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Chapter 7 - *Alternate Ending*

Ash and co.are spending the weekend in Cinnabar Island & meet a kid named Derek who sweeps Misty off her feet causing Ash to get jealous , But Derek isn't who he seems,can Ash convince Misty of the truth or is she going to have to see for her self?

Chapter 7 - *Alternate Ending*

Chapter 7 - *Alternate Ending*
Hey I know I said this story was complete but a couple of my friends thought that this ending would be cool too. Personally I like the original better, a little more romantic, but of course this one isn’t one you’d expect really while the other one by the last lines you could guess, “they lived happily ever after.” I’m one for those fairy tale type ones but you guys can read this one and see which you like. So here is the alternate ending of Hope in Heartbreak.

“Do you like it?” he asked nervously since he wasn’t really an expert in that department.
“I love it Ash, and I love you even more.” She said as she fell into his arms and laid her head on his chest hearing the steady beat of his heart.
“Good.” He grinned kissing the top of her head. Now in the position of Ash behind Misty with her leaning her back into him the two enjoyed the beautiful sunset with the wind gently blowing their hair, but they weren’t the only ones enjoying the scenery. Up at the road that led to the beach was a green car parked to the side.
“Daisy come on give me the binoculars I can’t see anything!” whined a pink-headed girl.
“Chill out Lily I’ll give them to ya in a sec.” the blonde responded looking through the binoculars again. “Awh isn’t that adorable.” She cooed handing the binoculars to an anxious Lily. As she looked through the lenses she felt the same as Daisy.
“Oh are baby sis is like all grown up now.” She pretended to sniff.
“Let me have a look see!” the blue-headed teen exclaimed, the final of the triplets. “Ooo! I hear wedding bells!”
“Yeah, the Ketchum/Waterflower wedding, I can see it now.” Daisy said with stars in her eyes and all three of them began to daydream about how the wedding would be.
“Wait don’t we need to drop off that check before we head back?” asked Violet as she turned the engine back on and began pulling out back onto the road.

“Yeah here take a left at the next light and go straight.” Directed Daisy as she pointed out to the glow of a distant stoplight.
“Got it.” She replied driving toward the light. After a 2-minute ride they were there. A mansion on a huge hill with a beach behind it. All three of them were equally surprised at the size of the house.
“You sure you got the right address?” asked Lily.
“Course I do, 492 South Lake.” Scoffed Violet. She went up to the door and rung the doorbell and waited impatiently while examining her manicure.
“Can I help you?” asked a boy with brown hair.
“Can I talk to a Derek McGuire?” Daisy asked.
“Oh I’m him. My real name is actually John, John McCallister. Are you three Daisy, Lily, and Violet Waterflower?” he asked.
“That’s us!” all three responded together as they entered the house.
“Here’s the check for all you did John, thanks so much.” Lily said as she handed him a check.
“Oh really its no problem, its my job.” He said. “I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend Hannah, she helped take part in this little act.” He said introducing a blonde haired girl who then revealed her true self by taking off her wig and her natural dark brown hair flowed down to her shoulders.
“Hi.” She said shaking all three of the girls’ hands. Everyone chatted for a bit and John explained how he and Hannah were a part of an acting company that did little skits like this to help people with their relationships.
“That’s so cool how you guys set everything up and caused those two to finally confess!” Lily said amazed.
“Yeah those two completely thought everything was real, and now the love birds are sitting at the beach kissing away as we speak.” Daisy said with a dreamy look.
“Everything went smoothly, except for that punch he gave me.” He said rubbing the area where Ash hit him
“Woah Ash hit you? Lily exclaimed. “Jeez I thought the guy could only throw a pokeball not a punch. That was a little unexpected, here this should make up for it.” Violet said pulling out a 20 dollar bill for her purse.
“That’s not necessary, worse have happened and it wasn’t that bad luckily.” He said handing the money back. Violet nodded then spoke up.
“Woah look at the time. Sorry to cut this short but we gotta get going, we have a ballet to do tomorrow and we need our beauty sleep.” She announced proudly.
“Alright drive home safely.” He waved with his arm around Hannah’s waist.
“Watch us on channels 2, 5, 6, 7..” Daisy was cut short by the other two pulling her out the door. Once he saw the car set off he walked back inside.
“Hey John isn’t it weird how we do this as a living?” Hannah asked as she packed her bags.
“Not really, it’s what caused us to meet and it’s helping all those people out there who need that extra boost.” He said grabbing both their bags and giving her a light kiss.
“Yeah I guess.” She said with a smile. “So what’s are next mission?”
“Hm..Pallet town, older couple, a Miss Delia Ketchum and a Mr. Samuel Oak.” He said reading off his PDA.
“Sounds like fun.” She said with a smile as she got in the car and John drove the car to an oh so familiar town.

Wow that was an interesting ending. Did you expect it? Review, which ending did you like better?


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katara719 on January 2, 2007, 3:51:18 AM

katara719 on
katara719I like this one and the Other! The other was a little more romantic, which i loved, but this one makes Derek not a jerk. Still, very excellent story!

PPhantom on January 2, 2007, 8:06:21 AM

PPhantom on
PPhantomi liked the first one cause im a just a romantic good but yes i felt bad for derek so i did a little twist on it =] im in a contest for ash and misty love fiction and im debating which to enter with, hope in a heartbreak, or blast from the past-wat d u think?

katara719 on January 7, 2007, 1:38:20 AM

katara719 on
katara719hmm... maybe "Hope in Heartbreak." They're both very Very good, but I like this one a little tiny bit more. ^^

PPhantom on January 8, 2007, 5:48:29 AM

PPhantom on
PPhantomyeah me too thanks ^_^