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Chapter 3 - Just a Game...

After a mysterious hooded man tells of a myterious entrance to Kingdom Hearts, Sora and his friends are launched on another adventure.

Chapter 3 - Just a Game...

Chapter 3 - Just a Game...
A referee swam to the center of the enourmous pool while the players gathered around him. He spoke a few words regarding the rules and held the ball out in front of himself. Tidus approached on one side while Kael did on the other.
"Didn't you guys learn from the last time we beat you?" Tidus asked sarcastically.
Kael grinned maliciously, but said nothing.
The referee got their attention on the ball and placed a whistle in his mouth.
The loudspeakers boomed.
"Now we have Tidus from the Blazers and Kael from the Warriors lining up for the Startoff! Ready? Three! Two! One!"
The bleachers erupted with cheers as the ref dropped the ball. Kael shot forward to try and grab it but failed as a much quicker Tidus reached it first and kicked it into the air. After a brief airborne moment the ball hurtled downward into Wakka's arms. After diving underwater, however, he was tackled by one of the opposing players who had tracked his movement. The ball dashed from Wakka's grip and into the hands of Raenis who accordingly kicked it to Kael. He swam viciously to one side of the pool while Tidus blasted after him.
"Come on Tidus!" Selphie yelled, though she knew he couldn't hear her.
Catching up, Tidus barreled into Kael from the side. The ball left his grasp. The other teammates blasted towards the two players in order to help. Tidus was shooting to snatch the ball when Kael rushed in front of him. He looked at Tidus, and with the same malicious smile, grabbed the ball. He began to swim towards the goal as players from both teams swam around him in chaos and confusion. Tidus caught up with and tried to check Kael, who dodged the attack successfully.Frustrated Tidus grabbed Kael's ankle and pulled him back. His lungs began to burn from lack of air as he struggled to pull Kael toward him. Unexpectedly, Kael looked back and aimed a kick at Tidus's chest, forcing the remaining air that he had out of his lungs. Tidus let go of Kael's leg and flailed to get to the surface.
Sora looked on in horror as his friend began to drown.
"Referee!" he shouted,"You need to get Tidus! He's drowning! Help!"
The referee dove into the cool water and, a few moments later, hefted a motionless Tidus above the surface. Sora and the others ran to the stairs that led up to the pool. The referee had lain Tidus upon a wooden platform that was floating on the water. As Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Selphie approached, the ref began performing CPR on Tidus's inert form. Selphie began crying.
A cocky voice spoke.
"So the best Blitzballer team on the Destiny islands finally loses! Looks like the star player is going to be out for a while. A long while."


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