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Chapter 1 - Dark Intentions

Strange things have been taking place caused by the darkness and the cruel beings that live within it. Sora, Donald and Goofy must fight against the heartless joined by some new characters Princess Kita, Ti-Day and Ni-Ne Nite. Appointed by King Mickey t

Chapter 1 - Dark Intentions

Chapter 1 - Dark Intentions
Kingdom Hearts: Warriors of Light             Dark Intentions- Chapter 1 Music played as it echoed around the walls, filling the gigantic Ballroom with sweet sounds. All around people danced and laughed as they frolicked together at the Hallow Bastion Ball. The candles that illuminated the ceiling made the scene like a dream.             “Hey Kita, I was wondering where you were,” said a young boy from behind one of the towering marble columns.             “Ti-Day, you scared me,” Kita responded, as she was caught off guard by Ti-Day’s voice.            Ti-Day was a young wizard who had lived all his life in Hallow Bastion just as Kita had. He was dressed in navy blue jacket and black pantaloons. He was tall for his age, with brown hair that stuck out at all angles under the old hat he usually wore. It really was a disgraceful hat for such a ball, but it seemed to travel on his head no matter where he went or what he did. “Where have you been?” He asked. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”            Kita was the young princess of Hallow Bastion. Tonight she wore a long flowing, pale-blue gowned. She was the daughter of Ansem, the King, and looked so remarkably like him with her snow-white hair and soft smooth skin. The only true difference was that Ansem’s eyes were orange, and Kita’s eyes were pink. She could only guess that her mother had pink eyes, as she had never met her before. All she knew of her mother was that she left as soon as Kita was born, but why, she did not know. “Actually I’ve been looking for someone myself,” Kita explained.            “Who?” said Ti-Day. “I don’t see why this would be so important. It’s just a Ball after all.”            “Someone is here from another world,” Kita explained. And I have a feeling it’s a bad sign. Ever since that King Mickey came here, my father’s been hunting someone down, and I just know this Ball is the welcome party he’s thrown in their honor. Or more like a distraction from his true intentions…”            “Well do you mind sharing with me what you’re up to, or am I going to have to stand here clueless?” Ti-Day asked growing impatient.             “Ni-Ne Nite,” Kita said. “Her name is Ni-Ne Nite. I just know she’s here, and I have to find her as soon as possible.”            “So what’s the big deal?” asked Ti-Day, still not sure what to think.             “She’s half heartless,” Kita stated. “She comes from some other world. King Mickey must have told my father about her, and he was extremely eager to meet her in person. He’s been way too into this darkness stuff lately. I’m afraid he’s going to be conducting experiments soon. I don’t even want to think about what he plans to do.”            “Heartless? I thought that was some sort of myth,” said Ti-Day. “She’s really heartless?”            “Yes Ti-Day, now are you going to help me or not?” Kita said in an agitated voice. The only help he had given her so far was stalling her in her mission to find Ni-Ne Nite. She began looking everywhere her head could turn searching for a person she had never seen before.            “Any idea what she looks like?” Ti-Day asked, now seeming more willing to help than stall.            “No, but being from another world, she can’t be too friendly with everyone can she?” Kita reasoned. “I’d bet she’s sitting somewhere alone, or if we’re unlucky, my father’s already gotten to her.”            “Lets split up, we’ll cover more ground that way,” Ti-Day suggested. “I’ll do my best Kita.” And as he finished his sentence, Ti-Day walked off through a crowd of people who where busy enjoying themselves at the Ball.            Kita continued her frantic search, growing ever more worried that King Ansem had managed to find Ni-Ne before, she had. As she walked around the huge ballroom, in and out of archways and around the grand staircase, she finally spotted a shadowy figure amidst the golden statues that lined the upper story of the ballroom. She was wearing the costume of a fallen angel, truly hidden by the dark passage she was standing in. Kita quickly started to make her way up the long staircase. She continued to look over making sure not to lose sight of the girl. But as she climbed the stairs, a tall, dark-skinned figure with long white flowing hair had appeared there in the shadowy passageway. It was too late. Ansem stood towering over Ni-Ne in height taking her arm and peacefully leading her away through a near by door.            “No,” Kita said under her breath. She picked up the pace in an attempt to catch the pair. She had an idea of where they might be headed, but if her father was as clever as she had known him to be, he would certainly have found a way not to be interrupted. Kita walked through the same door, continuing on through the library that was on the other side. There was a hidden doorway behind one of the shelves she had known about for sometime. There was suppose to be a platform that was connected to an electronic track that lead to the secret place where her father spent so much of his time anymore. But the platform was gone. Kita’s heart was racing. The platform traveled so slowly, Ni-Ne was sure to be stuck with Ansem for a good amount of time. Kita used this time to tear the length from her dress so she could run at full speed without worrying about it being in the way. Then all she could do was pace the spot until the platform returned and she could ride to the spot and get Ni-Ne out of there.            After what seemed like hours, the platform finally returned. It was empty. Kita started jumping up and down as though it would make the platform return sooner than it could. When at last it docked where Kita stood, she jumped on so fast the entire platform shook. She hit the button that started it up so hard, I nearly busted. The ride to the secret lab that Ansem had established was terribly slow. So much time had passed… and what had come of Ni-Ne Nite?            At long last the platform reached its destination. Kita leapt off before it had even docked as she was in a race against time. The door lied just ahead. She ran as fast as she could and with all her energy hit the door. It was locked. Kita fell backwards onto the stone floor and slammed her fists hard on the ground in frustration. “NO!” She shouted at the top of her lungs. And then a high-pitched scream came from the other side of the door. It was accompanied by the sound of smashing glass and the sound of a chair breaking against the door. Kita got up again and started running at the door and slamming full force into it trying desperately to get it open.             Since she was only bruising herself, she had to think of something new. She looked all around for any idea as to how to get the door open. At last she spotted a loose brick in the wall and went to pry it out. When the brick came free, she took it back to the door and started hammering as the hinges with it. After at least 15 minutes of putting all her strength and energy into knocking out the hinges, the door caved in forward just enough for Kita to squeeze through. She climbed in to meet a horrible scene before her eyes.            The first thing that came into sight was a young girl with messy dark brown hair. Her hands were strapped to a metal table under the only light in the dark room.   She was sitting on the floor in a pool of what must have been her own blood. Her arm suggested that she had been cut deeply. Kita now noticed that her father was nowhere to be found. Most of the room was in shadow other than the single spot of light coming from a hole in the ceiling. Kita stepped in slowly, expecting Ansem to jump out at her from any angle. “I know you’re here,” she said, trying to see if he would answer. “Come out and tell me why you’re doing this father.”            “Since when has my daughter become so interested in what her father does?” asked a cold, dark voice from the shadows.            “What you’re doing, it isn’t right,” Kita answered the voice of Ansem. “Why are you doing this?” Kita continued to move slowly into the room. She was moving cautiously towards Ni-Ne with the intent of setting her free before Ansem made his move. It was impossible to tell where he was, which gave Kita the sense of fear.            Then Ansem finally spoke again. “You do not understand the great power of the darkness. I alone have discovered it’s true essence. I will be the one to inherit its greatness and I will rule over all the worlds with my army of heartless.” As he spoke, Kita could hear his footsteps all around her. She couldn’t tell where he was because the chamber echoed so much. He continued with his speech with evil laugher. “With this half heartless blood, I will begin to create the heartless and they will consume this world, and then all the other worlds after that. It’s nearly ready now.”            “You’re sick,” Kita said out of pure disgust. “I’ll see to it that you don’t get away with it!” And as she said this she slashed Ni-Ne’s bonds and Ni-Ne fled for the door at full speed. Ansem made a disappointed grunt as he revealed himself from the shadows. Kita’s first instinct was to hold him back assuring that Ni-Ne would get away. As he appeared, she noticed he was holding an injection needle in his hand that was filled with a bubbling black liquid. Kita backed away, afraid of what he was intending to do with it. She underestimated his reach as he grabbed her arm and pulled her in close. “My dear, how fitting that my own daughter will be the first of the heartless,” Ansem said grasping Kita’s arm so tightly that he was hurting her. “No! Please no!” Kita screamed trying with what little strength she had left to get away. But it didn’t work. The next thing she knew the needle stabbed her arm with such force she was sure it was tearing her skin. The searing pain was unbearable. In a matter of seconds Kita began to black out as Ansem let go of her arm and she fell to the floor.   Such an exciting opening! I have high hopes for this story. I’m so excited. And the best part is I have no idea how long it will be. It takes place during the first game of Kingdom Hearts, just altered so that original characters will fit in. So look out for more ahead, willing I have time to write it in a not so stretched amount of time. ^_^ Reviews?


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JoyKaiba on July 21, 2006, 5:44:51 AM

JoyKaiba on
JoyKaibaYay, this is wonderful! I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

goodbyedisaster on July 21, 2006, 3:35:45 AM

goodbyedisaster on
goodbyedisasterThis was amazing! I eagerly await the next chapter. No, I'm sorry, I have yet to find a way to fix the spacing problems myself. If you do find a remedy maybe you can supply me with one as well?

NoataRiku on July 20, 2006, 5:32:37 PM

NoataRiku on
NoataRikuNo problem, listen, how do you add chapters? I have no clue how, oh, very good, you're going on my favorites so I can read more of your stories... Two thumbs way way up!::Holds both thumbs all the way up.::

RyouGirl on July 20, 2006, 1:39:44 PM

RyouGirl on
RyouGirlsorry this is so spaced... i don't know how to fix it. this was the best i could do. this system frustrates me >< if anyone can give me some helpful tips before the next chapters, let me know. ~RyouGirl~