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Chapter 2 - The long relationship

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Chapter 2 - The long relationship

Chapter 2 - The long relationship
Omi:Raimoundo,Dojo,Kimko,Master Fung,clay I just got my first officail friend whom is a girl!
Raimoundo:Good going
Clay:you Lucky son of a gun
Kimko:Grrrrrrrrr............**takes clays Hat and rips it**
Master Fung:That is good news my friend but you must be carful not very offten you find a pretty lady stranded on a desert.
Dojo: ya omi make sure your carful eat
Omi: well I can take dojo with me on our first date
dojo:Yeah how about dinner Make iT ALL YOU CAN EAT! GREAT LETS.........
Omi: NO! We are taking a tour around the the temple
master Fung: yes Great Idea Just do not show Her where we hide our sheng gong WU!
Omi:Yes, Master
Master Fung: I Trust You Omi:

Shengetta: Now Jack, What do I do next
Jack:Great, you suck up to him get him to show you the sheng gong wu stash then get the code later let me in on the code
Shengetta: Affermitive Uh oh here comes the Twirp out
Omi: Hey, I found the new date
Omi: Around the temple
Shengetta: Awsome but next I choose
Omi: Alright Sweetie cake
Shengetta:You mean Sweetie Pie
Omi: that too!^^**BLUSHES**
****************************************JACKS LAB******************************
**********************************ShOWLIN TEMPLE********************************
Omi: And This is My room!
Shengetta: Is thereAnother secret place you wanna show me **says in flirty voice**
Omi:Sooo Preetyy YESsssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee\
Omi: Right this way
Shengetta:**whispers** Im in
************************************TO BE COUNTINUED***************************

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