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Chapter 5 - Change of Heart

A story told in first person by the one and only Yami Atemu! I got the idea from the song i named it after. It's not very long, but different for a change. Enjoy!

Chapter 5 - Change of Heart

Chapter 5 - Change of Heart
            “Why do youeven care if someone’s in danger?” I asked Yami Bakura as we ran side byside.  “Normally it’s pleasing to youisn’t it?”
            “I’m wellaware of you’re current view in life,” Yami Bakura explained.  “It shines like the darkness of the Shadow Realm.  I’d like to know what’s really going gotteninto you that forces me to have to point it out.”
            “Why do youcare?!” I asked.
            “Answer myquestion first,” he requested.
            “I don’tknow,” I said trying to think about it. “I guess I’ve just been hurting morepeople that I’ve been helping, so I just don’t want to be the false heroanymore.”
            “That’s astupid excuse,” Yami Bakura said.  “You’veforgotten that they’ve helped you out too and no doubt hade made mistakes aswell.  No one’s perfect, so get thatplanted in your mind.”
            “Why areyou telling me this?  You don’t evenlike me,” I said.  “Answer my question now.”
            “Just alittle advice from an old friend,” Yami Bakura said.
            “What?! Iobjected.  “We are not friends!”  Yami Bakura stopped running as everyone haltedtogether.
            “I’llexplain it to ya later.  For now wehave work to do, “ he said, pointing to a group of men.  The group had one man with a gun who alsostood in front of Ishizu who was tied up on the ground.  Thoughts started running through my mind as Iwas face to face with a new enemy.  Butstanding beside me were people I had failed and betrayed, backing me upwillingly.  Marik and Yami Bakura, oncemy enemies, now fighting on my side. For the first time I didn’t feel alone in battle.  Even people I once could not trust nowputting their faith in me.  Together wecharged into a major fistfight that ended in rescuing Ishizu and teaching thosethugs a lesson they’d never forget.
            After thesituation had been handled and Ishizu was safe again, it really was time foreveryone to get some sleep and head home. I turned out the Ishtars were just visiting from Egypt and they had ahotel to return to down the road.  YamiBakura remained in charge of Bakura’s body, for I had a few questions.
            “So why isit your attitude towards me isn’t as sour anymore?” I asked, eager to know.
            “I guessyou should know that I’ve been dormant inside your puzzle for some time,” YamiBakura said.
            “What?!” Iexclaimed. “How did you get into my puzzle?”
            “Back whenYugi nearly lost his life in that fire trying to save you,” Yami Bakura said. “Butthat’s not the point.”
            “Well then,explain yourself,” I demanded.
            “Somewherein you complex puzzle I discovered that we were once very good friends,” heexplained.  “I didn’t believe it atfirst, but when you open the right door to a memory, I just all comes floodingback and you know it’s true.”
            “I’ll haveto give that door a visit,” I said just thinking about the memories that wouldcome back.  Yami Bakura and Ifriends?  I find that hard to believe,but I suppose it could be true even if I don’t remember.  It would have been nice if he had known backwhen we dueled at the Battle City Final. I wondered even then if he wasn’t as evil as he appeared to be becauseat the last second, he stepped in to save Bakura’s life.
*          *          *
            “Yes!” Joeyexclaimed.  “We are the champions!” hesaid giving Tristin a high five.
            Everyonewas back to their normal routines of balancing fun time with schoolwork asclasses started again.  Everyonefinished their homework since everyone worked together to help out and finishin record time.  Even I decided to chipin and help out to give my part investing in their education.  But I must admit the video games, thought notat all educational, are more entertaining. Spending time with friends is something I guess I’ve been missing outon.  I never realized how preciousfriends are even through time of pain or sadness.
            “I wouldn’tbe so confident Joey,” I proclaimed.  “Teaand I are gonna take you down!”  Teawrapped her arms around me with a smile. Something tells me she’s been missing my more competitive side.  And so everyone gave it there allchallenging one another on cyber tag teams.
            Alas thevictors once more were Molly and Bakura as we all awoke to find ‘loser’ inscribedon our foreheads.


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Mutos_gurl101 on June 28, 2006, 1:31:35 PM

Mutos_gurl101 on
Mutos_gurl101lol I love the end of this chapter... good story

Artemis1234567 on April 5, 2006, 11:26:35 PM

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Artemis1234567You`re Gonna Write More. . .Right??

Artemis1234567 on April 5, 2006, 11:25:52 PM

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Artemis1234567LOVE IT!!!

Atems_Little_Girl on June 19, 2005, 6:53:20 PM

Atems_Little_Girl on
Atems_Little_GirlI love the fanfiction that you wrote! ^-^

SoloAzume on May 25, 2005, 2:41:40 AM

SoloAzume on
SoloAzume*looks around* Why hasn't anyone commented?! GREAT STORY!