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Chapter 1 - Shengetta

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Chapter 1 - Shengetta

Chapter 1 - Shengetta
Omi:HIYA!(Throws a kick at Raiomoundo)
Raimoundo:Fast but not fast enough(almost throws a punch but is interrupted)
Dojo:I sense A new sheng Gong Wu its called the mohawk of morphing!
Kimko:What does it do?
Dojo:It lets you morph to whatever you like.
Master Fung: Yes, indeed indeed but it also is very important too you must take the silver mante ray and hurry!
Omi: this is as easy as abc
Clay:uuuuu..partner its 123
Omi: that too! LETS GO!

WuYa:For once in your life this plan is is IS GENIOUSSSS!
Jack: (Blushing) Well you know how I.......... Hey! anyways the silver mante ray lands its on I will talk into the micro phone I installed in the girls head I hired in the fake birth mark i drew by her eye nothing can stop me now NOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTHHHIINNNNNG!!!(screams to the heavens!

Jack: Hey losers
kimko: ready to lose
Jack:Its ON!(screams)Jack Bots Attack! (whispers in mike) Com on shengetta do your thang!
****************** 3hours later*******************************
Kimko: we kicked all those robotic buts fir nothing
Omi:We have Failed (gets on hte floor and starts crying)
Kimko: OKay lets go home!
All: (Sighs)
********************************* strange noise behind them********************

All: (turns around in amazement)
Clay: Well hi there little lady whats your name
Strange girl: Hi my name is Shengetta whats yours
Raimoundo: well im raimoundo, this is clay this is kimko, and Omi!
Omi: OOOOoooooooooooooooooooo you have a pretty pretty name!
Kimko: what are you doing on a stranded island?
Shengetta:ummmm....................Lets go home hehehehehe
Omi; yes most definitly
Omi: after you pprincess(slams door in kimkos face)
Kimko: I let that one slide OMI!

********************************Jacks lab******************************
Jack: yes it worked im such a GENIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
WuYa: yes you are my boy yes you are(EVIL LAUGH)
*****************************3 weeks later**********************************

Omi:will you be my first officail girl whom is a friend!
Shengetta:Sure I loved to!
Omi:Yessssssssss(Jumping around like a maniac)
Omi:(Runs away to tell every body)
Shengetta: (Talking in the mike) Bate Caught(Evil Laugh)
*************************Back at the Lab********************************

Jack:My Plans working (EVIL SMURK ON FACE)

*********************************TO BE CONTINUED**************************

By: Jackie


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