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Chapter 1 - Rebirth of Darkness

After encountering a Heartless, Sora and crew come across the Hall of Abandon and their journey begins!

Chapter 1 - Rebirth of Darkness

Chapter 1 - Rebirth of Darkness
--{Whoever seeks the Door, whether for power or eternity, shall be bound to it, so tightly, so closely, that there be no escape. Such is the power of Kingdom Hearts...}--

Adam stood before the wooden door, gazing at it's smooth grain, it's intricate simplicity. The cave, in it's serenity, was illuminated by sunlight that flooded thourgh a hole in the cieling, revealing drawings on many of the rocks and walls that lined it. He looked over them with mock interest, when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a drawing of a boy with long hair. The boy had a serious look on his face, while to other children, a boy and a girl, were smiling. Hearing footsteps, Adam turned to face the entrance of the cavern. Slowly approaching him was a creature of darkness known as a Neoshadow. Adam spoke to it.
"Have you done what I have requested?"
The Heartless looked from side to side, then nodded quickly. Adam smirked.
"Good, good."
The shadow held out it's hands. Adam eyed them with derision.
"Very well, I will hold to my promise."
He pulled out a Keyblade with a handle in the shape of a heart, the blade itself being black.
"I hereby release you from darkness... for eternity."
The creature hissed and lunged at him, but too late, for the sword had already effected it's lethal bite. After the blade tore through the dark flesh, the shadow dissolved into the air, releasing a bright almost crystalline heart that began to float upward. Dismissing the Keyblade, Adam reached out with both hands and grasped the heart. Gazing into it, he began to see images of a boy with long blonde hair. The heart thrummed rythmically, glowing in it's unique beauty. Adam carried the heart to the wooden door and stood facing it, waiting, quietly...

Riku stood up and brushed himself off. He strode forward into the cavern looking at the illustrations on the walls. Without warning, a voice spoke out of nowhere.
"Ah, the heart is an amazing thing isn't it... So powerful, yet so fragile to emotion and pain."
Riku whirled towards the source. He saw a boy with spiky red hair facing the wooden door at the end.
"Who are you?"
"This is but the first time, however, that I've actually held one in the palm of my hand."
The boy turned to face Riku. Riku was breathless at what he saw. Standing before him, in a red jacket, with dark blue jeans, and black sunglasses, was the same boy from his dream. In his hand was a large gleaming heart. Ichigo walked up next to Riku.
"Who's that?"
Stuttering in shock Riku spoke.
"You-you're the guy from m-my dream!"
The boy smiled.
"I don't know what you are talking about. But, my name is Adam. Tell, me, Warriors of Heart, where is the other one?"
Confused, Riku prepared to speak when he heard steps behind him.
"We are the other two! Not one!"
Sora and Kairi joined Riku and Ichigo. Sora pulled out his Keyblade.
"Give back Tidus's heart!"
Adam frowned.
"That's not very polite, seeing as it's not Tidus's heart anymore."
Sora growled in anger and ran at Adam. He slashed but as he did Adam disappeared.
"You need to work on your manners. For now, I have other things to deal with. Goodbye Keyblader."
There was a rush of wind as the voice faded.
Sora went to his knees.
"No... he had Tidus's heart..."
The others walked up behind him. Riku patted him on the back.
"It's alright, we'll find him, and when we do, we'll get that heart."


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