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Chapter 3 - A Better Day

A story told in first person by the one and only Yami Atemu! I got the idea from the song i named it after. It's not very long, but different for a change. Enjoy!

Chapter 3 - A Better Day

Chapter 3 - A Better Day
“Good morning Tea,” Yugi saidslowly waking.
            “Oh, goodmorning Yugi,” Tea said rubbing her eyes.
            “Sleepwell?” Yugi asked.
            “Yeah, I guess,”Tea said.  “It’s good not to have toworry about having school today, or for a while for that matter.”
            “I knowwhat you mean,” Yugi said cheerfully.  “Nohomework for three weeks!”
            Now there’sthe best news I’ve heard in a while.  Nohomework means no helping on it.  Maybethis break will be a good time to stop and relax.  No doubt the others will want to have fun and I’ll get the chanceto keep to myself.  Spring semester hasended and the stress of exams is officially over.
            “I thinkTristin said he was gonna make some pancakes,” Tea mentioned.  “Let’s go on p and get some.”
            “Ok,” Yugi said.  “I’m pretty hungry now that you mention it.”
*          *          *
            “HeyTristin, Miho, Bakura,” Tea said.  “Stillgot any pancakes left?”
            “Yeah,actually,” Tristin said.  “You’relucky.  If Joey wasn’t still taking ashower, you’d have missed out.”
            “I guess wegot here on time then,” Yugi laughed.  “Ithink we all know that Joey would have finished them off.”
            “Where’sMolly?” Tea asked.
            “Sleeping,”Bakura said with a smile.
            “Still?”Tea asked.  “It’s almost noon.”
            “I wouldn’tbe surprised if she was in there for another hour,” Bakura laughed.  “Not really a morning person.”
            “Wow,” Yugisaid, hardly able to believe someone could sleep that long.
            “She wantedto go to the beach this afternoon,” Bakura mentioned.  “You guys wanna come along?”
            “Ok, soundslike fun,” Tea said.
            “Atemu, youinterested in a trip to the beach?” Yugi asked.
            “Notreally,” I replied.  “Just go yourselfand have fun.”
            “Ok, if yousay so,” Yugi said sounding worried again.
            So afterMolly finally got out of bed at 1:24pm, the gang jumped into their bathingsuits and headed for the beach.  SadlyMolly also slept halfway there as well. Maybe I should try it sometime. No one bothers her when she’s asleep, so if I pick up the habit, I’llhave more time to myself.  Upon arrivalto the beach, everyone dashed for the water as I sat inside my puzzle tocollect my thoughts.
            “Yee haa!”Joey screamed as he caught a wave.
            “Let’s seewho will last the longest!” Tristin challenged.
            “Hey guys,lets play beach volleyball!” Molly suggested.
            “Ok,” Teasaid.  “I’ll be on your team.”
            “Let’s playguys verses girls,” Miho suggested.
            “That’s notfair,” Bakura said.  “Two to three?”
            “Oh comeon,” Tea said.  “With Joey and Tristinit would still be unfair.  Plus you’reguys and you’re stronger than us.”
            “I don’tsee myself being the star spiker of this team,” Yugi said pointing out hisshortness.  “Hey, Atemu, play in myplace.  You’ve got and extra foot ofheight.”
            “What?! NoYugi, I-” I pleaded without purpose as I came face to face with everyone.  “Um… hello everyone.” **sweatdrop** Bakuralooked frightened.  He must have known Ididn’t really want to play and having me on hiss team would beuncomfortable.  Tea gave me the same kindof look; well aware this wasn’t my choice. 
            **Smile** “Let’sbegin!”  Molly said anxious tostart.  And so we played volleyballwhich I suppose wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.  Bakura and Tea seemed to lose their tensions as time passed.  Joey and Tristin even joined later whichreally uneven the score.
            Later, someof the gang went back for a dip in the water. I chose to sit on the sand and just let the breeze go through my hair asI just relaxed.  Watching the sunset wassomething I hadn’t done in centuries. About thirty to be precise.  As Isat letting my worries drain out of me, I caught sight of Molly sitting a fewfeet away with her sketchbook in hand.
            “Oh, sorry,didn’t mean to disturb you,” Molly said surprised.  “You just looked so sketchable sitting over there so silent.”
            “It’s ok,you may continue,” I said.  That was thefirst thing that hadn’t bothered me in ages. Perhaps today’s events were able to release the tensions in mymind.  Thank you everyone for helpingme, though I still can’t understand why you would go out of your way to give mesuch kindness.


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