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Chapter 1 - Isn't He a Hero?

Drabble. Based on the end of Life, the Negaverse, and Everything. Negaduck ponders why Darkwing left him behind. Not slash.

Chapter 1 - Isn't He a Hero?

Chapter 1 - Isn't He a Hero?
A/N- Okay, this is just a little drabble based on everyone’s favorite episode, “Life, the Negaverse, and Everything.” It’s not slash, even though the summary probably makes it sound like it is. Anyhow, it’s based off the final scene with Negaduck, just before he’s sucked into oblivion.

Disclaimer-- I don’t own Darkwing Duck or anything related to him. That’s all Disney’s.


He left me behind, Negaduck thought as he floated in the vast nothingness of oblivion. I can’t believe he left me behind!

After all, weren’t heroes supposed to try to save everyone? Good or bad? Big or small? Didn’t Negaduck even ask him to wait?

Okay, true, he did threaten him immediately after saying, “Wait a second.” But was always threatening people. Why should that have affected Dipwing? Or maybe…

Pulling that plug was deliberate, Negaduck thought with a small sinister smile. He wanted me out of the way. Gotta hand it to him, when he wants someone gone…he wants them gone!

But Darkwing had never really feared Negaduck before? Why would he get rid of him? Suddenly, realization dawned on the Mallard Menace.

Because he’s realized that I know everything about him! He knows that I could carry out my threat! In that St. Canard, Launchpad is good, so I could take him out! And in that St. Canard, Gosalyn is a little hellion, so I could turn her to evil!

Suddenly, plots were forming his in brain. Thoughts of death, destruction, and revenge. He had meant what he had said.

“I’ll get you for this, Darkwing! You just wait!” he shouted into oblivion for nothing to hear.


End Notes: Okay, that was a little pointless…but Negaduck was wondering in this fic the same thing I was wondering as I re-watched the episode on you tube dot com. Why didn’t he try to save him? I guess I’m used to sappy heroes…or maybe Darkwing did have an ulterior motive. Who knows? Please review!


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