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Chapter 1 - prolouge

when a perty goes terribly wrong, nur unleashes darkness from his pocket that holds the endless abyss within it. Jess gets attacked by heartless and like, dies. then me, her nobody, Sejsx appears. the its just some random stuff where she gets tested by th

Chapter 1 - prolouge

Chapter 1 - prolouge
The party was going off at the house, kingdom hearts chars, FFVII chars and normal people were mingling and having a good time. One girl, Jess was minding her own business when the doorbell rang.‘who could that be..’ she thought as she opened the wooden front door. There was nur, dressed in his patented shorts, T-shirt with a right-hand side pocket and cap. “Hi nur!” jess greeted him with a cheery smile. “yeah..hi” Nur replied “am I late?”“Yeah you are nur..” jess said as nur walked in the doorway. Nur suddenly stopped dead and turned to jess with a look of evil in his eye. “No one calls me late” he said as he opened his pocket. “NUR!” jess cried as he opened it “DON’T DO THIS!” but it was too late, already heartless were forming all over the room.Aleesha looked to see what all the commotion was about only to be met with a room full of heartless. “SORA! RIKU!” she called for her bishies to deal with the problem.Jess was surrounded by heartless, and cold only try to dodge them until riku and sora had killed them all. She dodged one heartless’s attack only to be caught from behind. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” she screamed as she withered in pain, all her HP gone, then with a pop, she vanished.After riku and sora had dealt with all the heartless, everyone was wondering why jess was gone. As they started searching, black smoke appeared in the centre of the room. Everyone stoped and stared with their mouths agape as a blue-haired teen appeared.


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