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Chapter 6 - The Bonding

Sora has seemingly lost his memory can Riku and the others find it?

Chapter 6 - The Bonding

Chapter 6 - The Bonding
Riku and Sora stumbled out of the portal of darkness onto the marble floor, followed by Larxene, who leapt nimbly behind them. The two boys got up and brushed themselves off.
"Sora! Riku!" shouted familiar voices.
They turned just in time as Kairi and Ichigo embraced them in a loving death grip. Sora grinned.
"Gosh, I didn't think we were gone that long."
Seperating the four friends watched eachother for a long moment. Without warning, Kairi jumped on Sora and began to playfully beat his head with her fists.
"What did I tell you! We're supposed to stick together on this one!"
Sora ran around in circles trying to get her off until they eventually collapsed to the floor, exhausted.
"Geez! It won't happen again I promise!"
Everyone laughed hysterically, taking in the feeling of being reuinited. Ichigo heard another laugh coming from outside the group and turned to see Larxene watching them with a smile on her lips. The laugh had a beatiful ring to it, and when Ichigo heard it, she was surprised. She hadn't heard that laugh since...
"Oh my gosh! Larxene! You got your heart back!"
They ran to eachother and clinched eachother tight, tears running down both of their faces. They giggled and danced happily, their laughs and tears bonding into a melody of sweet merriment. Larxene gazed at Ichigo as they seperated from their embrace. Ichigo smiled broadly.
"How did this happen?"
"Well, first I apologized to Sora and Riku for what I did to them in Castle Oblivion. Then I began to beg for their forgiveness and I started crying. I couldn't control it, it was as if every emotion was flooding me at once. I just couldn't stop. How did you realize that I got my heart back?"
Ichigo looked back to make sure no one was listening.
"I knew because you laughed, and I hadn't heard that laugh since, well, you know, when the heartless destroyed our homeworld."
Larxene nodded solemnly.
"Well, now that we are fully reunited, I'm casting off my old name. I am now Arlene once more."
Ichigo grinned, grabbed Arlene's hand, and took her over to Sora, Riku, and Kairi.
Sora and Kairi were talking excitedly to themselves when Kairi noticed that Riku wasn't joining in the conversation. He seemed distracted.
"Riku? Is something wrong?"
Riku raised his gaze to meet hers.
"Do you remember anything from your childhood, Kairi? Like something that confuses you a little, and makes you wonder where you came from?"
Kairi, taken aback by the change in tone, thought long and hard.
"Well I don't really look like my mother. Why are you asking me this?"
Riku averted his gaze, unsure how to approach her with the truth. He eventually decided to just tell her.


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