3 - Bath Time

....ngh...reflection on how im feling right now...AND I FEEL LIKE CRAP! XD

Chapter 3 - Bath Time

Chapter 3 - Bath Time

Nnnggggghhhh I went to the doctors today and they said I have a virus!!! -__- and after finally escaping Mikita's grasp…IM SAFE!

Goki: then you should be in bed….

Me: …w/e I wanna do this chapter AND If I stay in bed Mikita will hug me to death XD

Goki: …then gimmie a fish and I'll guard you!

Me: …I'm telling you, ur gonna get stinky! Do you wanna end up stinky like Morga!?

Morga: HEY! One day I will rule the world and when I do ima turn u into a fish!

Me: …YAY!

BubbleSnap: -__- Morga you can't turn people into fish…

Morag: well I can dream can't I!?

Me: maybe…

Mikita: THERE YOU ARE!!!

Me: o__O” *twitches and runs like the wind*

Goki: but wind can't can flow…I think…XD

Me: *grin* ON WITH THE STORY!!! XP!

Raze stood outside the bathroom door listening to the grunts and rustling noises his brother made. He sighed with annoyance noticing he was soaking wet as well. What was the point of the umbrella? Shaking his head he began removing his shirt leaving him in a damp tank top. He took off his shoes and threw his socks some place randomly. He sat on the ground and waited for a good five minutes. He tapped the bathroom door.



“What's taking you?”

“…shut up and wait till I'm done”


Raze shook his head is disbelief. `There is no way that I can be related to such a brat.' He focused his eyes on a picture frame that was collecting dust. It portrayed a little boy holding his father's hand and a young woman holding a little boy. Raze kept his gaze on it until he heard a `thump' and loud sobs. Raze stood up and knocked on the bathroom door. “Pyre? Pyre! What happened?”

”I s-slipped and h-hurt m-my ankle!”

“Well that's what you get for not letting me help.”


”yeah well I'm the jerk who's been taking care of you…”

“Y-yeah? Well you're d-doing a lousy job at I-it!”

“…really? Well then I'm sure you can take care of yourself much better than I can.”

“I bet I c-can!”

“Okay fine. I'll just take my stuff and leave. You can live here by yourself.”


”ok, adios kiddo” he said coolly. He didn't really mean it. Pyre was the only person left from their family and yes he loved him but sometimes he got on his nerves. He stood by the bathroom door listening to his brother sob and constant hiccupping. He was going to open the door when the door slammed open and his little brother, (naked and all ~_^) flew out the room and on top of raze, knocking them both down. “Ugh Pyre get off!”


”pyre, I'm not going anywhere!”

”No!! Don't leave!! I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!!!”

”ok I get it!!”

”you promise you won't leave!!??”

”I promise! Now get off me damnit! You're naked and it doesn't look right. If someone walked in they'd think I was molesting you!!”

”o-oh yeah”

raze sighed angrily. He really wondered if they were family. He got up and took off his tank top and threw it at Pyre. “Put that on and wait till I get the bath ready.” Pyre nodded and slipped on the obviously large tank top and waited patiently with the occasional hiccup. Once the bath was ready he walked over to pyre and picked him up. “Niisan…”


”Will you give me a bath?”

”…*sweatdrop*...hai hai…”


raze took off the damp tank top off of his little brother and gently lowered him into warm bath water. He grabbed a small towel and a bar of soap and began to scrub his back. Pyre grabbed a rubber duckie (:) I got one in my bathroom. They're so…swell XD) and began squeaking it. Squeak Squeak Squeak. Raze's eye twitched. Squeak Squeak Squeak. Twitch.





By the time Pyre had squeaked that duck 8th time, Raze had developed an unhealthy twitch in his eye. “Pyre, if you squeak that duck one more time, I'm going to have to kill it.” “..Sorry...” the majority of the bath was spent in silence, until pyre got bored. “Raaaaaaze are we done yet?” “No you got mud in your hair...lots of it...” with a slight pout he quieted down. Until he got a mischievous grin. “Raze did you bathe yet?”


”No reason”



Pyre lifted his hands as high as they would go.

“What are you doing…?”

“Gonna give you a bath!!!!”

“Pyre wait! NO!!”

Too late, Pyre brought down his hands with as much force as he could.


After a few more splashes, one extremely wet Raze and a finally clean Pyre, the bath was over. “Now all that was left is to get some clothes on you and tuck you into bed” Raze said coolly. Pyre looked at him with an evil grin and wrapped the towels around himself tightly. “Raze, I'm not sleepy >:p.” “I know…*sweatdrop*…”

Me: omg..Ima make raze's life a living hell >:D

Goki: you're supposed to be in bed….

Me: *throws a fish at him* SHUSH

goki: YES!!!

Morga: HEY! I WANT THAT FISHY!! *glomps Goki*

Me: -___-“ dear lordy…

Mikita: THERE YA ARE!!! *holds up pointy needles and shocky things*

Me: O__o *runs...trips*

BubbleSnap: *is totally confused* wtf…


Everyone: *looks*

Me: *runs* MWAHAHAHA


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weasleygirl on April 16, 2006, 9:32:23 AM

weasleygirl on
weasleygirli like it! it's a really good story.

mikita_inugirl on March 7, 2006, 8:33:13 AM

mikita_inugirl on
mikita_inugirlLOL! I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack! Mwa ha ha! Ahem. I mean, let's talk this over Joey. *Hiding fun shocky thingys behind back*
Jozie: I'm alive! I'm alive! Get away from me! I don't wanna "talk"!*Runs away* You have those shocky thingys behind your back! You'll never take me alive!
Bubblesnap: You're not running from the cops. -_-
Jozie: No, I'm running for my life! Aaahhh! *Trips on an NC-17 yaoi pencil* Shyts! Not that!
Mikita: What did you say?! All that F***in cussing is getting on my F***in nerves!
Jozie: You're cussing you lunatic!
Mikita: I don't F***in cuss!
Bubblesnap: -_-

lol ^#^ Don't know what that is suposed to be. O.o