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Chapter 2 - Marionet "Grinning" Grim

Info about the Grinning Doll's crew and my OC's who are apart of it

Chapter 2 - Marionet "Grinning" Grim

Chapter 2 - Marionet "Grinning" Grim
Marionet was born and raised i pirate by her mother and father. she is the captain of the Grinning Doll and loves her vessel as much as any captain loves their ship willing not only to go down with it but join it in Davy Jones locker. she's very protective of her crew mates and friends she has made. she was once the greatest pirate to ever live when she was normal, she had black hair, brown eyes, was '56 ft,and had only stitches from the corners of her mouth to the bottom of her ears giving the impression of a constant smile. but of course all good pirates have their share of scars. marionet has been hacked apart only to have her ship doctor, Gallows, stitch her back together even after the queen of England had her behead so ending Marionet Grinning Grim but of course Gallows stitched her head back on but marionet chose to let herself be thought dead so she could live without trouble.

currently she now looks like this, the left side of her hair is black while the right is red and she has many stitches through out her body that go all the way around unless stated other whys. she has stitches around her wrists,elbows,where her arms connect to her torso,ankles,knees and where her legs meet her pelvis,neck and stitches going from the corners of her mouth to the bottom of her ears making it look like her smile is huge, and she has a stitch from the top of her left ear to her left eye which is also stitched hoizontally, the top half of her left eye is green while the bottom is yellow and her right eye is brown


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