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Chapter 2 - Complex Feelings

A story told in first person by the one and only Yami Atemu! I got the idea from the song i named it after. It's not very long, but different for a change. Enjoy!

Chapter 2 - Complex Feelings

Chapter 2 - Complex Feelings
            Molly, Teaand Miho all sat in a row with tissues in their hands with tears in their eyeswatching the commencement exercises.  Idon’t understand why women cry for happy occasions.  Losing someone forever because of a hateful, greedy person isworthy of tears.  I’m more with Joey andTristin on rolling the eyes in the matter.
            “Yugi, youcan take over for me,” I said.  “I’mtired and wish to reside in the puzzle for the rest of the evening.”
            “If you sayso Atemu,” Yugi said with all his innocence.
            “Oh, Yugi,what’s up?” Tea asked.
            “Not much,”Yugi answered.  “Does Atemu seem differentto you Tea?”
            “Actually,yeah,” Tea said.  “Like he’s somehowlost his personality or something.  Hetold me all the stress of his enemies was really getting to him.  It kinda worries me.”
            “Yeah, hedoesn’t seem interested in talking to me about it,” Yugi explained. “I wishthere was something I could do to help, but nothing ever seems to work.  We just end up fighting or something.”
            I don’treally consider it pleasant being able to hear when people are talking about mewhen I’m not around.  I wish they’d dropit and stop worrying.  I think I’vecaused enough troubles in their life for them to be fretting over my problemsnow.  Often I think about my days asPharaoh and wish that my afterlife had not brought me here.  I’ll admit that at first it was all right,but after all the mistakes I continue to make, I wish it would just end.
            “BakuraRyou,” the announcer said.
            “Yay!” Tea,Miho and Molly said together.  Everyonewas clapping.  Bakura works so hard, anddespite his Yami, doesn’t fail to live a good life of making the right choicesand caring for those around him. Afterwards everyone went to stand outside and waited for the graduatesto come back.
            “Atemu?”Yugi said. “I think Bakura would like to say hello to you.”
            “Oh, allright,” I replied.  So I came out of thepuzzle as Yugi went back in.  Bakura wasstanding there in the group huddle starring at me.  “Um, congratulations Bakura.”
            “Thank youAtemu.  I’m so glad you were able to behere,” Bakura responded cheerfully.
            “Hey look!  It’s Yugi Muto from Battle city!” some kidswere screaming as they came running my way.
            Oh crap, Ithought.  I’m in no mood for fans rightnow.
            “Yugi, willyou sign my card?!” one of the kids asked.
            **sigh** “Ok,if I must,” I said with no interest.
            “Oh thanks!”the kid said.
“Sign ours too!” said the otherones.
“You know there’s plenty of Joey togo around too,” Joey mentioned.
            I lookedover at Joey.  He had a big smile on hisface and his posture standing tall.  Ican’t believe he’s asking for this kind of stuff.  I for one hate the thought that these kids look up to me afterall the pain I’ve caused my own friends. They call me their hero, but I’m no hero.  I’m just a man who makes terrible mistakes.
            When theyfinally left, the gang walked back to the apartment building together.  The girls were all still as happy as couldbe and the guys had resorted to talking about how they were ever going to getthe girls back to normal.  Tea was theonly one whose attention was not completely focused on the evening.  She kept glancing back at me with a worriedlook on her face.  
            “You guys goon ahead, I want to talk to Atemu for a moment,” Tea said.
            “Oooh!  Flirting again?” Miho poked.
            “No Miho,now mind your own business,” Tea said seriously.
            “Ok comeon, I was only playing around,” Miho said.
            The otherswent on ahead into the building and Tea pulled me over to the garden behindit.  I didn’t feel like talking, but I didn’twant to upset Tea anymore than I probably already had.
            “What’sreally been going on in that mind of yours anymore?” Tea asked.  “Yugi and I are really worried, and we justwant to help you.”
            “Please.  I would prefer you don’t trouble yourselvesover me,” I responded.
            “I have ahard time being happy knowing you’re not feeling ok,” Tea said.
            “It’snothing you could fix Tea,” I said.
            “Just tellme.  I promise I’ll keep it asecret.  Yugi will too I’m sure,” Teasaid.
            “It’s justthat I’m getting tired of everyone thinking I’m so great.  I know I was a Pharaoh at one time, but thatdoesn’t matter now,” I explained.  “Ithink I’ve hurt more people than I’ve helped, and for some reason you guysstand by me.  I allowed an evil power tocontrol me to the point were Yugi’s soul was taken because of my greed.  How could any of you ever trust me afterthat?”
            “We’re alltogether in this Atemu,” Tea replied.  “Welook out for each other.  Besides, noone’s perfect and we all make mistakes.”
            “Then whydoes it feel like it’s always me who’s fighting the fight?  I know you’re all there, but it’s me who’sface to face with deadly monsters,” I said.
            “You’re abetter duelist than most of us,” Tea said. “Joey stood up to Marik too and nearly died.  That took courage.  If I couldfight them for you I would Atemu.  Icare about you and there are lots of things I wish I could do to make your lifeeasier.”
            It lookedas though tears were forming in her eyes. I don’t recall saying anything that negative to her.  I feel bad that she’s sad because of me, butI don’t think there’s anything I can do. Tea walked away without another word. I just followed close behind her in silence.  I told Yugi to take over for the night and maybe he would havemore power to cheer her up than I did.


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