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Chapter 5 - I Care

....ngh...reflection on how im feling right now...AND I FEEL LIKE CRAP! XD

Chapter 5 - I Care

Chapter 5 - I Care

Me: O_O guess whose back…back again…Joey's back!

Goki: call the cops!

Me: -__-“ shaddup

Goki: life would be so much easier if you let me have some fish

Me: life would be easier If I tied you to a bomb…

Morga: I'LL MEVER LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THAT!! *runs off with Goki*

Me: ….*pointing to Morga* that came from your mind…

BubbleSnap:…I know T_T


Raze walked down the hallway that led to his room. He hopped into the shower (remember Pyre made a whole bottle of lotion explode on him XD). Ten minutes later, he came out and flopped onto the bed. He snuggled up under the sheets and fell asleep. In the distance he could a faint thumping sound but decided to ignore it.

“It's probably just the rain outside...” he murmured and drifted off into sleepy land (XP that's what I call it ^_^”)

five minutes passed and it seemed that the thumping had gotten louder. A small figure slipped into Raze's room slightly limping. He made his way over to the bed and tapped Raze's shoulder.


”mmmhhmmmm whaaaaat?”

”Raze...c'mon niisan, wake up…”

“…hmmm…..whoever is waking me up is going to die within the next few seconds...”

Gulping, Pyre shook his brother.

”Niisan wake up!”

Turning around quickly he expected to see his annoying little brother grinning because he had been able to annoy him for the millionth time today. Instead his saw a tear streaked flushed face. His eyes softened and he sat up yawning and rubbing his eyes.

”…what's wrong?”

”Niisan…could I sleep with you…?”

“No Pyre. You're too old for that. Now go back to sleep…in your bed...”

”b-but niisan….”

”Pyre, why do you want to sleep in my bed and not in yours?”

”it's not a matter of sleeping in your bed, I don't want to alone…”

Laying back down on his bed and pulling the sheet over himself, Raze gave him a glare.

”then hug a stuffed animal or something, you have millions of those…”

there was complete silence with the exception of the pitter patter of the rain on the window. Before Raze could scold his brother for disturbing his sleep, Pyre started to cry.

”…what's wrong now? Why are you crying?”

”b-because I had a bad d-dream…”

”….you want to talk to me about it?”


Raze sighed heavily, he wasn't normally this nice, but something told him that if he didn't listen to his brothers whining now, he wouldn't be sleeping for the rest of the night. Noticing Pyre swaying and trying to avoid putting pressure on his ankle, he lifted him up and placed him on his lap. He wiped away the tears and rubbed Pyre's back in circular motion to calm him down.

”what was the bad dream about?”

”...I'm not sure how to explain it…I was in…in…in this area and everything around me was pitch black. I called out to you but no one responded. Then I saw mom and dad and I called to them but they didn't answer me. I chased them, but it seemed that the closer I got to them, the farther away they were. It came to a point where I couldn't see them anymore. Then you appeared! I called out to you, but you just walked away. Then I was all by myself…and I felt this emptiness…like if I was hollow and unloved…”

Pyre finished the last sentence in between sobs.

“Awww Pyre don't cry! It's alright. I'll never leave you. You're the only important thing in this horrible, hobo filled world to me….”


”yup, and I promise to never leave you.”


”Of course…would I lie to you?”

”…well there was that one time you told me that if I stared at the oatmeal box for too long that the oatmeal guy would pop out and eat me…”

”..Oh yeah...I told you that so that you would shut up…”

”…………I hate you…………”

”*grin* I know…anyways, lets get some sleep…I'm tired”


Raze scooted over and helped Pyre climb into bed. He pulled the sheets over both of them and shut his eyes. A few minutes later he woke up again...why, because there was an evil monkey licking his toes. Well he wished it was that, but it was because f his brother's constant moving in the bed.

”Pyre….stay still or I'm going to make you sleep on the floor!”

”Ngghhh….sorry Nissan…it's just hot in here”

”…then uncover yourself…

”but then I'll get cold!”

”…I hate you so much right now and I swear if you're getting sick because you were out in the rain when I told you not to go out…I'm going to get the oatmeal guy on you….”


Raze placed his hand on Pyre's forehead.

”..Well you are warm…”

muttering, he got up from the bed and went too fetch the thermometer.

Me: X3

Goki: you're so evil to Raze…

Me:….I know X3…

Goki: can I have a fish now?

Me: *slaps him with a diet coke can* NO

Goki: *sob sob*


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Bubblesnap on April 27, 2006, 1:54:54 AM

Bubblesnap on
BubblesnapHeehee ^-^ EVIL MONKEY!!! I hope he doesn't eat my little pink bug mascot...
Evil Monkey: *in posh british accent* But I didn't actually make an appearance in the story, but simply mentioned so technically-
Me: *waves samurai sword* AWAY EVIL FIEND! AWAY FROM MY MASCOT!!!
Mascot: *shiver*
Morga: *Randomly running around with Goki*
Me: Uhhh... anyways... I hope Pyre gets better... *casts shifty glances at the crazy people* IGOT NEW RATS!!! Just had to share that. ^-^ Continue!

mikita_inugirl on April 23, 2006, 8:52:04 AM

mikita_inugirl on
mikita_inugirlMiki: Oh no! He's sick! He must have caught it from Joey! Stand back everyone! *Holds up shocky thingeys* I'll save him!
Pyre: What are those?
Joey: Oh noes! Don't shock the child!
Miki: I'm a hero! It's what I do, now STAND BACK! *Trips on NC-17 yaoi blimp* WTF?! How'd this get in here?!
Joey: It's just your luck. ^__^
Miki: *Mumbles* Yeah... -_-

"Guess who's back... Back again... Miki's back... RUN AWAY! Now everyone report to the hospital, to the hospital, to the hospital. Now everyone report to the hospital. Alright stop... It's shocky time!"