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Chapter 1 - Poems by Katz

This is a bunch of poems I wrote at work about...nothing.

Chapter 1 - Poems by Katz

Chapter 1 - Poems by Katz
Poems by Katz-Cradle

Cant help but love you

Sometimes I hate you
But I cant help but love you

You bring e down
But you pick me up

You leave me
But you come back

You want things
But you give things

I wish I could hate you
But I cant help but love you.


Youre a jerk
Selfish and mean
You think your so tough
You cant be seen with me
Sometimes I wonder
What goes on in your head
A mean thought?
A hateful word?
Well whatever it is
Its gonna hurt me
You say you never hurt me
But you do.

When I look in a mirror

When I look in a mirror
I see myself
I see a girl full of sadness
I see a small girl with hate in her eyes
I see a bruised girl
I see a burden
I see nothing
I see darkness
I see hate and lies and sadness and hurt
Thank you for looking right through me

Did you know?

Did you know that Im hurting?
I cut my stomach and my arms
Did you know Im smoking?
Yup, 2 packs a day
Did you know Im depressed?
I smile fake smiles.
Did you know that I cried?
I cried myself to sleep last night.
Did you know?
Did you?

Dead inside

I feel like a bunch of wilted flowers
Like a dying womans wish
I feel nothing for I am nothing
Im dead&inside
Like a murder
Or a last breath
I feel drained
No energy
No life
Im dead inside.


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