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Story of a girl in danger from her master. She comes to the Xiaolin Temple for help. What adventure lyes ahead. What evil will she face?

Xiaolin Showdown Charaters(c)Chrsity Hu

Other charaters belong to me.
New monks come to the temple
The Wudai Warriors find Jack half-dead near thew newest Shen-Gong-Wu, but when he comes to he can't remember what happened to him...along with a few other things. Violence in Chapter 1 only-- might switch from cartoon to comic and back.
A Beauty and the Beast remake into...Chack! Using the original Beauty and the Beast fairytale (not the movie).
omi breaks rais dads surfboard and runs off but when kimiko trys to stop him they take a turn for the worse
Elijah is awkward, there's no doubt about that. He came to the Xiaolin Temple to make friends, harness his element and try to better himself. However, he will find much, much more.
I was listening to this song and it reminded me of Jack, and since I'm a fan of Chack, i made it a chack song-fic.
Can the author come into his own fanfiction? Of course! It only takes a flick of the fingers...
Well basically this amazing story of Omi, Jack, and well just read for yourself and please comment.

More Chapters Very Soon To Come
Basically, some of the experiences Jack has when he takes his rightful place as dragon of the wind 80 years ahead of the time he meets those 'xiaolin losers'.
Only Clay and Omi are still alive of the original 4.
This is a pairing fic- Jack and Kimiko- if you don't like then move on!!Basically Jack has been forced to go to a wedding of the friend of the family who is marrying Kimiko's older cousin. At least on of The other Xiaolins also make an appearance. :)
Its just a normal day. Another wu and XS.
But what happens when a dragon of the water sent by old omi from 80 years in the future comes to seek the next dragon of wind,from their time? How will the monks deal when she tells them the dragon is in fact-
theme song (involves oc's)
Pretty much, the title says it all.
My re-write of season 1 of Xiaolin Showdown with my character Copelia!!
ideas and other question I've been asked by many......
also major information!
New wu is revealed as another dragon of legend sees what he can do. I don't own Xiaolin showdown
thanks spicexisxnice for the idea.
this story is about when my made up Paulina has her powers drained and loses the love of her life.
heres the cast list
Manga (oc) : Mulan
dojo: Mushu
Chase: shang
Jack: ling
Dashi Fung guan and other old guys: ancestors
Wuya: Shan yu
Sokka: yaoi
Clay: chan po
not all charecters have parts sorry
yay inspired by the episode Tales of ba sing se in the great Show Avatar
here is the order of the stories
1st Paulina and kimiko
2nd Master fung
3rd Omi
4th wuya
5th jack
6th aimi
7th chase young
there is a new bad guy who is destined to kill one of the monks. she's even willing to kidnap kimiko to get to him (clay/kim story)
Pls comment
Paulina and jack have news for all, PAULINA'S HAVING A BABY. not just a baby twins. will the two love there children and cherish them? read to find out
A collection of little ficlets dedicated to the lesser known pairings of Xiaolin Showdown. I will take couple requests!