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Chapter 0 - Characters

Meet Kaya, an up and rising pokemon coordinator and good friend of Dawn. She goes her own way after leaving the gym battles and dreams of catching the legendary Celebi. As she goes along her journey, she meets new friends, old enemies, and more.

Chapter 0 - Characters

Chapter 0 - Characters

The main character of the story. She started out taking the Sinnoh league challenge but realized she loved contests more than gym battles and quit with a total of three badges. She and Dawn grew up together and look alike when they dress the same.

Kaya is very tom-boyish, much ot her mother's diappointment. She loves Celebi and dreams of befriending and catching one. Kaya loves pokemon dearly and cares for her pokemon lovingly. She left two of her old pokemon with the professor because she felt they would be happier, and they are doing well but they still miss their old trainer sometimes.

She was also a rival of Paul's and secretly liked him. She meets up with him again shortly after her first contest and tries to befriend him and is shocked at how he treats his pokemon.

Paul's Chimchar really likes Kaya and is often seen with her pokemon when she meets up with Paul.

But Paul seems angry and jelaous when this happens and when Kaya saves Chimchar, he gets so mad he just tells her to keep it and storms away. Chimchar is saddened but Kaya comes up with a plan.

She takes Chimchar and trains with it for her next contest so it will know good combos to make it stronger and they enter. Paul happened to be in the same town and watches his Chimchar. Kay and Chimchar win and at the end of the day, Kaya hands Paul Chimchar and gives it her ribbon to wear proudly.

Paul acts like he does not care, but Kaya notices his eyes light up a little in happiness and grins before leaving. However, Paul still abandons Chimchar someday and Ash takes it. Kaya is both upset about it and happy that Chimchar is finally loved like it should be.

Kaya is good friends with Ash, Brock, Misty, May, Drew, Zoey, and a few other characters.

Paul will never admit he's friends with her, but deep down, everyone knows he has a soft spot for Kaya. She confesses she likes him but thinks they were not meant to be and often avoids the subject.

She is a fairly independant person and travels alone. Kaya also hates dressing up for contests and, instead of wearing dresses, she usually wears a suit (designed for females, btw) but occasionally she will wear a pretty dress.

Her hobbies are cooking and roller skating.

Her pokemon are:

Cyndaquil (Amber)
Pichu (Sunny)
Silcoon - Beautifly (Silky, later changed to Honey)
Spheal (nickname not known) - Left with professor
Mightyena (nickname not known) - Left with professor
Eevee - Espeon (Jasmine)
Shinx - Luxio - Luxray (Shadow)
Budew - Roselia (Rosey)
Mudkip (Aqua)
Swablu - Altaria (No Nickname Given)
Celebi (No Nickname Given)


A very cold, harsh character. Paul used to compete against Kaya and they were powerful rivals. He claimed he couldn't stand her and some poeple assume that's why Kaya quit her gym battles, but this was not the case.

He meets up with her after she wins her first contest in Jubelife City and notices she looks different, happier. She greets him but he merely snorts and walks off.

Paul sees her later that day when he stops for some tea at a restaurant. He tries to ignore her, but she goes over and tries to start up a conversation. During this, he learns she is no longer doing gym battles and he has no reason to be totally rude to her.

At this point, Chimchar comes out becuase Paul wanted to show off some of his pokemon and Kaya is completely charmed by it and Chimchar likes her too. Paul is a bit taken back and quickly gets mad at Chimchar for acting outside of his orders and yells at it and then returns it to its pokeball.

Kaya is horrified by Paul's behavior and actually makes him feel guilty for what he says before she leaves.

Paul bumps into Kaya through-out his journey and she is almost always cheerful and is polite and friendly to him. He seems to show a type of jealousy when Chimchar shows how much it likes being with Kaya and when she saves it from Team Rocket and Chimchar hugs her like she's its trainer, Paul gets so angry he tells Kaya to keep it and storms away.

After a while, Kaya returns Chimchar to Paul after training with it for contests to make it stronger and giving it the ribbon it won. Paul shows a little gratitude but otherwise does not appear to care, yet Kaya claims she saw his eyes light up for a moment.

However, he still gives Chimchar up and Ash adopts it. This builds some tension between him and Kaya.

People claim Paul likes Kaya, but he dismisses the idea very icily and seems disgusted by it sometimes, but, occasionally, he does show softness towards her and one day confesses to Neighani how he feels before going off.

He tells everyone that he thinks relationships are a waste of time and that's why he won't admit he likes Kaya as more than an acquaintance. But the real reason, as Dawn finds out, is he fears he won't be able to make her happy.

Through-out the story, Kaya starts to affect him and he does start to treat his pokemon better. Whether or not he is reunited with Chimchar is a secret.


Kaya becomes friends with Ash when she meets up with Dawn during her time in the gyms. They get along nicely and bond over their love of pokemon. Kay lieks Pikachu and her Pichu looks up to Pikachu like a brother.

Ash and Kaya are friends but they don't normally see each other. When they run into each other, they sometimes hang out and tell stories of their adventures.

When Kaya meets Misty, she notices how she and Ash and act around each other and is determined to hook them up.

As soon as they confess their feelings and share a first kiss, she stands in the background, arms crossed and a grin on her face and says "I knew it." After that, she helps Ash with dating advice, which really comes in handy once in a while.

Once, she actually gives him a makeover for a dinner date with Misty.


Brock and Kaya also become friends. When he first sees her, he flirts with her but she tells him she is not interested and asks to be friends. For a second, he is glum, but then he brightens up and says he wants to be friends.

Kaya admires Brock. She thinks he is a great breeder, cook, and nurse. He gives her a lot of advice in raising her pokemon and it helps her in becoming a stronger coordinator.

The two usually only discuss pokemon breeding and such, but occasionally they go and look at sights in towns together, most of which everyone else finds boring. If Kaya did not like Paul, she admits that she probably would have liked to go out with Brock.


Misty comes and joins up with Ash, Dawn, and Brock a little later in the story. Kaya meets her and immediately asks for an autograph.

She knows Misty from a magazine she reads frequently about Kanto and says she is an amazing gym leader and the coolest of the Waterflower sisters. Misty blushes and the two hit it off immediately.

Misty is mory girly than Kaya, but the two are normally dragged into shopping by Dawn and May, much to their misery. The two tomboys prefer to train up their pokemon.

Kaya hooks Ash and Misty up after Misty tells her she's liked him for a long time.

After Ash and Misty start dating, Kaya helps Misty with outfits and her hair before dates.


Kaya and May meet in a contest and, although they are rivals, they get along very well.

May, like Dawn, loves to shop and enjoys dragging Kaya and/or Misty with them, usually Kaya.

She also suspects her feelings for Paul but asks her why she would like that jerk. Kaya denied her feelings for a long time, but may was persistent and Kaya finally confesses.

May likes Drew, whom Kaya gets along with. She sometimes gets jealous and once nearly blew up when Drew gave Kaya a rose and a letter, but they confirmed it was for May a while later and it was a love letter Kaya helped him write.

So, Drew and May start going out, but this only makes May determined to hook Paul and Kaya up.

However, Kaya claims they were not meant to be before she goes off on her own once more and this saddened May. She wants to help her friend but is not sure how.


Another coordinator and rival of Kaya. But they meet and actually hit it off, much better than May and Drew did.

Drew and Kaya love each other like siblings would and Drew actually comes to Kaya for advice when he notices how she hooked up Ash and Misty. He tells her of his feelings for May and she helps him.

May sometimes gets jelaous of the two and one day, Drew and Kaya go to have tea and work on writing a love letter for May, telling her of his feelings.

Drew hands Kaya the rose and letter before leaving and hopes to hear from May in the next contest. May sees this and assumes Drew was telling Kaya he liked her and she gets upset.

Kaya tries to explain and eventually tells her the rose and letter are for her. And at the next contest, May runs over to Drew and gives him a kiss.

He is thankful to Kaya and often assists May in her crazy matchmaking schemes, and talks her out of the insane ones.


Kaya's best friend. They've known each other since they were little girls and have always gotten along, even though Dawn is a girly-girl and Kaya is a tomboy. They have very similar styles and chose to have similar hair styles and hats as a form of bonding when Kaya left for her journey.

Dawn left about five weeks later and they meet up when Dawn enters a contest. Kaya entered as well and fell in love with the contests and tells Dawn she is going home and when she comes back, she will be a coordinator.

They are now rivals but still best friends.

Dawn knows Kaya likes Paul, despite her denial. She sometimes tag teams with May to hook them up.

When Kaya claims they are never meant to be, Dawn seems to be the only one who sees just how hurt she is to realize this. May did not know it pained Kaya due to her monotone, but Dawn could see that she did not like Paul, she loved him.

A while later, she plans to confront Paul and discovers something shocking: the real reason he refuses to confess how he feels is because he fears he can never make her happy. She still refuses to give in and knows there is a way to hook them up.

Kaya knows Danw has a crush on her old friend, Kenny. But since Kenny does not appear too often, she puts a hold on the matchmaking for Dawn.


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