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Chapter 1 - A day at the Springfield PD

Just a fan-story.

Chapter 1 - A day at the Springfield PD

Chapter 1 - A day at the Springfield PD
a day at the Springfield Police department

Main theme.
couchgag: Eddie, Lou and Wiggum are sitting on the couch. Marilyn enters the scene and jumps on Lou's womb. Lou looks at Marilyn while she smiles cheeky at him.

Story begins. Marilyn get out of the bus and runs straight in the PD, to the locker rooms - wrong door! She stops running and opens her eyes. the next thing she sees is a big belly in uniform - Eddie.
Eddie: Wrong door, honey. by the way, Lou's changing clothes and you better don't look.
Marilyn: Huh? What? I'm sorry, but . . .hey! WHAT did you say?
Lou: Ed! Marilyn has seen me before!
Both are smirking and giggling.
Marilyn: Shut up!
Walks away, straight to the correct locker room. cahnges clothes, comes out and sees Eddie again.
Eddie: Oooh, honey pie . . .
Marilyn (with a dark red face): WHAT'S going on HERE?
Eddie walks away with a laugh. Marilyn follows. To Wiggums office. Meets Lou who smiles at her. Eddie smirks. Consults a watch. Marilyn puts her hands on her hips and-
Marilyn: O.K. everybody have had his fun, but now you should stop kidding me . . .
Siren's wailing.
Marilyn hides herself under Lou's desk. All three are laughing out loud. Wiggum grunts.
After the siren's wailing. Lou walks to Marilyn and reaches out his hand for her to take.
Lou: Darling, come out. It's all over.
Marilyn: No, I won't!
Lou: Come on, it was only . . .wait, no one told her it's only an attempt?
Marilyn: Ihr Vollidioten!
Lou:Hey, calm down! Everybody had his fun, but now we're all kind to you again. I'll protect you.
Marilyn: Hm, but I'm feeling mor comfortable under your desk.
Lou: No way. I gotta have to work.
Lou pulls Marilyn up. Marilyn looks at Wiggum and Eddie.
Eddie: Oh, I wish your skirt would be shorter . . .
Marilyn tries to choke Eddie.
Bart and Homer are fading in, angry :Hey, that's our privilege!
Marily and Eddie: We're sorry!
Marilyn tries to kick Eddie, missing his shinbone. Hits "something else", which belongs to Wiggum - Ouch!
Marilyn appalls, takes a look at Lou again.
Lou ends the chaos:

Lou: And the moral: better don't tease Marilyn!

Everybody laughts, curtain falls.

End credits.


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