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Chapter 6 - My Love and Savior

Ash and co.are spending the weekend in Cinnabar Island & meet a kid named Derek who sweeps Misty off her feet causing Ash to get jealous , But Derek isn't who he seems,can Ash convince Misty of the truth or is she going to have to see for her self?

Chapter 6 - My Love and Savior

Chapter 6 - My Love and Savior
Ok this should be the last chapter in this story =]! I quickly want to thank 5 very special friends of mine- Sara, Nicole, Louise, Emily, and Kelly for looking over my story, giving me advice and encouragement- so thanks girls for all of it you guys rock so much! Also of course I want to thank all the people that have commented this story and I’m glad that people have liked it and hopefully I’ll make more stories. And now the moment you all have been waiting for the grand finale- My Love and Savior. *DRUM ROLL*

Narrator: What seemed to be a simple weekend has caused a huge fight amongst everyone. Misty is with a new guy and Ash has left, leaving along his dream of going to the league this year. We last saw Ash leave the house after giving a secret goodbye and now this story is taking place at about 4 in the morning and Ash is heading over to the bus station to get a ride to the airport. A nice rain is beginning to start and Ash is out in the middle of it. Will this story have Misty’s happily ever ending or something more? You’ll have to read on and see!

Ash walked slowly with his head low down the quiet streets of Cinnabar. Not a soul was out. The lampposts that provided little illumination to the streets were barley visible through the drizzle that soon became rain that was falling that early morning. Ash feeling the rain getting harder just pulled his jacket over his head and kept walking down the street to the bus stop bench. He sat himself down and tried to clear his thoughts while he waited for the bus. Whether he was crying or if it was just the rain you couldn’t really tell but Ash looked miserable all the same. He rested his head against the hard back of the bench and just let his mind wander and mix with the splashing of the rain on the sidewalk. Man I really messed this whole thing up. How can I in one weekend not only lose my best friend, but also lose the girl I love and give up on my dream to go to the league? I guess they were right when they said love makes you do craziest things. ‘Well what do you want more, the love you have for Misty or the league?’ Asked one side of Ash’s mind. Misty of course! The other side argued. ‘She’s just a girl he’ll get over her, right now the leagues the most important thing, you can’t give up those 9 years you’ve spent training your Pokemon, its not fair to you or them, and you can’t give it up for just some girl can you?’ Argued the other side. She is not just some girl, he means the world to him and its not the same going to the league without her there cheering him on, the other half argued strongly. Ash just shook his head trying to end the war that was ranging on in his head. He shut his eyes trying to shut out the world, leaving no room for this past weekend, the league, his Pokemon, this stupid bus that’s about half an hour late, and everything else on his mind. But for some reason one thing wouldn’t leave his mind, her.

All the times he had on his past adventures with Misty suddenly flooded his mind. Like the first time she fished him out of the lake. It was his first day as a Pokemon trainer and Pikachu didn’t like him very much. A big flock of Spearow attacked them and they jumped into the lake to evade them and Misty ended up fishing them out.

"Aw, it’s just a kid. Oh! And a Pokémon! Oh, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I’m okay."
"Not you! Look what you’ve done to that poor little thing! Is it breathing?"

Then he stole her bike and he drove to the nearest Pokemon Center.

"Hey, what happened to your bike?"
"What happened to my bike? You happened to my bike, you little loser!"

Ash chuckled at this thought because the whole bike thing was why Misty followed him at first, but after the first couple years the whole bike thing dropped and they became much closer friends.

"Come on, Ash. Let’s dance!"

That time was from the festival. She looked so pretty with her hair down.

Melody: "Here take this." [Tries to hand Misty her flute]
Misty: "Huh?"
Melody: "Legend or not. Ash can't do this alone."
Misty; [pause] "Uh-unh. You'll have to play Lugia's song. I'll go look for him. And Ash is never really alone because he's got... me."

He’s got me. Those 3 words repeated themselves over and over in his mind. More like she had me he sadly thought. He tried to calm his mind again and drifted off into a light sleep. Again all these different flashbacks kept coming back till he heard “Get on the bus… Get on the bus…. Hey buddy wanna get on this bus today?” Immediately Ash awoke and saw the bus driver looking frustrated at him. “Are you going to take this bus or not?” he asked rudely.

“Oh um yeah sorry about that.” Ash apologized as he climbed aboard in hopes of leaving this whole mess behind.
Misty opened her eyes which were still heavy from all the tears she cried last night. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and heard the light splashing of the rain against her window. As she stood up she felt something slip from her stomach to the ground. Puzzled she picked up the note and began to read it. The further she read the more she wanted to cry. When she finished reading it, she sat back down in shock. He actually left she sadly thought. No it’s not possible, he is just probably playing a prank on me to get back for this whole fight, or maybe not. I have to go see for myself she decided as she quickly fixed her self up- a quick brush to her hair and robe over her pj’s. She noticed her eyes were red and puffy but she couldn’t care less. Huh imagine what Lily, Daisy, and Violet would think of me seeing me like this, but she quickly dropped the thought and headed out her room and down the stairs just in time to see Brock with a suitcase ready to leave.

“B.B..Brock, where are you going?” she stuttered surprised.

“Well Misty its Monday and seeing that Ash has left I should probably head home too, maybe take over as Gym Leader again.” He replied without expression. “ My flight leaves at noon so I better get going.” Misty just nodded sadly and ran up to him and gave him a hug. He hugged her back but had to pull away knowing Ash needed him now and soon. “ I’d really love to stay Misty but I gotta keep going you know. I hope the choice you chose is right and that your happy, out for yourself ok?” Brock didn’t want to immediately say that he knew Derek’s cheating on her because he knew that Misty was already beat up enough as it is, she didn’t need to lose any more people in her life. She gave him a nod with a small smile.

“You too Brock, take care of yourself, and say hi for me to your dad and brothers and sisters.” Misty waved as she watched him open the door and step out. Brock agreed he would and right before he closed the door he said one last thing.

“Ash may mess up sometimes, but he was only looking out for you because he cares.” With that final statement he shut the door and Misty just stared blankly at the door not knowing what to think anymore.
“One ticket to Pallet please for the 10:30 flight.” Ash solemnly asked the counter clerk.

“ Of course sir, let me check to see if there is room.” The cheerful clerk replied typing furiously into her computer. “ I’m sorry sir, the flight to Pallet at 10:30 is completely booked, there is space though on the trip at noon to Pallet. Would you like to book that one instead sir?”

“Yeah sure whatever works.” He answered impatiently. The faster I get off this stupid island the better. The clerk nodded and handed him his ticket.

“Your flight leaves at 12:00, parting from Gate H3.” Ash just nodded.

“Thanks so much.” He replied with a small smile, feeling guilty of being so rude before. Ash took his ticket and stuffed it in his hat and headed towards the gate. He seemed to have walked forever (A/N we all know it’s a pain to walk to your gate at the airport =]) but he finally found it. Conveniently his gate was right next to a small food court and seeing that he still had about an hour and a half to kill he decided to do his favorite thing-eat. Not really caring what he was going to eat he went to the Holly’s Hotdog Stand and bought two hotdogs, some fries, and a bottle of water. He paid the clerk and went to go find himself a table, and luckily he spotted an empty two-person table amongst the crowd of hurried travelers rushing to their gates. He sat himself down with a heavy sigh and began to unwrap his meal. Before he took a bite of his hotdog he put it down and took off his hat to see his ticket. Replacing his hat he just stared at the ticket reading ‘Pallet Town’ Who would have thought that after 9 years of training I would finally give up and say Gary could have the title, I need to get some therapy or something when I get back. And mom is going to want to know what exactly happened, I didn’t really explain why I was coming home, just that I was, and mom being mom made to it that Mimey had the house in tip top shape for her number one son. I wish I felt that way. Ash put down his ticket and pushed away his tray of food.

“Wow I guess there is a first time for everything, Ash Ketchum actually rejecting food. Except that one time that Misty tried to cook and almost ended up poisoning you. You didn’t eat for 3 days without eating from an actual restaurant.” A familiar voice said as he slipped himself in the seat opposite Ash and chuckled. Ash’s stomach turned into knots at the memory, not because that was the worst meal he ever ate, but because it was about Misty.

“Brock I really don’t want to talk about her right now.” He gloomily said as he crossed his arms on the table and put his head on top.

“Sorry man, I just can’t believe you’re letting her go that easy.” He responded flatly.

“It’s not like I had a choice. She choose him over me and of course why shouldn’t she? I mean he can give her everything she wants. If she were to ask for a rose he would give her a whole garden instead. He can give her the whole world on a silver platter, and he probably will.” He shrugged.

“ But Ash there is something you can give her that he can’t.” Brock insisted. “What’s in here.” He finished patting his chest.

“What would Misty want with 50 cents and an old gum wrapper?” Ash asked. Brock mentally slapped himself. This kid really can’t get much denser. Brock sighed and explained.

“No Ash not that, your heart Ash.”

“Brock as great as that sounds we just got to get over it, I lost ok he’s hers and there is nothing I can do about it anymore so I plan on taking that plane back home and putting this all behind me, and you can’t stop me.” He answered sternly.

“Yeah your right Ash, I mean she isn’t that great anyway.” Brock shrugged. Ash stared at him confused.

“What do you mean she isn’t that great?” Ash asked a little upset but tried to hide it, but of course Brock caught it in his tone and smiled.

“I mean she’s just a girl right? Sure she’s pretty ok I’ll give you that, but you’ve had your fair share of girls that have had a crush on you like Melody for example or Bianca or Duplica. I mean she’s just Misty. A fiery red head, who’s hot tempered and hits you with her mallet every second. All you guys do is fight and like you said she is just the runt of the family.” Brock was cringing at his words knowing all this was 100% lies but it hopefully would be enough to get Ash so mad to go back after her. “ So really no offense man but you could find better, so you shouldn’t worry to much about it, who would want to go out with her anyway?” Ash furiously stood up and shouted at Brock.

“Don’t talk about her like that! Misty is the most amazing girl I’ve ever met ok, probably one of the best things that has happened to me. She has been through it all with me and I think she is absolutely beautiful and cannot even compare to Melody or Duplica or any other girl we have met. She is so much better and is cute and smart and caring. And I would give up half the world to go out with her.” Ash finished softly.

“Well then what are you still doing here?” Brock asked calmly seeing his plan was working. Ash sat back down and looked from his ticket back to Brock.

“Flight to Pallet at noon is now boarding, will all passengers please begin boarding at this time.” The flight attendant announced at the gate. Ash’s head was filled with too many thoughts. What should I do go back and save her or just leave it all behind? After some serious thinking Ash knew what was the right choice but could he pull it off?

“Final boarding call for Pallet.” Finished the announcer seeing if any more passengers were left. Ash stared intently at his ticket and knew what he had to do. He got back up and headed to the nearest trashcan and ripped his ticket in 4 and went back to the table to get his bag. With a genuine smile he responded,

“I want her.” He stated.

“ Then what are you still doing here, go get her man!” Brock said giving him a thumbs up sign. Ash nodded and ran out of the airport to save Misty and finally confess, I think he quickly thought but ignored it. Ahh reverse psychology, works every time Brock grinned as he saw the torn up words of “Pallet Town” sitting in the trash and headed out himself. Don’t worry Mist, I’m gonna win ya back just wait Ash determinedly thought.
It was now 2 o’clock in the afternoon and Misty was walking aimlessly around town. Derek was back at the house and said he had a long distance call with his mom and would be busy for a couple hours and that she should just go out for a bit and enjoy herself.

“Yeah this is really enjoying myself.” She sarcastically said to herself. The wind was blowing lightly causing her soft orange locks flow in the wind. After about a ten-minute walk with no real destination she realized she probably was in the center of Cinnabar because so many people were out today. Or it could just be because of the beautiful day it was today. She was just glancing at the store windows when something caught her eye. ‘Pokemon League-2 weeks away! Hurry and get your tickets before they sell out, your not going to want to miss it!’ Misty tore off the flier, crumpled it, and tossed it into the trashcan. Well there’s something I won’t be attending. And neither will Ash.. she sadly thought remembering what he said in his letter. She kept going when by accident she bumped into a little boy.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She apologized as she helped the little boy up from the floor.

“Oh that’s ok Miss.” He replied with a grin dusting himself off a bit. When Misty took a closer look she realized that this kid was like the spitting image of Ash, the same messy jet-black hair, those chestnuts eyes, same happiness and grin.

“Are you lost little boy?” she finally asked, as she probably looked a little weird just staring at him.

“Oh no my mom is just at that shop over there and told me to wait here. Hey you wanna see my Pikachu?” he asked real excited.

“Um sure?” she replied as the little boy tossed out his pokeball and out came a little yellow Pikachu.
“Awh he’s really cute. my friend has one too.” She informed him. Well ex friend I guess now.

“Oh that’s cool. Me and my Pikachu are best friends and in 2 years I’m gunna travel the world and be the greatest Pokemon Master ever.” He beamed with an amount of determination Misty never saw anyone have.

“Well good luck kid. Who knows maybe in a couple years I’ll be cheering for ya at the league.” She told him as she mussed his hair.

“Thanks miss.” He exclaimed.

“Tyler there you are sweetie.” A lady said behind him. “I’m sorry if he was bugging you miss.” She apologized.

“Oh no it was a problem ma’am, he’s a really sweet kid. Good luck with your goal.” Misty said waving at the two leave.

“Thanks!” he replied over his shoulder waving good-bye. Huh just like Ash. Oh god someone shoot me, this kid can’t leave my mind! ‘Ash may mess up sometimes, but he was only looking out for you because he cares.’ Brock’s words were still fresh in her mind as she kept walking down the street. What does he mean he just did it cause he cares? He doesn’t care about me, unless caring means fighting constantly and being stubborn and accusing people of things that are false. But what if he does? Nah. Ash Ketchum care about me? The chances of that are smaller than my chances of being in like of one my sister’s ballets. Misty just shuddered at the thought. But it’s my fault all this happened, she sadly thought. ‘ No it wasn’t. You were just trying to live your own life and he being his total Ash self, went on and ruined it once more. You’ve seen other girls flirt with him before and you don’t step in and ruin it for him. Like Melody, that was a pain in the behind but you got through it and actually saved Ash’s life and the world.’ reminded her one side of her mind. Yeah, but who’s idea was it to go out with Derek. She knew she loved Ash and yet she still said yes. You knew that this would cause jealousy and you did it to make Ash jealous. ‘She didn’t know it would make him jealous. Why would he care anyway and he doesn’t because he wouldn’t have called her a runt or scrawny.’ Sure, but who called him a wannabe Pokemon Master and a stubborn @$$? ‘She didn’t call him a stubborn @$$.’ She was thinking it.

“Oh just shut up!” Misty finally screamed at no one in particular ending the argument. All the people stopped what they were doing and looked at her funny and then returned to what they were doing. Misty embarrassed covered her mouth quickly and began walking back home as fast as her legs would carry her. Great now I’m the Princess of PMS’ing, Misty groaned as she arrived back home.
Ash quickly sprinted back towards the house in hopes of catching Misty alone. With the house in view Ash put his speed to the max and finally arrived at the front door panting out of breath from the run from the airport to the house. Note to self: Next time grab a cab. Ash regained his breath and tried to look some what decent, not like he ran all the way here. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door a little nervous. I can do this, I can do this. Misty opened the door after what seemed hours.I can’t do this. He inwardly panicked.

“M..Misty.” Ash finally chocked out. Misty’s heart leapt when she saw him standing at the door but mentally slapped herself back to reality and remembered she wasn’t in good terms with him.

“What do you want?” She asked in the harshest tone Ash ever heard her speak in.

“Can I come in?” Ash asked quietly. “ Please?” Misty’s face softened as she saw the boy she was in love with for so many years and sighed.

“All right Ash come in but this better be quick.” She agreed and let him in shutting the door after him. Ash looked around at his surroundings and hoped to make this quick, this room didn’t hold to many good memories for him. All right, just like you practiced Ash on your way here.

“Derek’s cheating on you!” Ash quickly exclaimed. Way to break the ice Ketchum, not the best way to start this off. He realized that shouldn’t have come out that way and tried to rephrase it a little. “What I meant to say Misty is that Derek is just playing you and that if you don’t listen to me you are going to get hurt and I can’t let you do that to yourself.” Nice save. Misty just sighed at this.

“Ash how many times do I have to tell you, Derek loves me ok? And just because you can’t deal with it doesn’t mean you have to make stuff up to convince me to break up with him. I may not be as pretty as Lily, Daisy, or Violet, but he still loves me, for me Ash, not for anything else. But you wouldn’t know about that would you? Wanna know why? Because all you care about is yourself Ash. You don’t think about how others feel, how maybe there are messages people try to send you through simple things but your to dense to realize them.” Misty yelled at him, tears brimming her eyes. “Ash just leave now ok. I can’t have you pulling me back from my one chance at happiness, no matter how much I care for you.” She finished quietly as she looked down to the floor and she wiped away a lone tear, she was determined to keep any more from falling. Ash just stood there like he was just hit by a truck. She cares?

“Mist, you had every right to say that ok? I can be a dense person sometimes and I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I truly mean it Misty, Derek is going to end up hurting you and I can’t stand to see you get hurt.” He answered from the bottom of his heart. Misty felt like she was on a fence. On one side of it was Ash and the other Derek, now which side to fall to. Surly Derek would be there for her and love her like he told her right? But why was Ash so determined to get her to leave with him. Oh this kid gives me the biggest headaches, but I think somewhere deep down I still have feelings for him. Misty thought to herself but realized Ash was still there waiting for a response from her. Misty looked back up at him into those warm chestnut eyes of his that always captivated her but quickly broke the lock and spoke. “Ash I’m sorry but my place is here.” She turned around and began heading up the stairs expecting to hear Ash turn back around and head out the door, but instead she heard his steps right behind her. When she got to the top she twirled around and almost jammed into him her face merely inches away from his.

“Mist, please.” He asked her desperately. Misty backed away a little red in the face from the closeness and headed towards the room she and Derek were sharing. When she was standing outside of it she gave Ash one final response.

“Ash its over just let it go. You can’t convince me that Derek is cheating on me because he isn’t so just move on with your life ok?” Misty proceeded to open the door and once she did the sight she saw made chills run from her head to her toes. It can’t be. He was right? Misty quickly thought as she saw her nightmare come true, Derek with his arms locked around another girl kissing her on the bed. Ash tried to move closer to comfort her but she put her hand out stopping him. A little taken back he took a step back and waited to see Derek and Misty’s reaction. Misty cleared her throat just barley, feeling like she was ready to throw up. Derek heard this noise and stopped and turned around just to see the person he didn’t want to see at the moment.

“M..Misty. What are you doing here? I wasn’t um expecting you.” Derek stuttered horrified that he got caught in the act.

“Obviously.” Misty said with so much venom in her voice Ash couldn’t help but wince. Misty immediately ran back down the stairs but Ash couldn’t miss her say ‘bastard’ in a hushed tone and notice the fresh tears rolling down her face.

“One sec baby I need to talk to my friend over there.” Derek quickly told the girl.

“Hurry up, don’t keep me waiting.” She wined in a high pitch. Derek nodded and walked out of the room and shut the door.

“Who’s the blonde?” Ash asked flatly trying really hard from not beating his face in.

“Oh her names Candy, picked her up the other day at the ice-cream shop.” Derek said simply with a grin.

“What about Misty?” Ash asked.

“What about her? I mean sure she’s cute, I really would have preferred once of her sisters, but man she’s a gym leader, you know how much a rep I got now.” Derek responded coolly. “ Come on you’re a guy. You tell the girl what she wants to hear and you got her eating out of your hands. After the first couple tries it becomes like second nature picking up girls.” Ash totally infuriated couldn’t hold back anymore and gave him one hard blow to his face.

“ See how well you pick up girls now with the addition of a black eye and less teeth you bastard.” Ash then followed Misty’s trail while Derek lay clutching his face on the floor. Man that felt good he thought as he ran towards the beach in hopes of her being there.
The sunset just began to show itself and the beautiful range of colors reflected themselves on the calm waves of Wesley Beach. Ash walked down the steps and noticed a little redhead sitting on the shore. He smiled to himself and cautiously approached her; he didn’t want to upset her anymore than she already was. He slowly sat himself down next to her and after a few seconds of silence he spoke up.

“Hey” he said softly not sure if she even knew he was there next to her; she seemed to just be starring out at the ocean rubbing her arms gently. Her cheeks were a little red from crying and her eyes a little puffy, but still pretty all the same.

“Hi.” She responded just as soft. Ash just nodded and starred out at the ocean as well. Finally Misty decided to break the silence. “Ash I owe you and apology. You were right, he was cheating on me, and all I did was insult you and deny it the whole time and you have all the reason in the world to never to talk to me again.” She said sadly.

“Oh come on Mist, what are friends for? And what you told me was true, I am a wannabe master and I’m stubborn and dense so you shouldn’t really be apologizing, I’m just doing my job as a best friend you know?” he said giving her a comforting smile enveloping her into a hug.

“ No Ash, you really have a lot of talent as a trainer and I just said those things out of anger, not truth. Thanks for trying to look out for me though.” she said a little more cheerfully as she remained in the hug. How she loved being in his arms, she finally felt safe, like he was protecting her from everything else, he in truth was like her savior. She just sat there contently lying in his arms, not that he was complaining either but she quickly broke out of it and sat back up. “ I can’t believe I was so foolish to think that someone could actually like me. Lily, Daisy, and Violet were right. I have no looks and nothing to offer to a guy so I might as well get ready to live like one of those lonely old ladies with a hundred meoths all over the house. I don’t know why I thought this time would be different.” She responded hurt in her voice. Ash just chuckled at the thought and answered her.

“Mist there are lots of jerks in the world but don’t ever listen to your sisters ok? They don’t know the difference between an apple from a banana and there is a guy out there for you who would be so lucky to have your heart. I’ve known you for a long time Mist, and even though you and me have had some fights here and then I want you to know that I never meant what I said back there, about you being a skinny runt, I mean skinny as in scrawny, because you really are one of the prettiest girls I know and you have a heart of gold.” He blushed while he complimented her. “There is a guy out there for you and you’ll find him and everyone in the world will envy you two.” Even me he sadly thought knowing that he probably would never be the perfect guy for her. Misty turned to look at him and nodded taking in the info.

“Hey Ash?” she asked in a quiet tone.


“Do you believe in love at first sight?” Ash immediately froze as her question reminded him of that dream he had the other night. No that dream cannot come true. “Ash?” Misty questioned seeing Ash had gone rather quiet.

“Oh sorry um, I don’t know. More than love at first sight I think there is that one person that you meet that as much as you wanna deny it you love them and as time moves on you never really leave the feelings you have for them no matter where that person is.” He answered honestly. Misty nodded and moved closer to him. Ash noticing this felt immobilized yet he felt excited, like he just wanted to grab her and kiss her, even if she didn’t kiss back. “Why do you ask?” he asked a little curious as why she asked this question.

“ I don’t really know I just always read in stories you know that the girl always got her knight in shining armor and they lived happily ever after, but real life doesn’t work that way, its not as simple. But I agree with you about how you never abandon those feelings for someone no matter how different you are.” She finished slowly.

“Who’s the guy you haven’t abandoned feelings for?” he once again asked curiously but was a little afraid to hear the answer. Misty smiled.

“Just a friend of mine.” Ash decided to take the chance, followed his gut and tried to guess.

“I see and I wouldn’t happen to know said friend would I?” he asked her smartly instead of nervously like in his dream.

“You might.” She said mysteriously.

“Well can I take a guess Miss Waterflower? This guy wouldn’t happen to have I don’t know say black hair, brown eyes, have a name rhyme with Mash Retchum, be 19 and have 2 best friends that travel with him all over the world?” He said pretending to guess. Misty gulped and froze on the spot. Now she was on the hot seat. How’d he figure it out? This is Ash we are talking about here, unless he developed psychic powers how else could he have guessed? “Can I take this silence to be a yes?” he asked her.

“Ash, how long have you known?” she asked quietly, but Ash heard her question clearly.

“Well I didn’t know but I thought I might as well give it a shot and make a guess. Turns out I was right.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh.” She said flatly not really expecting that answer. “Well guess you know now.” She said going quiet and directing her gaze back out to the ocean.” Ash a little confused at her reaction.

“What’s wrong Misty?” He asked worried.

“Nothing really Ash, just I don’t know, I didn’t think you would have to guess to figure out my feelings for you. But seeing as you don’t feel the same I’m going to get going.” She answered standing up brushing off some sand that was on her clothes. As she began walking back something was pulling her back. When she turned around she saw Ash holding on to her wrist stopping her. She gave him a confused look.

“Misty sit back down.” He asked her. She did as he asked and waited for him to continue. Ash thinking in his mind how to say this finally figured out what to say.

“Member’ the first time we met?” he asked her. Misty thought for a little bit and then answered him.
“I was out fishing because I need a break from my sisters and when I thought I caught a Pokemon finally it turned out I only caught you and Pikachu. And then you totaled my bike and I never let you forget about it for the first couple years we traveled, but then we got over it didn’t we?” She said with a smile remembering the thought.

“Yup and you wanna know what I thought about you when I first met you?” he asked her.

“What?” she asked curiously.

“This girl is one crazy, hot tempered, mallet swinging, orange haired chick.” He told her laughing. Misty’s expression dropped at hearing this but Ash continued. “ But over time that changed. I mean you still were and are a crazy, hot tempered, mallet swinging, orange haired chick, but I realized that that was only like your mask and I found out who you were underneath it.” He paused for a bit and then finished. “ Underneath you really were caring, sweet, and charming. A girl who was always trying to help others before her self. You were a great friend and were a person you could talk to when you didn’t know what to do or felt down. You were really nice to your Pokemon and were a good trainer, and you wouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You may have been a tomboyish girl, but you were pretty in your own way, not the Lily- Daisy- Violet pretty. You had one of the prettiest cerulean blue eyes I had ever seen in my whole life and your hair, I don’t know it just was kind of attracting how you had that mix of orange and red combined. You weren’t like those plastic-y blondes who can’t stand to see one flaw on their skin, but their personality were full of them, you were real, and I really grew to like the real side of you, and I guess I ended up falling for you over the years.” He said truthfully not thinking he would ever spit it out. He looked over at her finally to see her reaction. Misty looked like she was in deep thought but looked back at him with smile.

“That’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s told me, you know that Ash? I always thought you were sometimes a brash know it all, but when you weren’t so caught up in being the best out there you were always a really sweet caring guy, a guy who could make me laugh and enjoy my time with. You were the guy that made me feel these feelings, all the butterflies and blushes. I just didn’t think I’d be able to tell you how I felt in the end.” She confessed.

“Well you must be one lucky girl because not only did you confess yourself but you got my to confess too.” He told her leaning towards her.

“What can I say? I’m good like that.” She said grinning as she copied his tactic. Once they were inches away from each other, Ash opened up one eye to see if he actually was going to kiss her and not get a mouthful of sand instead, but when he felt her nose rub against his he smiled and closed the gap between them. Finally after 7 years of waiting the two shared their first kiss. All the events and fights that happened in the past 48 hours vanished, she finally was his and he was hers, just like all the fairy tales. Ash finally broke the kiss due to lack of air with a big grin on his face, and Misty reflected it.

“Here Mist, I wanna give you something.” He told her as he pulled something out of her bag. Misty was kind of confused when Ash handed her an ordinary pokeball.

“What is it Ash?” she asked him confused.

“Open it and you’ll see.” He told her anxious to see her reaction to his little gift. Misty nodded and threw the pokeball and a Shelder popped out.

“Shelder Shell” it replied.

“A Shelder?” she asked puzzled. Ash just chuckled at her reaction.

“Very good Misty, but the bigger gift is inside.” He said as he gave a small nod at the Shelder and it opened its mouth big and wide. Immediately Misty gasped as her eyes fell upon what was in its mouth. A silver locket with the word ‘Misty’ in cursive sat itself right in the center of its mouth. Ash grabbed the locket and locked it around Misty’s neck. When he finished her hair fell back to her shoulders and she felt the coolness of the locket lie against her neck. She picked up the locket and opened it then smiled at the picture it contained. On was side was a picture of her and Ash taken a few years back. They both were sitting on a bench and both were smiling ready for the picture. Misty secretly put bunny ears on his head and before he had time to react the picture was taken. She chuckled a bit at the thought and then looked to other side where there was an inscription. To Misty: The girl who’s always had, has, and will have my heart forever. Love ya always, Ash. Misty almost cried when she finished reading it and shut the locket and let it drop back onto her neck.

“Do you like it?” he asked nervously since he wasn’t really an expert in that department.

“I love it Ash, and I love you even more.” She said as she fell into his arms and laid her head on his chest hearing the steady beat of his heart.

“Good.” He grinned kissing the top of her head. Now in the position of Ash behind Misty with her leaning her back into him the two enjoyed the beautiful sunset with the wind gently blowing their hair.

Narrator: What started of first as a fight over a bike soon led to a strong friendship and then blossomed into the relationship both Ash and Misty always dreamed off and will never let go off.

TADA YAY!! The finale is done! Sorry guys this one was so long but I didn’t want to separate it. Well did you like it? Hate it? I don’t care flame me if you want but I so enjoyed writing this chapter like you have no idea! Thanks once more to my five special girls mentioned before (what would I do without you girls I really don’t know!) and all those of you who read and commented. Hopefully I’ll have more stories come out. What’s really funny is how I thought up this story a few weeks back while playing basketball and I never really thought I’d turn it into a story! Long live AAML!


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Yumiko_Ying_Vinnie on!!!I love it!!!^^

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CoolstraThis was so awesome! I love love stories!

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