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Chapter 1 - Once Upon A Time

My favorite bed time story. <3

Along with my rendition of the story through poetry. c:

Chapter 1 - Once Upon A Time

Chapter 1 - Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time there lived a young girl named Littleone. Littleone was very lonely and searched around for someone to be her best friend. One day while at an art gallery Littleone spotted a white knight named Sesshomaru. He was dashingly handsome but also seemed very lonely. Littleone decided to go and meet this stranger in hopes of finding a friend.
“Hello,” Littleone said, “did you make these drawings? They’re quite good.”
“Why yes I did young girl and thank you very much for saying so,” Sesshomaru replied.
The two began talking about art and then life in general. They forged a bond that day that would continue to grow over time.
The young girl would often return to the art gallery and visit her new friend who started becoming more of an older brother for her. He’d show her his art and he’d teach her a couple things while she happily enjoyed his company.
Years passed in this fashion and the young girl blossomed into a beautiful young woman. As a young woman Littleone found herself falling in love with Sesshomaru. She began to express her feelings to him and he couldn’t help but feel the same way towards her, the one who had been there for years bringing him happiness.
They fell completely in love with each other and planned on getting married and starting a family.
But one day the goddess of FATE that looms over us all grew jealous of their intense love and entrapped them in separate enchanted glass chambers for an eternity. The lovers could see each other but could never be together.

They remain trapped to this day, longing to hold each other all the time.
It is said that if you wish hard enough and oppose FATE then the enchanted glass will disappear and the eternal lovers will be together.
So close your eyes now, and wish for their love, may it continue to shine eternally.


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