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Chapter 2 - Gir and shrinking Mushrooms

After reading Alice in Wonderland Dib falls asleep and wakes up IN Wonderland!A lot of Characters from IZ turned into Alice chars.Enjoy!(No Dib does not wear a dress)

Chapter 2 - Gir and shrinking Mushrooms

Chapter 2 - Gir and shrinking Mushrooms
Last time on Dib in Wonderland:"Key?"Dib said.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Don't tell me you left it up there.That's where the taco men can get it"Gir said.Dib sighed and looked up to the table.As sure as Gir was insane there was the key."How do I get the key?"Dib asked.Gir laughed again."The box silly!The box!"Gir shouted."What box?"Dib asked looking around but not seeing any box.Just then a metal box chucked Dib in the head."Ow!"Dib said rubbing the now big bump on his head.Dib looked down at the box.It was neatly decorated with silver and gold.Dib picked it up and opened it.There were cookies inside.They said 'Eat Me' in choclate chips on it.'Another one of the things from Alice in Wonderland'Dib thought.He cautiously took a bite.Dib felt dizzy again and closed his eyes.When he opened them everything was super small."I guess I should have taken a smaller bite"Dib said.Even from Dib's massive height he could hear Gir laughing."Drink the bottle again!"He heard Gir say."Where is it?"Dib asked."I don't know"Gir said."Then how does that help me!"Dib shouted and crossed his arms.Gir was agian giggleing insanely.Just then a rain cloud formed over Dib's head.Dib looked up."What the!?What is a rain cloud doing INDOORS!!"Dib shouted."Me and the cloud are friends"Gir said and squealed.Just then,heavy rain drops fell onto the ground.The rain drops began to form into a small puddle at Dib's feet.Dib looked to where he came from,but it was just an empty wall.Then the water got higher.And higher."Is the water suppose to get higher?"Dib asked."YAY!!!WE'RE DOOMED!!!"Gir shouted as the water reached the bottom of his mouth."Doomed?That's bad,Gir!"Dib shouted."YAY!!!"Gir shouted.Dib sighed and watced the water get higher.Just then Gir went under as the water got higher.Bubbles floated to the surface."Gir!Gir!Say something!"Dib shouted.Then the bubbles disappeared.Dib started to paniac as the water reached higher.Now it was at the top of the Smiley face on Dib's shirt.Dib did the only thing he could think of at the moment."HELP!!!!!"Dib shouted.The water was now up to his chin.That's when Dib started to really paniac.The water was now above his head.Dib held his breath.After he felt like his lungs were going to explode,arms wrapped around his waist and hoisted him up.Dib was pulled onto land.Dib then took huge gulps of air and cough up a lot of water."Are you okay,Alice?"Dib's savior asked.Dib looked up to see none other then,Zim."Zim?You saved me?"Dib asked.Dib was so reliefed to see Zim he forgot about Zim calling him Alice.Zim looked down at Dib wierdly."Who is Zim.I'm The White Rabbit.I've told you before and you still call me Zim"Zim said.Dib looked down and realized Zim was still holding onto his waist.He tried to ignore the blush creeping onto his face."Um...can I just call you Zim?"Dib asked.Zim looked to be thinking."Alright I guess.Now i'm sorry dear,but I have to leave you.I'm late"Zim said and rushed off."Wait!Zim!Where are you going?!"Dib shouted.But Zim kept going.Dib sighed and looked around.He was at the edge of somekind of forest,next to a stream.He was about to walk into the forest when he tripped.Dib opened his eyes and saw that he had accidently tripped on a rock and got a mouthful of Mushroom.Dib spit the Mushroom out and looked confused as the world was getting bigger.The dizzy feeling ingulped Dib once again.Dib shut his eyes tightly and waited for it to go away.When it did,Dib opened his eyes to a closet sized Mushroom."Oh great.Now i'm only 3 inches high.What else can ruin my day?!"Dib shouted."Me"A voice hissed behind Dib.Dib turned to see none other then....then....


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V1k on November 24, 2006, 6:15:04 PM

V1k on

SomekindofFreak on August 2, 2006, 5:35:52 AM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakheheeh! you are so awesome! I luv how you changed it from the real story! i luv how everyone is calling Dib Alice XDD Now I REALLY want to draw some fanart for this! Cant wait for more!!! X3

InvaderEztheGothic on August 1, 2006, 10:04:01 PM

InvaderEztheGothic on
InvaderEztheGothicThis is getting reeeeeeeal good! I can see da things u tweaked from da book! VEEEEEERY GOOD!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTZ FUUUUUUUUUUUUUR UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! X3