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When the truth crosses a lie one too many times, Shuichi leaves, taking his own web of lies with him. RxS & YxS
What Shuichi really thinks of Yuki.
It's just one of Tohma's publicity stunts at first, but what happenswhen Suguru challenges his cousin to a match, to see who can do theplay best? Chaos and lemons ensue, of course! RyuShu, TohYuk, TatSug,KHir SakNor [COMPLETE!]

note: some characters in
Drabble. Everyone has a different routine to follow, though for some, their schedule overlaps. TohmaxSuguru.
Drabble. A sensuous symphony, or simply, a duet. RyuichixShuichi.
Drabble. The simple explanation to Hiro's apparent teeth brushing obsession. KxHiro.
Drabble. Jealousy can lead to strange situations. HiroxTohma.
[one-shot] When Shuichi loses something important, he has difficulty moving on. However, people often find comfort in ghosts of the past...
Lol this is just a little song I made for Shuichi singing to Yuki.
It's Don't Cha - by the Pussy Cat Dolls
Drabble. HiroxK. Two lovers pass the time away with a childhood game.
Drabble. YukiShuichi. Maybe, just maybe, Yuki isn't so coldhearted.
Yuki's busy on his new story. However, when a storm outside scares a certain someone, Yuki can't fight his brotherly instincts to go and make it all better.
Simply how two cousins spend their Christmas. Yes, this is rather late.
(PG, I think ^^) Shuichi and Yuki have gone to bed, but Yuki stays up a little to admire his lover. This is so sappy! XP
Fujisaki + Tatsuha + Whisky + A song = hilarity and perversion! Co-written by my sister, Keesa-san
What happens when Shuichi steps into the world of sewing? Nothing but danger for himself and the loss of sanity for Yuki. Though this little adventure won't be a complete waste, Yuki learns something new about his and Shuichi's relationship. ShuYuki
Yuki beats Shuichi. Shuichi finally decides to run away and who should find him quivering in the park, but Tohma Seguchi?
After Yuki kicks Shu out, Tatsuha and Shu come up with a plan to make him jealous. But will it really work, or will Shu end up falling for Tatsuha? YxS, TxS This is my 1st fanfic so please R&R!
Ayaka broke up with Hiro. Shuichi tries to comfort his friend but it doesn't help but hurts not Hiro but Shuichi. What will Yuki do to help his lil pink haired baka and what will he finally realize? May contain some spoilers but unsure right now.
This is my take of CLAMP's Miyuki chan In Wonderland with a Gravitation twist.
BAD LUCK and ASK are to share the stage once more!
Loneliness consumes us all, but also has the power to bring complete oposites together. (I'd really appreciate reviews!)
Insight on Hiro's life. (Shounen ai: YukixShuichi and HiroxShuichi, if you care to see it.)
The legend Ryuichi Sakuma is dead, he leaves behind the gift of a daughter which is passed to Shuichi and Yuki to raise. Now that she is 16 can she find the truth in her existence she has been searching for?