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Chapter 2 - Track Two

The legend Ryuichi Sakuma is dead, he leaves behind the gift of a daughter which is passed to Shuichi and Yuki to raise. Now that she is 16 can she find the truth in her existence she has been searching for?

Chapter 2 - Track Two

Chapter 2 - Track Two
Ryuko cheerfully watches, humming along to Bad Luck’s song. She’s always loved to listen to her daddy sing. Music is the ultimate truth; it is a cry from the heart, and a rapture of the soul. When you write or make music, there is no way to lie. To be one with music is to be true to your heart. ‘I can’t make music yet, not till I know my truth.’

“Senpai, you look so cheerful,” notes Sara, with a kind smile.

Ryuko blinks, and then gives her a thumb up. “How can I not be happy? Bad Luck are in high spirits, so Ryuko is too!” She holds up Kumagoro and makes him wave. “And so is Kumagoro!”

“Idiot,” sighs Himeka. “Oh yeah, I was meaning to ask you at the diner, how did your date the other night go?”

Ryuko and Kumagoro droop their heads.

Himeka folds her arms, “No good? You didn’t take your toy along to the date, did you?”

Ryuko and Kumagoro shake their heads.

“Did you act like a six year old and order nothing but cake and ice-cream again?”

They shake their heads.

“So what did you do to stuff it up?”

Ryuko holds her head up again, putting Kumagoro away. “I honestly don’t know, he avoided me all night. He sat two seats away from me, barely said a word during dinner, and when we walked together he wouldn’t hold my hand or anything. He seemed like in a big rush to end the date too. It was so weird. I just don’t get it, after along so well with my parents too. It’s a mystery…”


Teijin (Ryuko’s date) sat quietly, as he waited for Ryuko to be ready. He sits opposite two men on another couch. One he recognizes as Shuichi Shindou, a famous singer, though Teijin wasn’t into pop music, so he didn’t find it as exciting as he knew he should have. For his age, he looked very young, almost like a twenty year old. The other he didn’t recognize, though he did feel familiar. He appeared to be older than Shuichi, but still young and handsome. Both scarily seemed to be glaring, looking him up and down. While they didn’t show any frowns on their faces, Teijin could feel their blazing intensity.

“So…” Teijin gulped, trying to break the tension, “are you Ryuko’s…brothers?”

They didn’t reply, however he saw Shuichi quickly frown.

“Cousins…perhaps – “

“Parents,” simply replied the older, blonde man.

Teijin’s eyes widened, not expecting such a response. ‘Ryu-chan’s parents are gay guys?!’

Shuichi bent forward, still frowning. “Where are going to take her tonight?”

“Ah…ah…” Teijin gulped again, “to that noodle house on – “

Shuichi bent forward further, deepening a dangerous gaze, “Not acceptable.”

“The ramen shop?”

“Not acceptable.”

“How about the Chinese – “

“Not acceptable.”

“The Italian restaurant?”

Shuichi happily smiled, sitting back. “Acceptable! Right, Yuki?”

‘Oh man…I’ll have to use all my allowance for the month! And it’s too crowded, how can I hit on her there?’

The other crossed his legs. ‘Yuki’, Shuichi had referred to him as. ‘Yuki…Yuki…ah, I see…’ “Are you Eiri Yuki, the writer?”

“Yes,” he sharply replied, “And after dinner?”


“Where are you taking our daughter after you eat?” His light brown eyes almost screamed at Teijin.

Teijin wanted to say, “Well duh you fruits, to the movies to score!” Teijin nervously smiled, “We’re going to the cinema…sir.”

“What are you going to see?”

Teijin smiled, he knew he couldn’t go wrong with his next reply, “I was thinking of that special screening of Schindler's List.”

“Ryuko doesn’t like that style of movie,” Yuki coldly told him, “she’ll be bored.”

‘That’s the idea!’ “She may find it enlightening, Mr. Yuki.”

“It’s a date, not a cultural excursion.”

Teijin’s heart pounded, god he was scary. What the hell was wrong with those guys? Why couldn’t they just get off his back?

“You will take her to see the new American action movie,” Yuki ordered. Teijin obediently nodded. He could take that; after all, there still was time after the movie to be alone with her. Teijin could just see himself now, taking her into the thick of the park trees, sliding his hand up her dress and –

“What are your plans for afterwards?” enquired Shuichi, now sitting beside him, directing staring into his eyes intently. Teijin pulled back in shock. He suddenly saw that Yuki was sitting on the other side of him, lighting up a cigarette. Yuki took a puff and blew smoke in his face.

Teijin blinked, “A…a…a…park…walk…park…walking…yes? No? Uh.”

Shuichi casually placed a hand around one shoulder, “That sounds very nice, what a good date you are!”

Teijin blew out a sigh, relieved. Suddenly, Shuichi’s arm was around his neck, choking him slightly. “What a good date you are! And you’ll stay in the middle of the path, won’t you? Where there’s plenty of light, won’t you? Because you’re such a good date, and respectable man who would never try to take advantage of such a sweet and innocent girl. Isn’t that right?”

Yuki took another puff of him cigarette. “Of course he is, Shuichi. He would never think to take advantage of Ryuko, knowing how naive she is.”

Teijin’s heart raced. These guys weren’t normal!

“Because if he did hurt Ryuko,” icily began Yuki, “I’d have to kill him.”

Teijin blinked, and then nervously giggled.

Shuichi beamed a smile, tightening his grip around his neck. “Oh, Yuki isn’t kidding. Did you think he was? Silly date!” He merrily laughed, very childlike.

Teijin’s heart stopped beating. “Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh.”

“You will return her promptly before 9:30pm,” Yuki instructed, putting out his cigarette. “If not – “

“You just don’t want to know,” Shuichi cheekily whispered into the young man’s ear.

“I’m ready!” Declared Ryuko, stepping into the livingroom. To Teijin’s disappointment she was dressed in a pair of three quarter pants and a long sleeved top that covered her entire upper torso. “Good thing Papa said it was going to cold tonight, otherwise I would have sillily worn a mini dress.”

“Yes,” almost sneered Teijin, “That would have been a shame.”

Ryuko beamed a smile, happy to see her parents sitting with Teijin. “I see you’ve been talking with my parents, is everything OK?”

“OK?” Wearily wondered Teijin.

“Sure it is!” Happily replied Shuichi, “We’ve had a great time, sweetie!”

As Ryuko grabbed her fluffy blue backpack, Yuki and Shuichi stood up, forcing Teijin to his feet. They returned to standing by the opposite couch as Ryuko joined Teijin, facing away from her doting parents. “I’m looking forward to tonight, where are going for dinner?”

“Do you…like Italian food?” Teijin nervously asked, eyeing the dangerous smiles of Shuichi and Yuki.

“I love Italian!”

“Great…uh…and then I thought we could see a movie.”

“Cool! Which one?”

“Schindler’s List?” He saw Yuki suddenly raise a sharp meat knife. “Just kidding! I know you don’t like that boring stuff! Hehehehe! How about an action movie? There’s an awesome one playing tonight!”

Ryuko clapped, “It’s like you read my mind, I’m so happy!”

“Me too, Ryu-chan,” Teijin’s eye wondered back to see Shuichi holding up a piece of paper with a rough crayon drawing of a knife through Teijin’s head, heart – and crotch! Shuichi grinned and nodded, scrunching up the paper.

“Have fun on your date,” said Yuki, giving her a hug.

Shuichi then hugged her, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“Gosh, I thought you guys wanted me to behave,” sweetly giggled Ryuko. “See ya later, don’t wait up.”

“Bye,” they both waved to her as she exited the room.

“Ah, what a nice date he’ll be,” beamed Shuichi.

Yuki lit up another cigarette, “Indeed.”


“Hey!” Gasps Ryuko, “So that’s why Teijin was so weird.”

Himeka folds her arms, “You’re not supposed to peer into flashbacks like that; you idiot.”

Sara ignores them, enjoying Bad Luck’s performance. “You know, I heard this performance was being dedicated to something or someone. But they’re keeping it hush-hush.”

Ryuko blinks, looking down at Sara with eager wide eyes, “Sara-chan! Please Ryuko! She must know! And so does Kumagoro! Tell! Tell! TELL!!!!”

Sara falls to the ground in fear. “Sempai, I’ve only heard rumours from the crew, my father hasn’t said anything.”

“Mine either, so it must be a rumour,” says Himeka.

“Maybe, maybe not,” comes a voice from beside them. The three turn, to see Tohma Seguchi, his eyes fixed on Bad Luck.

Ryuko coldly folds her arms and looks away. “Hello, Mr. Seguchi.”

Tohma slips off his shades and gives Ryuko Sakuma a kind smile. “There’s no reason to be so formal. You know you can call me Uncle Tohma.”

“Mr. Seguchi is just fine, thank-you,” replies Ryuko.

Tohma continues smiling, seemingly unfazed. “Has Shindou told you my idea for the concert, Ryuko Sakuma?”


“And, what is your reply?”

Ryuko turns to face him, an unusual serious expression on her soft face. “I am not Ryuichi Sakuma, I will not perform a Nittle Grasper song with you and Mrs. Ukai. You know how I feel on the topic, so you were kidding yourself if you thought I’d agree.”

“That truly is a disappointment,” Tohma sighs, “Ryuichi would be very let down.”

“Them’s the breaks.”

“Especially since the concert will be dedicate to him. It just won’t be the same if his – “

Ryuko’s eyes widen, a cold-hot sweat runs through her body. “What did you just say?!”

Tohma nods, “That’s right. Shuichi Shindou feels he owes his career to Ryuichi Sakuma, so Bad Luck are dedicating their reunion special to his memory. I thought it may have been a nice touch if his only daughter were to perform with Nittle Grasper, I know the fans would appreciate it.”

Sara and Himeka listen in silent horror. Their friend stumbles back, numb from shock. “No…” she breaths, “I won’t.”

“What was that?”

“NOOOOOO!” Screams Ryuko, “I AM NOT RYUICHI!”

Shuichi stops singing, “Ryuko-chan?”

Ryuko pushes Tohma away and begins to cry into Kumagoro, running from the hall. “I’m Ryuko Sakuma, I’m…!”

Shuichi goes to run after his daughter, when Yuki grabs him by the wrist. “Let her go.”

“But - Yuki!”

“This is a situation that only she can deal with, we cannot assist this time – as much as we may want to.”

Tohma stands to his feet, fixing his rumpled clothes, “Such a boisterous person, she’s just like her father.”

Noriko rests an elbow on Tohma’s shoulder, “Yes, she is a lot like Shuichi.”

Tohma half smiles, “I meant – “

“I know who you meant.”


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