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Chapter 1 - Heros Have the Right to Bleed

A story told in first person by the one and only Yami Atemu! I got the idea from the song i named it after. It's not very long, but different for a change. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Heros Have the Right to Bleed

Chapter 1 - Heros Have the Right to Bleed
            A Superhero…that must be what they think I am.  Everytime I get the chance to relax and have a normal life, something happens andthen all the faces turn towards me.  Whycan’t the bad guys just give it a rest? The weight of the world isn’t exactly easy to carry.  I used to think it was just my destinycalling me.  But now it’s just gettingold.  Why is it that everyone’s fatemust rest in my hands?
            “Atemu?  You don’t look so good.  Are you feeling alright?”  Tea asked.
            “Um,” Ireplied.
            “You haven’tseemed the same lately,” she said.  “I’mreally worried.”
            “I just don’tsee the reason for my life anymore,” I told her.  “It’s always Pegasus this, Dartz that, and don’t even get mestarted on Kaiba.”
            “I guess I neverknew it was getting to ya,” she replied. “Now that I think about it, that’d be driving me crazy too.”
            I didn’twant to talk about it.  Tea’s the lastperson I want to be fighting with right now. I still can’t believe she would ever forgive me for what happened toYugi in the incident with the Orichalcos. I could never forgive myself for that. All my friends, they just don’t see me as the monster I became.
            “Bakura’sgraduation is today,” Tea mentioned.  “I’msure he’d like it if you came.”
            “Yugi cango.  I’ll just stay out of the way in mypuzzle,” I said.
            “Tea!Atemu! Stop flirting and get dressed! We gotta be there in an hour!” Miho yelled from the third floor balcony.
            “Ok!” Teaanswered her.
            Tea lookedat me with a disappointing expression on her face and then proceeded to walkaway in silence.  I don’t meant todisappoint her like this, but it’s just how I feel.  When else am I allowed to respect my own emotions?  Certainly not standing up to myenemies. 
            We’ve allbeen living in this apartment building on campus while attending TokyoUniversity.  I don’t know how Bakura didit, but he’s graduating two years early because he’s been taking so many credithours.  No doubt he’ll start on a master’snext.  Yugi struggles most of thetime.  I wish he wouldn’t resort tostudying with Joey for math because Joey struggles in math enough as itis.  But then again, that mean’s that hecomes to me for help.  But I’mworthless.  My mind is always driftingelsewhere so we just end up arguing.
*          *          *
            “There!”Molly said.  “You’re ready forgraduation.”
            “Well thankyou for your help,” Bakura said.  “Ijust wish you could be graduating today too.”
            “Oh me?”Molly replied. “Nah, I’m much slower when it comes to this college thing.  Plus my classes are so much longer.”
            “That’s ok,”Bakura said.  “Just take your time and I’llbe there to help you.” **smile**
            “Oh!  You’re ready!” Miho said practically bustingdown the door.  “Let me get a picture!”
            “Uh…”Bakura started.
            “Oh comeon!” Miho said excitedly.  “You tooMolly, into the picture you go. Smile!”
*          *          *
            Miho has somuch energy.  I don’t know where shedraws her power to be so happy all the time. I’d love to know if she’d feel the same way standing up against Marik ina duel of life or death.  It must benice to live a carefree life knowing Atemu’s always got your back.  As long has he’s there to fight on thefrontline, no one will have to suffer.  


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