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Chapter 1 - The Light Of My Life

Tsuzuki's POV. Contains PG-ish...A type of poem(??)Well,instead of reading summary,why not just read the whole thing...?

Chapter 1 - The Light Of My Life

Chapter 1 - The Light Of My Life
Dislaimer: Have to put this everytime...Yes,this is a fanfic of my fave anime/manga. Hope u can gimme comments.

People walk into my life with a smile,
But they leave without a saying a ‘bye’,
My entire life has been like this,
Unable to escape from this circle of life…

Seeing the people are dying,
But I being unable to pull their hands,
To save them out of the Hell,
I hate myself for being useless…

The screams still remain in my mind,
Every minute I can feel the pain,
I am lost among the screams,
And I hope for it to stop…

Being tired of my life,
I wish for it to end,
I know it’s selfish,
But I have lost faiths in myself…

No one is able to pull my hands,
And save me from the darkness,
For I have already lost,
The light that guided me long ago…

I was so near to the place where I wanted to go,
Yet a light suddenly appeared,
As I saw your hands reached for mine,
And you guided me out of the darkness…

A light is what I see from you,
A light that guides me,
A light that gives me hopes,
A light that will never dimmed in my life…

Thank you for being my light,
For being my guide,
For giving me hopes,
And giving me reasons to live on…

~Another new style of writing a fic! Haha…I used to write this kind of ‘poems’ or whatever it is. This is simple and yet a very interesting way to show someone’s feelings. Guess you know who’s the ‘light’ in this fic. Bingo! This is Tsuzuki’s POV. Maybe later I’ll write another similar fic with Hisoka as the first person! Hehe…Hope you enjoy~~~~!!Any errors tell me,ok? ^__^


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silver_dreams on July 2, 2004, 5:03:04 PM

silver_dreams on

beautiful poem ^.^

Eliza_Hime on June 13, 2004, 1:33:34 PM

Eliza_Hime on
Eliza_HimeYosh~~ This is cool, yup.. I can feel what you've written.. ^-^= Nya~ Sweet!!