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Chapter 1 - old info

background info, appearance and abilities of Scáileanna

Chapter 1 - old info

Chapter 1 - old info
(semi inspired by The Darkness as well as another artists creation)Scáileanna:a girl of pure evil,blood lust and darkness. her eye color was green and her hair brown.scáileanna was born into this world a demonic child despised by her family and neighbors, the priest wouldn't let her step inside the church crying out that she was a spawn of the devil. the 1st sign of this evil happened when she was 5 and she was playing with her friends (fellows outcasts and loners that didn't fit in) and one of the older kids passed by and stopped to harass them, scáileanna tried to stand up for her friends but was shoved aside violently onto a sharp edged rock that was sticking up from the snow, when she bled what came out wasn't red it was jet black and cold as ice, the darkness that poured from her wound puddled around her and tentacles formed from this liquid taking shape but still looking smooth and dark, the lashed out at the bully and ripped him apart and drank deeply of his blood and devoured his flesh. her friends panicked and ran before it turned on them but it didn't for she wouldn't let it. since that day no one talked to her and any who saw her fled before the shadows appeared. she lived alone for a long time with only her darkness to keep her company, and so she learned to call upon and use the power it gave her to live. it was on the eve of her 14th birthday, or as she liked to call them hungerday as her appetite became insatiable and she devoured all she came across wiping out small towns and dwellings, that her body began changing. eyes appeared in her left palm the white being crimson and pupil ringed with purple,yellow and green and the center black while her a mouth appeared in her right palm no lips just a gaping hole lined with razor sharp jagged teeth in a black gullet, her right eye turned black and the iris yellows and her pupil crimson, a 3rd vertical eye appeared on her forehead the same color as he changed eye, her hair blackened when the darkness awoke became streaked with blood forming an eye pattern and another vertical eye in the center of her chest with the changed color as well. the change was violent and feeding eased the pain her extra eyes and mouth closed until she willed them to open. staying to long in a small town she wiped out the cirque found her and welcomed her into their fold, surprised by their generosity she didn't know how to respond and stood there for hours until finally joining them. she still feeds on her hungerdays but leaves the cirque when the come


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