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Chapter 1 - A humans Weakness?

My idea on what is the humans race weakness. Something i think we as a race deny more than anything.

Chapter 1 - A humans Weakness?

Chapter 1 - A humans Weakness?
One might wonder, how the simple bonds formed between two people, could be so strong. Especially when these bonds are formed so easily over a short period of time. How is it possible, for one to feel so close and known by another so? Isn’t simply not possible, but a feeble human emotion we form for certain choosen ones? These people that our hearts simply wish to be known by, to befriend and love as any good friend would? To simply be recognized by a simple someone that plays with our petty human emotions?

Humans after all said to be the most unpredictable animal, and that’s what we are. Animals. Thought to be the most advanced of our world, and yet remain so premitive and unevolved when it comes to these emotions we have and our common thoughts and ways. Right down from the way we hold ourselves, to the way we speak, to how to take action and do without thinking.

Irrational, that’s what we are. A race that can conquer disease, time, space, and all the stars it seems themselves as we progress, yet we have yet to conquer ourselves. How is that we remain to be so stupid when it comes to petty human emotions i wonder. So easily affected as to be reduced to nothing more than a frail and weak child over the simplest of situations and confrontations.

Irattional, weak, unforgiving and brutal is what we are.

Funny, don’t you find it, when the simplest, and most minor of things in ones life can in an instant, tear ones world apart and crush it, shattering it into a thousand tiny pieces. To often has that experience visited me, and i care not for it. Nor do i care for those irrational thoughts, these weaknesses of mine, how unforgiving my heart can be, and how brutally cruel it is for that reason.

The thought that someone you met not all to long ago, could mean so much to you, is frightening. The power they hold over me with those weak human emotions. And the surprise of it all. That is the worst and most frightening. The element of surprise they say, and how stealthy and deadly that can be. Surprise, that is something that in all, can be devastitating and heart breaking. It throws you off, casts your world into a spiral when everything is nothing more than a free fall.

Friends, those that matter more than family. Matter more than mine ever will. They’re what holds my heart together, and tears it apart the most. Friends, not family. And how strange, that even this is known and said by me, it is yet not the most surprising. For friends known for years upon years, can at times become worthless and non existant over the period of time. Those of which you’d expect to mean the most, grow to be the closest to and care for most. You’d expect friends of years to those closest, not those of months or weeks, or even days in the rare cases that their are. But it simply is not true. What law says that those of old are meant the most? It’s as futile as trying to prove that logic overrules emotion and your gut feelings. To say that is true, is perhaps to be in denial. That is what i think, that’s what i’ve learned.

Bonds that are strong, can be formed over years. But what of the bonds that are strong from the begining? Where you find a common connection, not once, or twice, or even three times. But instead, over and over again?

When friends mean more than family, it hurts more than ever. For you see, family is always there, whether you wish to accept that or not. But with friends, it is different. They will not always be there as family. There are no blood connection, no natural ties as their would be with family. The risk of losing much easier to gain with friend than family. As we are forced to face each other more so in more than one way with family. Yet with friends, it’s easier to be turned away, mistaken, and uncorrected because we are not forced to face each as you would with family.

It is this, that makes the lose of friends, so dangerous, and so fragile if they mean more than family, than blood. The fight for the bond is always there. It is never ending, and it is a balance easily lost, easily never regained. That is why you hold their lives, their feelings and thoughts and opinions so highly, lovingly, and openly to all thoughts. You have to, there has to be wonder, care, and understanding at all times. If there isn’t, than the bond wavers, it shifts and tips from one side to another, and it becomes unstable.

I much rather have my family angry, sad, upset, disappointed, and even furious with me than any friend. Family i can afford to lose. Anyone who’s never had one can afford that much. But friends, it’s the strand to keeps life together and happy, not family. So if one is lost, or the balance is set off scale, your whole world crashes around you in that instant. And your swallowed into a deep and dark hole to be left alone and questioning. Why, when, where, who, how? Why did it happen, when did it happen, where did it happen, who did it happened to, and how. How, how how?

I’d drive through a blizzard to be with a friend if they needed me. I’d walk out in the middle of a huge thunderstorm to get to them if they needed me. I’d walk 20 miles in the blistering sun, with no shade, and no food or water along the way, if they really needed me. Because in the end, friends are the only connection i have left. And nothing hits the heart harder than any friend could. Even a heart as tough as stone has it’s breaking points. Mine are my friends.

Pain, sadness, disappointment, anger, rage, rejection, any of these, is enough to pierce this heart if it were for a friend. It has before, and it forever will. I guess human weakness is what keeps me going, and yet ironically, it’s what pulls me down the most.

If i could, i’d feel nothing, i’d be perfect and i wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t make any mistakes, i wouldn’t let anyone down or hurt anyone i care for. But that’s in the perfect world, of my perfect dream. And that won’t be happening any time soon.

And so, we are left with our human weakness. Emotion. That is after all the very core of things? Your either weak because you have it, or you don’t, and that too, is the greatest weakness, jsut has having it is.


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kath on November 14, 2006, 12:51:41 PM

kath on
kathture, very true, EXTREAMLY true. ... but sometime's... even though emotion is our grateist weakness. can also be our strenght...maby not our greatist strenght...but a streanght none the less. though most of the time we're better off without it...there are those little moment's... the moments that are often missied, the moments that are microscopic, were we'er better off with it then without, because in those little moments, it's how we act on it that make's us strong...

theWriter on February 7, 2006, 7:11:27 AM

theWriter on
theWriterVery true. My only complaint was that the paragraphing was slightly difficult to descipher, and pretty soon (with muh bad eyes) it began to blur together. Wholly true, though many may deny it. Considered philosphy?

gohstann on September 9, 2005, 8:27:52 AM

gohstann on
gohstannWOW.... I cant even bagen to tell you how true this is! I mean I have ben hert and have hert- then I'v lost frinds with out any clear cause.... It- WOW!

PacifisticSoldier on October 19, 2004, 12:39:33 PM

PacifisticSoldier on
PacifisticSoldieryou make good points, but i completely dissagree with you... you sa ywe are primative, but we are obvously the most progressive "animal" on this earth, and like a previous post said, our emotions are what seperates us from other animals. Friends and family are what give most the strength to fight harder for what you beleive is true and right, so how can ammunition be a weekness? it is our ability to make these bonds that keeps us from ruthlessness, because if you couldnt become attatched to tohters quickly, you would only begin to spot the bad in them before forming ANY kind of bond; and that would only lead to seperation and hate.

Inuyashafan_133 on August 23, 2004, 6:04:48 AM

Inuyashafan_133 on
Inuyashafan_133Wow Lasher, this is a great story. It's kind of touching. I agree with a lot of the points you made about friends and family. It's very deep and interesting. *faves it*

Crazedyingyang on August 16, 2004, 10:30:53 AM

Crazedyingyang on
CrazedyingyangOH MY GOD I feel all tingly in side, you should be a writer

a-drawer-4ever on July 13, 2004, 4:47:56 AM

a-drawer-4ever on that's like ...... wow....*fav*

Lasher on July 10, 2004, 6:00:33 AM

Lasher on
LasherYeah Carter, i know :P I wrote this in of those really intense moods i get. I was really emotional during it and annoyed and pissed off, and at the same time i felt like crying my eyes out. One of those nights you know? So yeah, i wasn't exactly thinking on how to write it well, i was just in the heat of the moment. But yeah, i might spruce it up a little when i get it me to do so. Thanks though for the honest critism though.

And Lexar, yeah, your just a little to up tight and close minded for this i think. And Everyone else, well thanks. I really wanted to get some serious comments on it. Glad i all got you for that ^_^ Thanks.

layzcarter on July 10, 2004, 5:55:31 AM

layzcarter on
layzcarteraight. I'm not very good on commenting on such things as this but I'll give it my best shot. I like what you are trying to get across here and how you presented it. It's well written and the first paragraph pulled me in so I actually wanted to read the rest :) And it kept my attention the whole way through.

Only one suggestion which coming from me doesn't mean much. I was thinking that maybe in the first and third paragraph you say "petty human emotions". It might flow better if you replace one of the phrases with something else of the same meaning. And the word weak seems to be used a lot. Maybe a thesaurus to change up some of the words. Just a thought. Keep in mind I'm no writer :)

iamem0tionless on July 7, 2004, 3:24:53 PM

iamem0tionless on
iamem0tionlessWow, Lasher. I know exactly what you mean on this. My friends mean the world to me. They may not be blood related, but they're the closest thing I have. None of my family members makes me feel special and happy like my friends do. I'd do ANYTHING (and have done a LOT) for my friends. I'd die for them. When I get close to someone, I cling tight and never let go. I'm loyal to the core once you get close to me :) I love this and I'm really touched. Great job, you brought a tear or two to my eyes :) <3

Sanoshi on July 6, 2004, 11:21:53 AM

Sanoshi on
Sanoshi:O Waoie, really in deph there! I felt like i was reading into someone's biography about life.. XD of course that how it was sorta intended huh?
The part where you wrote about human emotions and connections (pretty much the first paragraph to the sixth) was something i can agree with. When you wrote about the connections and bonds between friends and family i understood it from boths sides. I'm a family kind of person so i strongly agree with that more than the friends, but i can relate to the friends meaning so much and how they make you feel that their friendship means a whole lot more than family.
You can also say the same thing about beginnnig bonds. Lol i realted that kinda to love for some odd reason. XD Big romance person here, but more times than not, you can sometimes feel if you can "connect" with someone you barely knew closer than the person you knew longer.
The ending was very deep. Emotions, feelings, the what not-- Is the core of everything. A very insightful and open minded thinking. Something at least one person has thought about before, if not, has thought about it now.

:D Fantastic Lasher~!

Lexar on July 5, 2004, 10:36:37 PM

Lexar on
LexarWell not all people feel the same way about friends/family as you do. For some people the bond between family is much greater than that between friends.
You have a very pessimistic view on the human mind, but it is our emotions and our selfconsiousness that seperates us from the animals. You say that humans remain primitive when it comes to understanding emotions and that it reduces us to weak and frail childs sometimes, but you forget that all the greatest achievments of humans are also a result of people driven to surpass themselves by passion, love or even hate. I'd say those who have no emotions have nothing to lose, and those that do have them can lose everything, but also win it all.

Jenniberry on July 5, 2004, 5:08:38 PM

Jenniberry on This is, honestly, very very true and very insightful. You make some very real points, And it shows alot of real emotion and thought (which is probably since the entire piece is ABOUT emotion and thought. lol, Jenni's so smart.) Anyways, I love it. I think it's got a very raw beauty to it. *Adds story to faves*

megasonic on July 5, 2004, 4:32:38 PM

megasonic on
megasonicwow, this is very true indeed, o0, you wrote it very well also, and there is something i want to say but cant remember

ChrisFox on July 5, 2004, 4:24:07 PM

ChrisFox on
ChrisFoxWow. True indeed. It's the very core of being human, emotion.

Sorceress_Ultimecia on July 5, 2004, 4:03:28 PM

Sorceress_Ultimecia on
Sorceress_UltimeciaOh my god! This story is true, like Fallen said. I don't know why, but my eyes were watering when I finished reading this. You're great at writing.

fallenangel on July 5, 2004, 10:14:49 AM

fallenangel on
fallenangelBravo. And so so true. Agreed 100% and well written.