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Chapter 5 - Trinity

After a mysterious hooded man tells of a myterious entrance to Kingdom Hearts, Sora and his friends are launched on another adventure.

Chapter 5 - Trinity

Chapter 5 - Trinity
... the Keyblade. It was this key, the key to Kingdom Hearts, that started his previous journeys to rebuild the worlds, rescue the Princesses of Heart, and Destroy Organization 13. The Keyblade hadn't come to him since then until now, a year later, as he sat on his knees over his friend's body.
"What must I do to get rid of the Keyblade?" he mumbled to himself.
Suddenly he realized that he was holding the Key with everyone around. He looked to the left at Wakka. For some strange reason he wasn't looking at Sora ,or aknowledging his presence at all, or even moving for that matter. Wakka looked as if he was frozen in time. Sora waved a hand in front of Wakkas face. He didn't move. Sora looked around at Selphie, who was locked in a position with her hands over her face unmoving. He looked at Kairi and Riku who were looking at him with the same confused look. In their hands Sora could see their respective Keyblades in their hands.
"Sora what's going on?" Riku asked as he and Kairi approached.
Sora opened his mouth to speak but a powerful voice cut him off.
"Ah, so we have here the three keys of destiny. Wielders of the Keyblade, I greet you with utmost respect."
Sora, Riku, and Kairi turned to see a hooded figure in long white flowing robes standing before them.
"Who are you?" questioned Riku.
The man continued as if not hearing Riku, "I have always marvelled at the power of the Keyblade and have tried so many times to trace where that power comes from. Not long ago I researched all known material regarding the Key and have finally come to a conclusion."
Sora got to his feet and looked at the Keyblade.
The man continued, "The Keyblade is already known to use the power of the heart but I have found patterns that lead me to believe that it is created using the power of many hearts. That is why you are able to open Kingdom Hearts with it. That is also the reason why you will always have the Keyblade."
Sora's mind raced.
"What do you mean 'always have it'? You mean I can't get rid of it?"
The man stepped closer.
"The Keyblade will always be with you as long as you live. You see, once it's power is harnessed the Keyblade becomes tied to the wielder's heart. The blade itself lives because you live. The reverse became true once you first held the Keyblade."
Kairi cut in.
"Your saying that we live because it does? But thats impossible!"
The man turned his head towards her, "As long as the Keyblade has a heart nothing is impossible. You cannot simply give away the Keyblade as I'm sure you've tried. Nor can you lose it or forget it save for one thing. Through the last door lies Kingdom Hearts but to reach it you must overcome the Hall of Abandon. It will tempt you to leave your Keyblade there for eternity, never to see it again. This is folly for whoever does it because by leaving your Keyblade, you leave part of your heart, thus giving control of it to whoever finds it."
Riku spoke, "But then what if we never find this door? We won't have to worry about this temptation, will we?"
"Unfortunately you don't have a choice but to find it, because it is written in all of your destinies. My friends, you have come a long way, but you have one more journey ahead. You will encounter an enemy that is suttle, but more dangerous than any you have encountered before. Wielders of the Keyblade, Defenders of Destiny, I wish you the best of luck. Sora, Riku, Kairi, may you complete your journey stronger than before. Goodbye."
A portal of darkness opened behind him. He turned to enter it.
"Wait! Who are you? How did you know our names?" Sora called.
The man turned back to face the three friends.
"My name is of no importance. I am nothing in a world of everything. I am what you three call a Nobody. But don't be alarmed. I seek not Kingdom Hearts, but wisdom, The wisdom to find out who I was. I don't know how I know you three. All I know is that I needed to help you. Good luck on your adventure."
He then stepped backwards into darkness, leaving Kairi, Riku, and Sora to ponder what he said.


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