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I had a nightmare a few nights ago and this is what I came up with out of that. You see, it was one of the climax parts where Darin (his name is Izzy now) is bitten by a phantom.
Yea, so this is my awesome telepathic power story that takes place in Australia. The main characters are:
Tori (Torinda)
Another Night by Nightcore. Another one of my favorite groups, I hope you enjoy this as Much as Moonlight Shadow ^///^
Just a poem that i thought of
It's an Italian Sonnet
i did it for school last year and i really like it.
♥leave me some love♥
you will star in this romance with a boy who is your lover! this story has you on an epic journey to a wild fantasy where you meet a mysterous woman claiming to be your sub. she gives you three wishes. to find out the rest of the story you must read it!
A poem about neglect and abandonment.
a poem about a boy with schizophrenia that commits suicide.
Some of my poems i desided to just make one thingy for it.... whatever...
this is based on the truth. the guy im reffering to is Joe.
It basically I love him he broke my heart and is with someone else. enjoy and please leave comments
Just a free-verse poem I thought up.

Comments are appriciated, critism is nice, and I'll just ignore flames. Thank you and good bye.
A vampire reflects on her values and lose of power, ulitmatly leading to her lose of life.
This is something I wrote about my life which is unfortunetly a nightmare and the only thing I do about it is write poetry and draw shoot. I'm so lazy
A short, sidestory for the actual novel of mine.
A short thing that I wrote to my mom. Please comment.
Fate of a girl...
Well, ummm....
A bunch of stories that I had to write for English, I think they all have a bit of a "gothic" edge to them.
Just a poem for my mood.
Have you ever lead a cold dead life? For Aumi it seems as if she doesn't belong. On her journey she will learn the importance of friendship and love. While her two friends families are fighting can she bring peace some how into this dark world?
Things I want to tell Heidi.......but cant
What lies behind his eyes?
In my eyes what will he see?
if loving the night is wrong if loving those who can not love themselves is wrong. . . God Forgive Me but it's just not right
when  a love falls apart someone is always left with a broken heart
another poem
Another one of my sad poems.