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Pre-BbS, twoshot. TerraXAquaXVen Friendship.

Who''''s to say that dreams and nightmares aren''''t as real as the here and now?
SPOILER WARNING: The premise of this fic is a major spoiler for Kingdom Hearts II.
Please wait to read this until you are finished with the game if you don't wish to
have a majorly cool scene ruined for you.
Strange things have been taking place caused by the darkness and the cruel beings that live within it. Sora, Donald and Goofy must fight against the heartless joined by some new characters Princess Kita, Ti-Day and Ni-Ne Nite. Appointed by King Mickey t
Worlds are being destroyed, and once again Riku finds himself wrapped up in a mission to save them. Now Riku must pursue Malifecent through strange new worlds with a partner he could live without, while trying to find the answers to his existence. Oneside
I know why I picked this game. It had all my favorite characters in it. But I don't have it yet.
Anyway,this story is about my 2 favorite characters, Riku and Sora. I made them a little older so this story will make sense a little.
Well, I went through my collections of random bits and pieces of stories when I came across this beaut! For all of you who have been waiting for another Kingdom Hearts messup, here it is! It is Kingdom Hearts 1, though. I need to write some KH2 messu
Somethin i wrote in class, for a problem and solution story thing. I personaly like it. Me and my sidekick have our little inside jokes thrown here and there though, enjoy.