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Chapter 1 - The letter

Yugi's grandpa passed away, will the return of an old relative make things better, or for the worse?

Chapter 1 - The letter

Chapter 1 - The letter
Hello everyone! As I promised, this is the sequel to Yugi's new sister. This chapter is kind of a prologue, Yugi and Lara are ten years old in this chap, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: The letter

A little girl packing her bags in her room in the Kame game shop, she glanced at the clock next to her bed.

3:46 a.m, I gotta get going. She thought as she lifted the bag and headed to the door, she stared sadly at her room once more before exiting. Lara entered a room next to hers, there was a tri-colored hair kid sleeping in it, she tip-toed to the desk and put a piece of paper under the alarm clock then she looked over at the sleeping boy.

''I'm so sorry, but I have to go.'' She whispered and left the room and outside the game shop.


The alarm went on in a nice Saturday morning. Annoyed, Yugi sat up and stopped the alarm, it was 9:30 and he had to go and help his grandpa with the shop within half an hour. He yawned then noticed a paper; he took it and read what's in it.

Oh no, Lara…. His eyes widened as he tightened his grasp on the paper. Yugi jumped from his bed and went to search for grandpa. He saw him carrying a box full of packs of duel monsters cards.

''Thank god you're here, Yugi. Go call your sister and come help me with these boxes.'' Yugi panted, his hands on his knees, the paper still in his hand. ''Is something wrong, Yugi?''

''S-She's gone…Lara's gone!!''


''Look at this.'' He handed the paper to him; he wore his glasses and read carefully.

Yugi, Grandpa,

I'm sorry I had to leave like this, without even saying goodbye, but it

would make everything worse. You saved my life; you took good care

of me, you adopted me and treated me as a family. But I don't belong

here, no matter what you do. Don't try to find me and don't wait for

me, I might not come back. I love you both so much and I don't want

to hurt you in anyway. Goodbye bro, goodbye grandpa.

Note: Yugi, I put my favorite card in your deck so you remember me

Whenever you see it and play it.


''Oh my god!'' Solomon gasped as he read the letter over and over.

''I know, I went to her room. The closet is empty, there are no clothes and her bags aren't there either…Is she ever gonna go back, grandpa?''

''I don't know, my son. But we have to believe that she'll come back from wherever she is.''

''But why would she leave in the first place?!!'' He shouted, tears filling his eyes, and ran back to his room; he shut the door and collapsed to his knees, sobbing.

''W-Why…why would you do this, Lara?!...'' Then he remembered the note Lara had written, he stood up and got his deck out from the drawer, he examined it carefully and there it is. It was the card that helped her to win her first-winning-duel, and since then, it was her favorite monster card. A smile slightly appeared in Yugi's face as the memory played in his mind.

''I'll keep your Dark Magician Girl, Lara. I promise.''


This is short I know, but the next one's longer, it will take places after six years, and all the characters will make an appearance in the next chapters, the gang and the Kaiba brothers too, BUT you have to review if you want me to update faster, so please review.


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