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Chapter 4 - Trouble in Paradise

Ash and co.are spending the weekend in Cinnabar Island & meet a kid named Derek who sweeps Misty off her feet causing Ash to get jealous , But Derek isn't who he seems,can Ash convince Misty of the truth or is she going to have to see for her self?

Chapter 4 - Trouble in Paradise

Chapter 4 - Trouble in Paradise
Ok here is chapter 4- Trouble In Paradise! Whoo. Lots of people have told me they loved chapter 3 the best- I’ve got to agree, for being written by me, that’s pretty amazing work right there. Not compared to other peoples stories though but it’s a start?

Narrator: Well it seems our friend Ash isn’t to joyful about his best friend going on a date with Derek but he feels he has to be happy for her. Tonight’s the night; the date is about to happen. Will Ash act or sit out of this one? Lets see.

Ash was just randomly scanning the channels on the TV downstairs in the living room waiting for this long awaited night to be over. He really didn’t care what he was watching he just had to get his mind of this whole thing. The fact that his best friend was going out with someone, someone that wasn’t him, really made this whole trip hard for him, especially because he was going to confess to her that he liked her this weekend. Stupid
Derek; messed up my whole plan.

“Anything good on Ash?” asked an amused Brock as he noticed Ash watching Dragon Tales on TV.

“Huh what? Oh.” Ash answered embarrassed since he didn’t even notice what he was watching. “No, just flipping through the channels.” Ash added in a bored tone as he quickly changed the channel.

“ Look man I know your not excited about this whole date thing cause its Misty we are talking about but you really-“

“Woah back it up. Why would I care if she is the girl on the date or not?” interrupted an angered Ash.

“Really? Do you think I’m that stupid. I’ve noticed those looks you give her when she isn’t looking and how you always are acting brave in front of her and are always trying to protect her. It’s pretty obvious buddy, you don’t have to be ashamed or anything, I’m all for it.” Brock simply replied. “But like I was saying you got to let it go for now. You told her its ok right and that as her friend you want her to be happy, and as much as it pains me to say this maybe she will be happier this way.” Immediately Brock regretted his words seeing as he didn’t exactly helped Ash. Ash just sunk his head into his hands again and sighed.

“ There is nothing I can do about it Brock. I lost my chance and there isn’t anything I can do about it. I’m going to head upstairs and get into bed earlier tonight, my head hurts.” Ash said while he approached the steps but stopped dead in his tracks, causing Brock to run into it.

“What’s up with you?” asked Brock before he noticed that Ash was just staring in awe at whatever was at the top of the stairs. And there he saw her too. Misty was standing at the top of the stairs with a beautiful spaghetti strap baby blue dress that went to her knees. It really brought out her cerulean blue eyes, sparkling, as always but today they seemed even brighter, and her beauty. Her fiery orange hair was flowing nicely along her shoulders and she stared back at the boys with a flushed face. Wow she looks gorgeous thought Ash but quickly shook the thought when he realized he must have looked like an idiot just standing there open mouthed. Luckily Brock gave him a nudge and he came back to his senses.

“Well what do you think?” Asked Misty as she did a little twirl.

“You look…beautiful.” Answered Ash barley chocking out that last word.

“You really think Derek will like it?”

Before Ash even had the chance to enter Derek answered her as if on cue.

“I think he will love it.” He answered her with a smile. “Come on Misty we better get going if we want to make the dinner reservations.” He took her hand and walked her down the stairs and headed out the door with a quick bye to the guys before he closed the door. As the walked down the steps to the car, Misty couldn’t help but feel that this wasn’t right. Shouldn’t this be Ash’s hand in mine? Oh forget it Misty that boy doesn’t like you, might as well enjoy yourself kiddo. With that the couple sped down the street to the nicest restaurant- Le café d’amore. (A/N- yea I know that’s so corny but I couldn’t think of anything else. Least its accurate in French.)

“So what should we do tonight Ash? Movies, park, Pokemon training. Ash? Ash!” Brock shouted as he noticed Ash wasn’t even listening.

“Oh sorry man, what were you saying?”

Brock just sighed and repeated himself. “I said what do you want to do tonight? You really have got to get Misty of your mind Ash. You can’t control her or how she feels you know, sadly life doesn’t work that way.”

“But didn’t you see her?” Ash asked. “I mean wow! She was absolutely gorgeous, not that she always isn’t, but ugh I always pictured her looking that way, but for me.” Ash finished in a sadder tone.

Brock nodded his head knowing Ash really wanted to be the one hand in hand with Misty. “Well I’m surprised you haven’t tried to do anything stupid though, like trying to ruin the date, or I don’t know- following them throughout the whole date or something.” Brock said with a chuckle.

Suddenly Ash jolted up from his seat and grabbed Brock by the shoulders. “That’s it Brock!” he exclaimed. “ I could follow them and see if Misty does like him. Cause there is a possibility she doesn’t right? Maybe she didn’t want to be rude so agreed to go!”

“Ash come on, think about what you are doing. Do you think Misty will like it that you followed her around all night? Isn’t that like invasion of privacy or something?”

“No, it’s her best friend looking out for what’s best for her.” Ash simply replied as he grabbed his sweater and headed out the door.

Brock just shook his head and thought; this is going to be a long night, and Ash I really hope your right for once. He then followed Ash out the door the restaurant.

“Oh wow everything looks delicious!” exclaimed Misty as a plate of spaghetti was sent in front of her with a side salad.

“ Glad you like the food here, I wasn’t sure if you would like it.” Answered a slightly embarrassed Derek.

“Oh by now I’d eat anything.” Misty replied with a giggle. “When Brock, Ash, and I travel we usually eat everything we can being Ash has a stomach the size of a Snorlax.”

“You don’t say.” Muttered Derek while picking at his own plate of spaghetti.

“He really is a good kid. He is kind of dense sometimes but he has a lot of spirit in him. He treats his Pokemon with so much care and he treats them like his own family, I’ve never seen anyone treat their Pokemon like something besides battling weapons. And he is always acting so brave-”

“So how is it being the gym leader?” Derek quickly interrupted.

“Oh um I guess its fun, if you consider washing the gym and doing the laundry and having to fight all the battles and taking orders from the “Like” triplets.”

What a way to change the subject. You probably should stop bringing up Ash Misty, but for some reason he is all I can talk about.

“You ready to go?” asked Derek, breaking Misty out of her thought.

“Yeah lets go.”

Derek paid the check and Misty smiled at his gentleman like act. If that were Ash he would probably give him an I.O.U, Misty giggled to herself but then quickly shook her head of the thought and walked with Derek to the car.

“Ok Brock lets move they left.” Ash told Brock while he put down his menu he was using as cover.

“But Ash I haven’t gotten my meal yet, or that cute waitresses number.” Whined Brock.

“Oh please spare the both of you. Come on!” Ash answered in a hurry as he grabbed Brock by the ear to the exit.

Once outside Ash started running a block before he stopped and sat on the grass.

“Ash how do we know where those two went. Need I remind you they have a car while we are on foot?” asked an exhausted Brock once he caught up.

“ I don’t know, where wouldn’t Mr. Perfect take her?” Hmm wait didn’t he mention that there were lots of beaches on Cinnabar and Misty loves the ocean he probably took her to the biggest beach in Cinnabar- Coral Bay! That’s it! That’s where he took her.

“Come on Brock. I know where they are.” Ash said as he turned back and headed towards the beach in hopes of her being there.

“Ash there are hundreds of beaches, how do you know she is there?” Brock questioned while sprinting along side Ash.

“I just do ok, if I know Misty like I do, she’ll be there.” Ash replied as he sped up towards the beach that was already in view.

“So where are we going Derek?” Misty asked nervously noticing she had never been in this part of Cinnabar.

“We are going to the most famous beach here, Coral Bay! Since you like oceans I think you will really like this one.” Answered Derek as he parked into the parking lot and opened the door for Misty. They walked down the stony steps to a little spot with a nice bench that sat with a front view of the beach.

“Wow it’s so pretty!” exclaimed an excited Misty while watching the beautiful waves go back and forth on the shore. Derek took her hand and sat her down on the bench as they watched in silence the beautiful scenery. Little did they know there were two spies watching them from the bushes a few yards away.

“Ow Ash that’s my hand!” exclaimed Brock as he tried to shake of the pain from his hand.

“Oops hehe sorry. I can’t see anything from here, anything happening?” asked Ash.

“No Ash nothing is happening they are just sitting there. I don’t think anything big is going to happen, Misty isn’t one of those to jump into relationships.” Whispered Brock. Well maybe into a relationship with you but by the time you figure out she likes you; we will be older than Professor Oak.

“Wait a minute he is talking again.” Ash said as he tried to hush up Brock.

“Mist I really had a great time tonight and I’m glad you came tonight, and you look absolutely fabulous.” Complimented Derek.

Misty turned so she was facing him. “ Thanks.” She added with a blush. “ You don’t look half bad yourself.”

“ I really wouldn’t mind doing this again sometime Misty.” Derek said as he drew in closer to Misty.

“ Yeah it was-“ Misty got cut off as she was in pure shock to feel Derek’s lips on hers. Not knowing what else to do she just closed her eyes and melted into the kiss. Ash seeing this through the bush immediately turned his back to them and tried to calm down from what he just saw. He felt like his heart just got ripped open and was rolled out by a Phanpy.

I knew this was a bad idea, thought Brock as he too saw the little act and turned around to face his friend. “ Man I’m really sorry, but hey there are other fish in the sea right?” Asked Brock in means of cheering up his friend.

“But no one is Misty.” Answered Ash gloomily as his hat covered his face, shielding the tears that were threatening to fall. Once the kiss broke both boys turned back around.

“Wow.” Answered Misty as she looked back at him.

“ Yeah I know.” Answered Derek. “Actually Mist, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to stay on this island with me?”

“Stay with you?” Misty repeated as Derek shook his head. But that would mean leaving..Ash. I can’t do that can I? I need time to this about this. After hearing the question Ash needed no more and he sped as fast as he could back to the house ignoring the pleas from Brock to come back.

“I’m really not sure yet Derek I mean I like you a lot but I don’t know if I can just leave Ash and Brock, they need me, and Ash needs me cheering for him at the league.” Misty answered honestly.

“ He is a big boy Misty, I think he would be willing to let you stay if it makes you happy.” Derek answered trying to persuade her.

“ I don’t know, I’d really have to think about it ya know?” answered Misty as she fought in her head the two different scenarios. If she stayed with Derek she would live in a life of luxury, having her every wish granted. If she continued with the guys she would be out all day watching Ash battle. But with Derek she wouldn’t feel the happiness she sees when he sees Ash win a battle or act all brave against Team Rocket. With the guys it’s always an adventure, but maybe its time for a new one.

“ I understand, I don’t want to pick a fight with you or anything I was just bringing up the idea.” Derek muttered sweetly, a little upset she didn’t just run right into his arms. There is still time I’ll make her mine, Derek thought to himself as he walked Misty back to the car and headed home.

“ Do you mind if I drop you off at the house I need to quickly drop off something at a friends home. I probably won’t be home till about midnight so don’t worry if I arrive late.” Derek asked eyeing the clock nervously seeing that it read 9:45 already.

“ Oh yeah that’s fine don’t worry about it. Well thanks for the fun night.” Misty replied with a smile. Derek quickly gave her a peck on the lips and sped off leaving Misty there touching the place where he kissed her and she went into the house.

“Ash come on calm down.” Brock firmly asked Ash as he grabbed him by the shoulder before he went up the stairs.

“What’s the point? She is going to stay and I just lost my chance with her.”

“ You don’t know that she is staying, you ran off before she answered.” Brock tried to show him the positive side.

“ She might as well, I can’t compare to Mr. Kissy Face, we are just probably crushing her fantasy of being with a romantic guy so why stop her. Let her be happy, see if I care!” Ash yelled as he stomped up the stairs and slammed the door to his room. Right at the moment Misty entered with a confused look on her face.

“What’s all the ruckus about?”

“ Oh Misty I didn’t expect you to be back so soon. Um fun night?” Brock asked nervously praying Misty didn’t hear the whole argument.

“ It was fine.” Misty answered skeptically. “What’s up with Mr. Pokemon Master?”

“Who Ash? Oh um he is just upset I beat him in a Pokemon battle.” Brock quickly lied. “He is just a little bummed.”

“ Just a little? Maybe I should go to talk to him and cheer him up.” Misty said worried.

“ No!” Brock quickly said. “ He is probably just sleeping and you know that kid is a heavy sleeper and I don’t think he wants to be disturbed. I really got to stop these lies thought Brock as he sighed.

“Alright. Maybe you should head up to bed too, you are acting really weird today.”

“ Sleep, yeah good idea.” Brock agreed as he hurriedly ran up the stairs to his room to avoid further questions.

Men. What can you do with them? Misty thought to herself as she turned off the light and headed to her room to get a nice sleep in, and maybe let her thoughts out.

Sorry guys that chapter was so long but I didn’t want to split it into 2! Hope you guys like it so far and that you enjoyed Trouble in Paradise


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