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Chapter 1 - New Mission

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Chapter 1 - New Mission

Chapter 1 - New Mission
The True Meaning to Care.

Summery: A year has passed since Naruto returned Sasuke. His team still ignores him. But a certain Event happens where the rest of Konoha 12 see a side of Naruto theyve never seen before. Do they truly know Him? Very Talented Naruto. Slight bashing

Okay I dont own Naruto but I do own this idea unless its been done before.

Blah Talking
Blah Thinking
Blah Empathized
Blah Inner, Inner Demon, Creature
Blah Important word

Konoha, Known as other things such as the village hidden in the Leaves or the Fire country. The village was a breathtaking place with the most beautiful flower fields & sceneries anyone has ever seen. The villages Shinobi were known to have something called the will of fire. They produced the finest ninja such as the legendary Sannin & the Yellow Flash who was known as the Fourth Hokage & greatest hero of the village. Why was he known as greatest Hero?, well 13 years ago a fox demon known as Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the village.

The Fourth Hokage had killed Kyuubi dying in the process. But anyone who remembered that day knew the true tale of this event. The Fourth had sealed the almighty demon away into a newborn baby. This child was the hero of the village yet they treated him as a monster. Who was this boy you ask? Why he was Uzumaki Naruto Konohas Number one most surprising ninja & dead last, and this is his story.

Narutos day was just like any other day. His teammates would insult him & stuff. His sensei would ignore him to train Sasuke & sometimes Sakura. Sasuke would go on about how he is far superior in every single way, with his pink haired fan girl & sensei agreeing with him. Even though Naruto had dragged Sasukes Snobby @$$ back to Konoha with the help of Gaara, no one on his team congratulated him. Sakura had even slapped him for harming her precious Sasuke-kun, & Kakashi just sat there reading his book.

Naruto why dont you quite being a ninja, you never amount up Sasuke-kun! Sakura said as Sasuke decided to join in.

She is right youll never be anything but a dead last, theres nothing you can that I cant do better Sasuke said as Kakashi called him & Sakura over to do another training session somewhere else. Naruto sighed as his team all left for training without him again.

Naruto watched as they left chuckling. That proved that his team knew absolutely nothing about Naruto. Though he may act like a dead last hes quiet talented in other thing such as Singing & playing instruments his favorite being the piano. Hes also skilled in feminine skills such as cooking & sewing. Actually Naruto could be the best Bachelor in all of Konoha if he didnt wear his mask. The only ones who know of this were Iruka, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune, & the Late Third Hokage. Not to mention Naruto also wore contacts so he wouldnt need his glasses on missions.

Naruto decided to see Tsunade & ask her if shed show him how to make medicine. But little did our hero know he was going to be surprised when he made to the tower.


Meanwhile Tsunade was in a tight spot. Two Chunin had found a dead couple just outside Konoha. Along with a baby girl that probably just opened her eyes. The main thing is that the baby had a message in the blanket which she was covered with. The message said that the child was the container of Kyuubis Sister. She didnt know what to do because if the council heard of this theyd go ballistic or try & turn the baby into a weapon for the village. The only ones who knew of this so far were Shizune & herself. When Jiraiya gets to Konoha shell tell him the situation.

She still couldnt figure out what to do with the baby. She couldnt stay with her or Shizune. They couldnt put her in orphanage because of the seal on her right leg. Tsunade kept thinking until someone opened the door. She looked up to see Naruto standing there with a bored expression on his face. Thats it! Shell have Naruto take care of the baby.

Naruto I need you to help me with something! Tsunade said as she motioned for Naruto to sit down.

Is it a mission for team seven & I need to deliver it to Kakashi sensei? Naruto asked as he sat down.

No but you could think of it as your first solo mission Tsunade said as Naruto looked at her shocked.

A-A SOLO MISSION! Naruto screamed at the news. Tsunade nodded her head.

Yes you see two Chunin found a couple dead in the forest along with a baby, when we first received the child a note was attached to her blanket, the note said that the baby has the sister of Kyuubi sealed within her, it also said that the Sound village was planning on kidnapping her to turn her into a weapon, but me & Shizune cant keep her here or the council will demand to know why, & you should guess how theyd react to this Tsunade said. Naruto sat there wide eyed. Finally after 2 minutes of silence the boy spoke.

Why me, I mean I dont know how to take care of a baby, Im only thirteen & what about supplies! Naruto yelled. Tsunade sighed he was right he had just turned thirteen three months ago, but hes also the only one whos be most capable because of him wielding Kyuubi.

Ill have Shizune help you until you can do everything youre self & Ill pay for everything, well start moving youre stuff into youre fathers house since its bigger, I only trust you with this because of you wielding Kyuubi & maturity, any other Genin cant be trusted enough, Also in a way shes technically your Imouto (younger/little sister) Tsunade said as Naruto perked up when he heard that he was an older brother & that he would be moving into his fathers house.

Naruto learned of his parents on his birthday. What shocked him was that his father was the fourth Hokage that he fainted. Also he would be staying in his fathers mansion now. But he still felt uncomfortable of taking care of a baby by himself.

Umm if I do take this mission could I request that someone from either the rookie nine or the sand siblings help me excluding my team? Naruto asked hoping that they would say yes. Tsunade looked at him strangely.

Ok but why not anyone in your team? she asked. Naruto sighed.

Why would I want someone like them to help me I mean they already discourage me, Kakashi would be no help & turn Imouto- Chan into a pervert, no doubt Sakura would hog the baby telling me Im not fit to be a sibling, & Sasuke would try to make her a mini Sasuke! Naruto said already getting into the older brother role. This made Tsunade smile.

Hehe well it seems youre already gaining a brother complex, alright Ill see whod be perfect to help you out, why dont you get youre things ready also dont tell anyone about Kyuubis sister being sealed in the baby Tsunade instructed him as he left.

Naruto walked home with his hands in his pockets. Maybe taking care of his new Imouto would be an adventure.

Okay this is the first chapter to The True Meaning to Care.
But I want to decide between these 4 people who will help Naruto with the baby.

Hinata: M-Me?


TenTen: Well um& okay.

Gaara: && right


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