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Chapter 1 - Down the hole and to the door

After reading Alice in Wonderland Dib falls asleep and wakes up IN Wonderland!A lot of Characters from IZ turned into Alice chars.Enjoy!(No Dib does not wear a dress)

Chapter 1 - Down the hole and to the door

Chapter 1 - Down the hole and to the door
Dib layed himself on his bed after another attempt to prove Zim was an alien.He grabbed a random book from a pile of books next to the bed.He read the cover with interest,then confusion.

"Alice in Wonderland?How did that get here?"Dib asked himself.

Gaz appeared in the doorway.She was about to say something when she saw the book Dib had.

"Oh,I forgot that book in here.Sorry"Gaz said and sat on the bed next to Dib.

"What's it about?"Dib asked.

Gaz took the book and opened it.

"I guess we'll have to find out.'Alice was a girl'..."Gaz started to read.

Dib fell asleep as soon as the book was 2 pages over.Gaz put the book down and left silently.Dib opened his eyes.He looked around and realized he was not in his room but some kind of tunnel going down.Dib was falling slowly as random objects passed him by.

"What in the world?"Dib asked himself.

The Dib was turned upside down and couldn't get back right side up.

"Ah!The blood is rushing to my head!"Dib said and held his throbbing head.

Then he was turned on his back and landed.His head was still throbbing.

"Ow.What the?Where am I?"Dib asked himself.

He got onto his feet and looked up.There was no long tunnel but a low ceiling.Then Dib was knocked forward to the ground.When he looked up he was starring into crimson eyes.

"Zim?"Dib said.

"Who is Zim?I'm The White Rabbit.You must be Alice"Zim said.

"I'm not Alice!I'm Dib remember!Your enemy!"Dib said.

Zim helped Dib stand.Dib got a better look at Zim.Zim had white fluffy rabbit ears where his anteinna's should have been.He was wearing a small vest over his usual clothes and a golden chained watch in his white gloved hand.Zim looked down at the watch.His happy expression turned to a feared one.

"Oh no!I'm late!I'm late!For a very important date!No time to say hello goodbye!I'm late!I'm late!I'm late!"Zim shouted and ran around a corner.

"Hey,wait!Zim!"Dib said and followed him.

Dib turned the corner and looked confused at the blank wall.Well it was blank other then the small door that you'd have to be a mouse to fit in.The door was made of smooth wood with a shining silver knob with glowing blue eyes.It could only be one thing.

"Gir?"Dib called and layed on his stomach to hear if it was Gir.

"Hi Alice!"The door knob shouted.

Indeed it was Gir.

"I'm not Alice!I'm Dib!You know!Big-headed kid.Wait..."Dib said.

Gir's mouth happened to be the keyhole Dib noted.Gir looked to him confused.

"Nevermind.Hey,Gir can I look into the room you lead to?"Dib asked.

Gir opened his mouth as wide as he could.Dib looked into it and saw a beautiful meadow.Zim was quickly running away.

"That's him!"Dib shouted and tried to turn the knob but Gir pulled away.

"Sorry,but you much to big"Gir said.

"How did Zim get through?"Dib asked.

"He turned small!"Gir said.

"How?"Dib asked.

Gir thought for a moment.

"Oh,yeah!The bottle on the table!Over there"Gir said.

Dib stood up and looked behind him.To his suprise and confusion there was a table with a bottle on it.

"Where did that come from?"Dib asked himself.

He walked to the table and looked at the bottle.It had a tag that said 'Drink Me' in fancy golden lettering.Dib picked it up and inspected it.

"I don't know.It could be poison or something"Dib said taking a whiff.

Gir laughed and Dib ignored him.

"Well.Here goes nothing"Dib said and took a sip of it.

Then Dib dropped the bottle feeling all of a sudden sick.He closed his eyes to take the dizzyness away.When he opened his eyes everything was humongous.Dib looked arounf and saw the giant bottle he dropped.

"Hey!I shrunk!"Dib said and looked to Gir.

Gir giggled for 10 minutes.

"Well you'll have to let me in now.I'm just the right size to get in"Dib said but Gir ignored it.

"No use!I forgot to tell you!I'm locked!But luckly you got the key!Right?"Gir asked.

"Key?"Dib said.


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Untalentedsamy13 on August 21, 2006, 1:33:40 PM

Untalentedsamy13 on
*hugs bunny zim*
*me* can i keep him?
i'll love him and feed him and cuddle him and worship him........

InvaderEztheGothic on June 26, 2006, 5:12:36 AM

InvaderEztheGothic on
InvaderEztheGothicOMG LOL! DO MORE! *joins in chant with vesblondie*

vesblondie on June 16, 2006, 3:58:39 AM

vesblondie on
vesblondieYAAAA!!!!!! Zim is a white fluffy bunny!!!!!  Write some more!!!!!!WRITE SOME MORE!!!!!!!   please continue!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

SomekindofFreak on May 12, 2006, 9:42:01 AM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreak*favs* heehee...Zim is the white rabbit! I wanna draw him as the white rabbit! XD Are you going to continue this? I would love to read more! ^^

Lestats_Girl on May 12, 2006, 6:26:52 AM

Lestats_Girl on
Lestats_GirlHa! Ha! I got the first comment Woot-Woot! That was funny, you should do another chapter, NOW I SAY, NOW!!!