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Chapter 2 - Story Of Enchanted Glass

My favorite bed time story. <3

Along with my rendition of the story through poetry. c:

Chapter 2 - Story Of Enchanted Glass

Chapter 2 - Story Of Enchanted Glass
I'm an ordinary girl not much that I call my own.
I was looking for a friend so I wouldn't be all alone.
What I found that day would change my life for good.
& So begins our story, a once upon a time if you would.

One day, a couple years ago I looked around an art site.
Art attracts my eye, and so did this mysterious knight.
I found you that day, and everything changed in a blink of an eye.
I never knew I tempted fate with a compliment and a "Hi"

Words formed sentences which formed paragraphs that we would share.
& When bad things happened you were always there.
I came on often which grew everyday to talk to you.
Your kindness buried deep within my heart like a tattoo.

A best friend was found and you taught me so much you see.
You taught me life lessons, that it was fine just being me.
I looked up to you more and more, and my feelings started to change.
& When you liked me back, I never once thought it strange.

Our feelings blossomed and as did I, I was now growing older.
And to everything I started to say I also grew bolder.
I shared my love and you did too& we began to plan our life.
& When some caught on to our future plans did it cause us strife.

We were placed in enchanted glass chambers because we tempted fate.
We sparked two families that lit the wick that is hate.
Separated by these walls of conflict but still able to see.
Longing for one another, wishing to hold and be free.

To this day we're covered by these chambers of enchanted glass.
Waiting for our punishment known as eternity to pass.
Communication guides our way so we don't lose hope.
Wishing nonstop is the only way we are able to cope.

Hiding our crimes we now temp fate yet again.
Because we are like magnets of love that only attract pain.
Maybe not right now, maybe not ever, but we pray.
That somehow, we'll meet and be together someday.

This is not the end of the story I tell you now.
If you want to know the end you'll have to figure out how,
Two lovers that are separated will be together at last.
This is the present in which we live in our enchanted glass.


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nedj77 on May 31, 2011, 2:16:03 AM

nedj77 on
nedj77nice poem