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Chapter 3 - Questions and Answers

Ash and co.are spending the weekend in Cinnabar Island & meet a kid named Derek who sweeps Misty off her feet causing Ash to get jealous , But Derek isn't who he seems,can Ash convince Misty of the truth or is she going to have to see for her self?

Chapter 3 - Questions and Answers

Chapter 3 - Questions and Answers
All right seeing I haven’t updated the story for a couple days I thought I should put in the start of the most important part of the story don’t ya think? From here on is where all the romance, jealousy, and real action happen.
This story is dedicated to my friend Sara who is always commenting how this story should be about me and a friend of mine- ha yea right Sara =]

Narrator: Ash, Misty, and Brock finally find out a little more about Derek and get set up in his mansion of a house. Dinner is set; lets see how this weekend is going to play out.

“Mmmm this dinner is delicious.” Commented a content Misty. “ It’s almost as good as Brocks food.”

“Thanks Mist, glad you like it.” Replied Derek.

It was pretty obvious that everyone fell silent when Derek referred to her as Mist, especially Ash. That was his nickname for her and only he could call her that, but before he even had the chance to correct Derek he got a kick from Brock next to him giving him a look that said ‘Don’t say anything, just let it pass.’ Grumpily Ash just slid further in his seat picking at his food every now and then. He refused to look like he wanted to eat whatever Mr. Perfect cooked, even if it looked really good. Misty of course noticed this.

“Ash are you ok? You’ve barely touched your food, something is definitely wrong.”

“Huh? Oh yeah I’m fine Misty I’m just not all that hungry, probably just from the long walk we had today.” Ash lied even though he hated lying to her.

“Alright.” Misty replied skeptically. She was going to push the matter further but decided not to, she will ask him later about it after dinner. Instead she decided to change the subject.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“Well,” started Derek, “I really had nothing too much in mind, we can go to the beach, or out just for a ride.”

Ash was just barely listening; he just wanted to get as far away as he could from the dinner and run up to his room. Ash was just beginning to take a sip of his drink when he heard Derek ask Misty something.

“Well actually Misty I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out on a date tomorrow night since we don’t really have any plans.”

Immediately Ash began choking on his drink and Brock had to pat him on the back to get him back to normal.

“You ok man?” asked Brock worried. Ash just nodded.
Everyone then turned their attention to Misty to see what her response would be.

“ Um. Sure why not?” agreed Misty and immediately when she said that Ash felt sick to his stomach,

“ Err um can I be excused, I forgot I have to call my mom before it gets late, you know her she always needs to make sure I’m ok.” Ash quickly lied before he sprinted to his room.

This left Misty dumbfounded and she decided she couldn’t take it either.

“Yeah if you don’t mind either I have to call my sisters at the gym, they are probably worried about me too.”

“What are you talking about your sisters don’t-“began Brock, but before he even had the chance to finish Misty stepped on his foot, nice and hard, and gave him a “Play along” look.

“Sure go right on ahead. I'll clear up the table.” Said Derek with a sweet smile.

Lets solve this once and for all, thought Misty as she walked up the stairs to Ash’s room.


“Hey Ash can I come in? I need to talk to you.” Misty asked while knocking impatiently on Ash’s door. “Ash? Ash! Ash I’m serious open this damn door or else I’ll-“ screamed Misty till Ash cut her off by opening the door.

“ Jeez Mist, wake up the whole city why don’t you? What do you want?” muttered Ash.

“I was wondering if I could talk to you alone.”

“Hmm well I don’t see anyone so why not?” replied Ash sarcastically letting her in. He walked out to the balcony with Misty on his heels. There was just an uncomfortable silence as the wind blew through both their hairs and the moon and stars sparkled brightly in the sky.

“So um how’s your ‘mom’ doing?” Asked Misty knowing it was a lie.

“ Oh yeah she’s um doing great you know. I told her we are doing fine and staying at a friend’s house and-”

“Ash come on stop it, you and I both know we just called your mom this morning. I think her little baby boy will be fine for 24 hours don’t ya think?” asked Misty teasingly. “Really Ash I’m not that thick, maybe you fooled Derek and Brock but not me. What’s really going on?”

“I don’t know Misty just this whole Derek guy, there is just something fishy about him and I don’t know what it is but I don’t like it too much. He is always smiling and being such a gentlemen and just being, ugh just perfect!” answered an aggravated Ash as he put his head in his hands.

“Ash did you maybe ever think that he is just a nice caring guy? I think there is something else bothering you. This whole date idea for tomorrow with him maybe? I need to know if you really like me or not Ash, thought Misty as she waited to see Ash’s answer.

Uh-oh can she really see how I feel? “No of course not, why would I care if you and Mr. Perfect go spend a night to your selves and be all lovey dovey with each other.Way to go Ketchum, you will really get her with remarks like that.

“Well sorry, you just seemed upset at dinner and I wanted to make sure you were ok about it.”

“Mist, why would it matter what I think, you are the one dating him not me.”

“ It matters to me Ash because I kind of like this guy-“ Oh crap Misty that didn’t come out right.” I mean he’s a really nice guy and he’s so-”

“Misty. I get what you mean you like him and so want to give it a shot. As your best friend I say, go for it. I just want you to be happy Mist.” Ash replied trying to put on a smile for his friend even though he felt like he just got punched in the stomach.

“You mean it Ash? I mean your still my best friend, you’ve been my best friend since the day I met you and you still will be so don’t go thinking he will replace you or anything.” No one could ever replace you Ash, Misty quietly whispered, only Ash didn’t hear her, he was to busy thinking about how this was going to affect his journey. Will Misty stay or bring Derek along? And if he does come along those to will be together like Velcro and will be kissing all the time and… his thoughts were cut short when he felt his best friend wrap her arms around him in a warm hug.

“Thanks Ash.”

“For what Mist?” asked a confused Ash.

“For understanding and I don’t know, just being the great friend you are.” Answered Misty while she ruffled his hair playfully. “ Well I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.”

“Night’ Mist.” Said Ash with a bit of hurt in his voice.

“Sweet dreams.” Finished Misty as she closed his bedroom door.

Only of you. Jeez Ketchum you should write a book, “How to Drive a Guy Crazy with His Thoughts”.

With that Ash went into the bathroom to dress in to his pj’s and went to bed trying to get some sleep and forget about recent events, even though he definitely would not enjoy tomorrow evening.

Brock went into the room and noticed Ash was asleep like a baby and decided not to ask what happened between him and Misty, it really was none of his business. He entered his bed and went to sleep. However one person wasn’t fully asleep.

Maybe Ash doesn’t feel anything for me. I mean if he did wouldn’t he have protested or made some excuse why I shouldn’t go on that date tomorrow or something? I mean Ash may be dense but if he cared he would have done something. He did kind of sound jealous about Derek and he made up that whole Mr. Perfect thing but I just think he’s a sweet caring guy. Why Ash doesn’t like him go figure? Well I guess I can’t wait forever for you Ash, thought Misty as she turned off her nightstand light and fell to sleep.

whoo! yea that chapter was a little longer than the others but I don't want this story to be a million chapters long!


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