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Chapter 1 - PerSPecTiVE

There's always a different way to look at a situation... Even if they don't make sense...

Chapter 1 - PerSPecTiVE

Chapter 1 - PerSPecTiVE
One hand. This singular hand was stretched out. Pulled straight up by an unknown force, fingers spread wide, also straight. Lingering. The hand is lingering… Waiting? Waiting for a kind person to join him in making noise? Noise that praises? Applause? Applause that only lasts for one clap no doubt. Because something there isn''t applause-worthy then? well, not really. But this lonely hand seems to lust for another, to join it, even just for a fleeting second, or even just a brief acknoladgment. That- or either it is loitering for a high-five. Yeah, that seems likely. Maybe we should meander on over and help it. Maybe we’ll just sit here and wait to find out what happens in the third person. We naturally choose the latter. We non-existent characters gaze on in suspense waiting to see who may slap the hand. The hand suddenly twisted. Its fingers still half-extended, half clawed. The bones on his hand protruding sickeningly. Clenched. Now tightly sealed in a ball, nailed first, with the thumb locking the non-existent treasure it had thought it grasped. Gone. The hand had returned to its masterLet’s review about what has happened so forth. A happy hand wanting a high-five that suddenly twists back as if to grab something, and then crushing it in the same happy hand mentioned in the beginning, then when the imaginary object was successfully secured in the hand it tugged down with a powerful jolt.Reflect. Think of what intentions its owner had by the action of its hand. We’ve already concluded that it wasn’t a futile attempt at applause, or a jovial greeting between friends. Though when we thought that it was one of those we felt compelled to go and touch it… Could it be that the intentions were for it to be touched? Then why did the hand have such a sudden and violent reaction to a false alarm? Could it have been to grab what had touched it? If we had existed in that scene we already automatically wanted to touch the hand, though when we realized we’re not there, we couldn’t, and watched who would, just so we wouldn’t feel bad about leaving an unloved hand imprinted in the back of our minds. If we had existed though, we would have unconsciously given it a hearty smack, and by doing that, the hand would’ve twisted around, grabbed our hand, and yank it down, and if the owners body were following the same attitude that the hand was carrying out, we would most likely be dragged to some alley, or in some strange car, or an anonymous building, and hurt. Why do we automatically decide that these strong, sharp movements are to inflict pain upon us? Well, let me answer that with another question. Why would someone behave that violently if not to physically vent some sort of emotion? And if we didn’t grab it for him, and someone else did, they’d have the same cruel fate. You’ve never seriously believed it before, but there ARE crazy people in the world!You rush towards the man to whom the hand belonged, and most likely still does belong, not to save someone, but to take a mental snapshot; both options of which are irrelevant since this man does not exist in our universe. You see him! A young looking business-man with a brief-case in one hand, and the sadistic one free with his mouth snarled as if waiting for the right moment to pounce on an unknowing victim and devour their un-deserving human flesh. Ohhh, if you existed right now that man would go in the clanker!Your eyes grow wide as the empty hand is reaching up, up, up, completely straight again! Oh!!! If you could just tell someone what that man was wanting to do you would be given a medal or something like satisfaction for save who-knows-how-many lives! Okay you just want the medal since satisfaction isn’t a shiny disk that goes around your neck. Still that doesn’t extinguish the fact that this man is hunting for human flesh once more.You look more intently at his every detail. The occupied hand with the briefcase was drawn up to his mouth, or at least just the wrist. What?! Is he going to eat himself… no, that’s not it…, he seems to be blocking his mouth with the wrist…? To hide the fact that he’s going to eat a human being? You see his eyes squished shut, and a few tears lingering on his eye-lids… regret for wanting to eat one of mankind? That would mean the wrist blocking his mouth would be to drive off the impulses to eat humans…His mouth grows slightly wider for a split second before slowly closing all the way as the outstretched hand resumed its twisting, grabbing and pulling routine. The free-hand was swung back to its appropriate side, and then stretched as far back as his muscles allowed his arm to go causing his back to arch slightly. His wrist was brought up to his ocular units where they wiped off the tears that had welled up in their corners.…? So he broke the impulse? Was it just a moment’s impulse then? Wait- could he have multiple personalities, and he managed to beat that sado-cannabillistic one down for the time being? Was he schizophrenic and saw a person grab his hand, and found the person soooo revolting that he had to eat them to save his world? WAIT! Was he AND a schizophrenic sado-cannabillist that………You get so caught up in thinking about all these ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ that common sense seems more foreign and ridiculous than your schizophrenic sado-cannabillist theory you made up.Nope, your wrong. There is no complex reasoning behind his actions. The man’s simply tired. Yes. Simply so…. So he yawned…. People yawn when tired; plus if you’re a young business-man fresh from collage as this man appeared to be you wouldn’t be bouncing off the walls either…Yes, you scream, that’s exactly right!!! By being in the business world at such a young age he has been driven by insanity, hysteria, and nostalgia to be a schizophrenic sado-cannobilist!!!You pause and reflect on what you just reiterated, and what I just said.Holy shoot….. you mumble as you realized how stupid you just sounded and how painfully obvious the reality was.WARNING(slash moral:The following rules must be adhered to to be considered a human worth life:Reality ahead. Take everything in a realistic perspective. Failure to do so will result in individuality and/or insanity…


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