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In Unova:They run into someone,who explains a story Pokemon.They go on a life thretaning adventure with thier new friend and discover many shocking things in the process and some old friends who come into play throughout the story.
I was bored, just a little pokerap i wrote, lol
Made up pokemon series.This story is about a girl named Erina who was chosen to be the keeper of the only Arceus,And a boy named Remil who meets her on his way to Snowpoint City. They decide to travel together.A heartwarming story please read!!
A story i made called Pokemon: The story of the Gravity Dragon. I've only 5 five chapters so far but i will right more some time soon. Enjoy ready it so far! Oh, by the way. The Gravity Dragon is a Pokemon i made up called Amalezia.
A typical trainers story where two trainers go on a journey to become a Pokémon master and a Ranger. However, once they start, they see that things won't go as smoothly as they hoped...
Dante the Pikachu and Kayton the Charmeleon have been friends since they met. They explore a new dungeon, only to discover a mysterious beach, where they loose conciousness and find themselves seperated, and in quite a predicament... please R&R!~
Team Rocket secsfully captures pikachu will ash get pikachu bak?
Based on the song Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers...Characters:Red,Blue,Gold,Green,Aaron,Ruby and some OCs like Amber,Kristina,Scarlet....
Hi this is my fanfic, 'Hardly Harley!'. I've already posted this in but I decided to post it here as well.
A "this or that" survey about your favourite Pokemon and characters!
ME: Life with my umbreon... XD
Umbreon: AHEM!?!
ME: Um... Life with my master, and how it all started.  *grins nervously*
A dragon pokemon loses her memory and lives with a delcatty pack, eventually being exiled, and learning that her silver/gold coloring is a sign that she is cursed, but she pushes on knowing she will be miserable, with the hope that she can help others.
A young boy from pallet town starts his pokemon journy. But has fate pulled him into somthing bigger? NOTE: chapter 1 describes lisa as a breeder, i ment coordinator.
*shrugs* Just a random weird fanfic. I might put two OCs belonging to other people in it if you ask nicely...
A Fanfic About ash saving a Beautiful Blond girl Named Binx who has no memory of her past
Ash starts noticing how cute Misty really is and deciedes to try and win her heart.

It's just a very short series that I created... which of course, is related to Pokemon... hope the story doesn't suck that much! I hate Pokemon too! Teehee!
When Team Rocket start trying to take over by creating Pokemorphs, who will stop them? A former Pokemorph, that's who! Chris belongs to CM Doujin ( and Kai, Haru, Kitty, and Tex all belong to me.
The story of a Pokemorph who was a Pokemon Ranger also. Her name was Hayate Houtori. Did she exist? Yes. Please, keep comments to a minimum. I prefer not knowing what others think of this story. If you really think I need to know, though...
This is a AAML about how Ash and Co, go to a new region!... This is my first Fan-Fic, so, hope u like it!!!><
Pika, a pikachu, lives peacefully in Pika Forest with his family. But when Pika's daughter goes missing, its up to Pika to go and bring her home. Along with some help from an always hungry ralts and a flirty jigglypuff.
Misty gets in an accident and loses her memory. Can Ash get it back or is this the new and permanent Misty? AAMR
When Ruby moves to a whole new region and a whole new town, he also has to go to a whole new school. He is then put in a class with a buncha weirdos! Will Ruby survive or will he be doomed to live like this forever?!
After 10 years of seperation Misty is reunited with old friends. Will she stay friends or put a certain someone in the past and keep him there? AshxMisty
These are random interviews with random Pokemon characters. Rhia is the girl based off the girl from Fire Red/Leaf Green, if you don't know. Crystal is the famous sapphirestar7789.