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I was bord so I put together this list. It's of Organization's members, their weapons, element-type things, etc, etc. Tell me if I got something wrong.
Xemnas finds a flyer for Camping trips mixed in his paperwork, and he somewhat thinks it's a good idea to get out of the Castle that Never was...

bad descrip. but plz read!
WIP Demyx returns to the Castle That Never Was after a mission and he just wants to rest. But the others have other plans for him.
This is before....uh Roxas was maybe still during KH1? Yeah. I'll do that. Awesome.
Umm....Summary inside I guess
Sometimes Roxas just got tires of it all.
The organization goes on a field trip to a wood!^^
This is a story I made up with me as a organization member!^^ I hope you enjoy it!
Disclamer: I don't own Kingdom hearts or it characters only Venron and Kitix are mine.
Organization XIII is about to experiance Christmas for the first time, thanks to Demyx, Roxas, Luxord, and a man in a red suit that comes from Christmastown....

"I'd rather we just skip the formalities." -Luxord
I don't own Kingdom Hearts characters. (Forgot to mention in Axel's New Look) Some ideas are based on a RP that FBAkito, Danielle, and myself came up with and are also in the story. Enjoy.
My first Fanfic. ^__^
when a perty goes terribly wrong, nur unleashes darkness from his pocket that holds the endless abyss within it. Jess gets attacked by heartless and like, dies. then me, her nobody, Sejsx appears. the its just some random stuff where she gets tested by th
This a fanfic about Organization XIII that mainly centers around Roxas. It is not finished yet.
We follow a young boy, whose name is Deven. He is a young boy of age fifteen and lives in a small town called Twilight Town. It was a world which was about to become separate from all others; his world was soon to be engulfed by darkness. It all happened
What happens when Demyx's twin sister shows up.....she makes plans to give real feelings to people with only half a heart.
After a mission, Demyx returns to Castle Oblivion, only to find his stomach growling from hunger. His problem: Demyx has never cooked a meal himself in his life. So who does he turn to for cooking help? The only person who’s good with heat, and stove